meli1028's Journal, 16 November 2017

My weight is inching down ever so slowly. I was reading about the Keto Whoosh and haven't really noticed that happening for me, even though I've been keeping well within my macros for a while now. So I finally broke down and bought the Keto testing strips which show I'm only in moderate Ketosis. That's a little frustrating since I'm keeping my net carbs far below 20g and my fat intake very high. I suppose I could be eating too much protein, but I've done the calculations several different times, and I should be eating around 80g/ day. I'm also doing IF with most days only eating one meal. Any thoughts?

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Just wanted to say, I have ketones strips and I only test in “trace” amount. It drives me crazy! I’m losing about 4-5 pounds a week. So I stopped testing. I’m following The Keto Diet for beginners by the diet doctor online. Hang in there! You are probably doing great! 
16 Nov 17 by member: mesue2
The weight going down slowly means you are getting there. Best wishes with everything 🍀 
16 Nov 17 by member: 29winner
From what I've read, the color doesn't matter. Ketosis is ketosis. The color often has to do more with how hydrated you are. 
16 Nov 17 by member: liddlgirl
how's your water intake? 
16 Nov 17 by member: lynnamyakar
Moderate the fat intake. Once you're in ketosis, you can either burn dietary (food) fat, OR body fat. Caloric intake changes in ketosis. Figure that the fat calories you're burning come from body fat, so the more you burn, the more you fail to see them on the scales. 
16 Nov 17 by member: mskestrela
Also it might help to factor in how many calories your burning vs. eating, i know it sounds cliche but i have been on a plateau for months cause I was eating too many calories from fat. We have to make sure not tooooo much fat and not tooo much protein but now .....not to many calories ...ahhh! I know it's crazy but finally I have been tracking on here and as long as it is about 3500 deficit a week so like 300 to 500 deficit a day, it will equal about a pound of body fat. It finally worked for me...... I was at 129 for months..I guess I was just maintaining weight but not losing. Best of luck to you !! 
16 Nov 17 by member: heatherbeck
Ugh, where to start. Keto strips measure what? They measure ketones LEAVING your body. 3 ketone meausrements; breath, urine, and blood. Most accurate way to measure ketone bodies and ketosis is through a blood reading. I also purchased keto strips this week. At 2400 calories on average( my consumption) , and an average of 40% of those carbs my reading should have been nil/zero/zilch/nada and it was. So the math in grams of carbs is, on average, 240, well above carbohydrate need to 'show a ketogenic state' using the strips. My purpose of the strips is my n=1 bet with two local physicians about how to read/understand/ ketosis and the effects of a declining number of carbs with a relatively high carb consumer :) At what point will I excrete enough ketones to change the strip? We shall see over time.  
17 Nov 17 by member: Terrapin12
Next, MACRO nutrient is protein. Where did this magical limiting number of protein grams pop up?!? A blog, a book, or some perceived and truncated misunderstood interwebz theory? IDK. I would recommend everyone look up what MACROS provide and why they are important. Also, look up sarcopenic obesity. The latter is a head turner for folks believing they need to limit protein to XX grams. Protein turning to what makes what more what?!? My head hurts reading and thinking protein needs limited to less then say 80 grams otherwise the Sugar Devil comes out of your body and does something some how magically. 
17 Nov 17 by member: Terrapin12
Last, and most of you are saying "thank you Jesus, Allah....pick a Savior" what is my BMR? If BMR is approximately 70% of my need, for total calories, and it is one part of a total we'll call TDEE then what is BMR and why do I need to understand it? If NEAT is 2nd, TEF is 3rd, and EAT is 4th to complete the 100% of the equation how can a massive shift in MACROS i.e. carbs reduced and fat increased make this miracle of calorie reduction and energy need change? Well, it doesn't. NEAT is non exercise activity thermogenisis(poor spelling). So, NEAT is all the stuff you do throughout the day which is isn't intentional exercise. Once I now my BMR and have a grasp on TDEE the other lesser factors like thermic effect of food (TEF) and intentional exercise (EAT) become apparent.  
17 Nov 17 by member: Terrapin12
Apologies for dive bombing your journal but I just couldn't take it anymore. Pick a diet you (me, you the collective) can adhere to goal and make changes as needed to get to maintenance and accept the path and progress as you grow in knowledge.  
17 Nov 17 by member: Terrapin12
Firstly, don't rely too much on keto sticks. They are only a guideline, not 100% accurate. Many low carbers who are strict and determined only manage a faint blush on the sticks. I am one of them! Also - too much fat is - too much. Dr Atkins said that individuals may need to cut back on the amount of food they eat, and also on their fat content. VERY high fat to my mind is way too much. Women are advised on the Atkins way of eating to have 1600 calories per day. This is if they have difficulty losing weight after the first few weeks. I don't think in terms of macros or any such complex notion. Keep it simple. Keep your protein moderate and your fat higher but not off the scale. Very important - 12-15g of your daily carbs should come from lower carb vegetables. I think you need to go back to basics and start over. I've had great success with vegetarian low carbing. If you eat meat you have a huge variety of possible meals and snacks. Good luck! Let us know how you're doing x 
