crankybuzzard's Journal, 16 October 2017

I've been the SAME weight for a few days now, so I figured I'd measure my "parts" and see what was really going on.... Well, I'll get scolded for this, but I've not measured anything prior to tonight... I measured once for the Dr's web site that helped to establish my BMI, but I don't remember what those measurements were, and I haven't done it since....

So, figuring I didn't have measurements to go off of, I went to my closet! The bride wasn't home tonight, so I could play dress up and no one would know about it!

4x shirts that were the norm in July are way too big
3x shirts are almost too big
2x shirts, well, almost fitting right, but not quite yet

46" waist pants from July are falling off and look BAD, even with a belt!
44" waist pants, too big (whoop!)
42" pants, loose, but not too bad of a fit
The pair of 38" waist shorts were CLOSE to being buttoned, but I still have a ways to go... yes, that was quite ambitious on my part, but I had to try them! LOL

Overall, I determined that I've come a LONG way since I got serious on August 1st when it comes to clothes! My "fancy pants" that I wear when I have to visit the corporate geeks, are now way too big, I may need to buy stock in Docker's brand soon!

My belt is in the last hole, and no, I haven't made me a new one yet... But I've cut the leather for it.... I'm just damn near giddy! I see my self in the mirror daily, so I don't "see" the changes, but getting into clothes I haven't worn for years; now that just made me giggle! They may be out of style, but they fit again!

Ive never been a fashionista anyway, I may bring back the wide collars and bell Bottoms! LMAO!

Diet Calendar Entry for 16 October 2017:
818 kcal Fat: 39.35g | Prot: 101.95g | Carb: 12.87g.   Lunch: Red Onions, Skinless Chicken Breast, Publix Green Bell Pepper, Tomatoes, Yellow Summer Squash, Mushrooms. Dinner: Baked or Broiled Cod, Spectrum Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. more...

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It so much fun to go shopping in your own closet! Good for you...wise man. Wouldn't your wife be impressed?  
16 Oct 17 by member: Judyrose1997
I've been rummaging around in my closet and it is full of surprises! Great job, Cranky. 
17 Oct 17 by member: Horseshu1
LOL....I just found some bell bottoms in my wardrobe, and they fit :) 
17 Oct 17 by member: schmetterlinge34
It's like peeling back the years, I have run out of clothes as I never believed I would fit into a size 12 again. My 25 year old daughter gave me a pair of her throw outs as they were too baggy on her and I could do them up, much more uplifting than weighing especially when the scales have stuck. Well done, go shop as a treat!😇 
17 Oct 17 by member: Cellofello
This is such a feel good activity - good for you for searching for the positive - I was just mulling about not dropping huge amounts and letting myself drift to the negative - thanks for setting such a positive example, still rockin your fat bombs BTW:) 
17 Oct 17 by member: Tbaygirl
Great Job!! very motivating!!  
17 Oct 17 by member: cherik1
I had a lot of fun doing it! However, bridey wasn't real impressed with the clothes that we piled on the bed when she got home. She said it looked like my closet had thrown up... LOL 
17 Oct 17 by member: crankybuzzard
That is fantastic news!  
17 Oct 17 by member: dboza
Tbay, have you perfected a new style of making the bombs yet? 
17 Oct 17 by member: crankybuzzard
I've found that the more weight you loose the harder it gets. I'll take a guess and say your body has picked all of the low-lying fruit and its now having to go looking for the fat to burn it. I still have weight swings but its only cause I drink. Looking at my weight chart its not hard to tell the evenings I stop off afer work. That weight burns off so quick however I don't really worry about it. I know it will be gone the next day. 
17 Oct 17 by member: ggreen67
Hey CB, I am basically still using your recipe and I put about 3 tsp of stevia in and a few drops of peppermint extract, I do like them a bit better this way:) 
17 Oct 17 by member: Tbaygirl
Amazing how the way clothes fit let us believe what we don't seem to see. Good job, and maybe put off doing the belt yet as you don't want it too big. 
17 Oct 17 by member: Sally Forest
I love it!!! Clothes are always more fun when we discover they're too big!! I'm very proud of you. Looking forward to seeing your future measurements!! 
17 Oct 17 by member: Jenibeann


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