CalorieKiller's Journal, 03 January 2008

Restarting this diet is like falling off a 100 foot tall bicycle and getting back on. I'm dying here, people. I officially started again yesterday but it is for naught as I picked and poked at all sorts of stuff I'm not supposed to eat. Starting with several (albeit tiny) cookies. I also snacked on leftover ham, greenbean casserole, and had a small slice of pie with dinner. I think we can safely conclude that yesterday was a miserable failure getting started back. Today so far I've done better. Been writing and refining the list of New Year's Resolutions so hopefully this will help keep me on track a bit. Because many of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit me now I think I've taken a little holiday from fat "stressing" but this is no time to get sloppy! I'm going to try to use my Birthday as a goal. It is January 31st and I hope to be down to the 180's by then. I think that's do-able and it feels like a victory of the spirit as I move down the series of tens...

I had a wonderful holiday and it was great to enjoy good food, but part of me feels like now (going through detox again) is so hard that it might not have been worth it. Nonesense! Life is short. Hope everyone had a good holiday and isn't going through withdrawals as bad as me :)

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I've been through my w/drawls already and they were no walk in the park!! You're right .. Life is short so why constantly stress to be thin when there IS a life full of possibilities out there!! I'm not saying to for go the diet entirely... but occassional eating here and there shouldn't put us in the pits!! Chalk it up as a wonderful holiday season... be there, done that.. now it's over, lol. I'm glad you had a great time and the snacking you did yesterday sounds insanely good, LOL... What's weird is that sometimes... I can get myself through another day on the diet just by "day dreaming" of different foods!! I'm weird, LOL. 
03 Jan 08 by member: lorik
I fell off the wagon over Christmas and it took me over a week to finally get back on. Eight pounds later, I am struggling to get back on my exercise. Thank God the holidays are over, eh? Now we all just have to dust ourselves off and start again. 
04 Jan 08 by member: Lotus
Great to see you back and well done on actually managing to record a loss over the holiday period! Hope you're getting over the withdrawal symptoms and are ready to get back on track. Come on - not too long to go until your birthday, so you'd better be good! :) 
04 Jan 08 by member: Lucybell33
Each day has been a bit better than the previous, but I've still been nibbling. It hasn't helped that we are totally out of our routine and I've been feeling toxic -- reaching out for something to help int heh short term instead of thinking long term. Alas, I will get going again full throttle. I'm thinking probably not until Next Tuesday when I have my next official center weigh-in.  
04 Jan 08 by member: CalorieKiller
Glad to see you are still enjoying the 100s. Get back on it now Lady, dont let your 2007 effort be in vain! :) 
06 Jan 08 by member: Juno


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