17 Nov 17 by member: elfprincess
PS the intermittent fasting may actually be slowing you down. One meal a day is not enough to keep your metabolism running at full speed every day. Don't under-eat. Low carb is not a superfast way to lose weight but it's a fantastic and healthy way to eat and live x 
17 Nov 17 by member: elfprincess
Terrapin12 your comments are not helpful. I understand your seeming frustration but each person is an individual and in any case the OP didn't ask for your rather rude remarks! If you want to comment in a helpful way, please do. Don't make the OP feel bad. Many people are confused by the endless diet fads that emerge every day. So they mix low carb with IF and other approaches that do not complement each other. In this case I think classic Atkins-style low carbing is be the best option x 
17 Nov 17 by member: elfprincess
Remarks aren't directed at the OP and if you find them offensive it says more about you then the remarks. My goal is to help the OP not hinder them. I think the OP is doing great because they are objective. Best of luck in your persuits. 
17 Nov 17 by member: Terrapin12
I cannot speak to using test strips BUT I would suggest checking the quality of your fats, as a piece of your WOE to investigate. 
17 Nov 17 by member: From371to184
Thank you so much, everyone, for all your feedback. - @Mesue2: That's great that you're doing so well! Keep up the good work! - @29winner: Thank you. My mantra is three steps forward and two steps back is still moving forward. :) And I'm not complaining, just tweaking. I'm in a MUCH better place than I was two years ago! - @Liddlgirl: That is interesting and makes sense. I stay very well hydrated. - @Lynnamyaker: I am very diligent about drinking lots of water. I drink a minimum of 110 oz per day. - @Mskestrela: I didn't know that! I guess I missed some important information! I thought I had to keep my macros at roughly 75-80% fat, 15% protein, and 5% net carbs in order stay in ketosis. So I can lower my fat intake, but keep my protein at around 80g and net carbs under 20g? - @Heatherbeck: I am pretty consistent about monitoring my caloric intake vs. my calories burned. I walk a lot, and my calories burned consistently far outweigh :) my intake--often so much so that I should be losing at least a half a pound a day (on average). So much for the calories in/calories out theory--for me, anyway. I occasionally try to up my calories to shake up my metabolism. But when I do that, I also try to increase my activity. And I do get plenty of salt. As for the strips, I mainly got them because I was curious if I was doing this right. I mostly attribute the slow weight loss partly to my age and partly to the massive stress I deal with on a daily basis. I did have a slight “whoosh” this morning--down one pound in one day. Thank you so much for the references. I will definitely check them out! All in all, I think this WOE eating is working out very well for me. - @Terrapin12: Thanks for your input. You remind me of myself during my vegan phase all those years ago. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that everyone’s metabolism is unique. Right now this is working for me, albeit slower than it is for some people. I feel good, and I can maintain it, and my latest labs were “pristine” according to my doctor. However, I will definitely look up some of the information you’ve given here as I’m always open to learning something new and tweaking my WOE. After all knowledge is power, and the goal is optimum health. - @Elfprincess: I will definitely look into adjusting/lowering my fat intake. To be honest, that is the hardest part of this WOE. (I've even been eating avocados, which I loathe.) And I love vegetables, so that's not a problem. I started out on Atkins, which worked OK for me, and this WOE with intermittent fasting was the logical next step for me. As for the IF being a hindrance, it's possible. I eat enough calories/day but was actually thinking of trying to split those calories into two meals a day a few hours apart to see if there's a difference. The reason I really like eating only one meal a day, though, is that I don't have to think about food all the time--one and done! There is evidence that it allows the body time to actually burn off stored body fat instead of the recently ingested calories. But I am definitely open to new ideas. :) - @ From387to184: I definitely eat very high quality fats--mostly Greek Olive oil (the best!), with some Kerry Gold butter, and recently started using some avocado oil. - Thanks again, you guys! You’ve all been very helpful and informative! Time to read and tweak, tweak, tweak!  
17 Nov 17 by member: meli1028
That's my situation exactly! I'm doing 80/15/5 but it's a challenge to hit these numbers dead on. 
17 Nov 17 by member: Looped
It really is a challenge!  
18 Nov 17 by member: meli1028
So thanks to all the good information I received from you guys, I did a lot of reading this morning. I've decided to cut back on my fat intake for the next few days and see how it goes. Also, I'm going to mix up my IF. I'll split my one meal a day into two about 4 hours apart for a few days a week. Here's hoping I get some positive results! 
18 Nov 17 by member: meli1028


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