zest7's Journal, 06 September 2017

I am continuing with my Mediterranean diet adventure. It hasn't been difficult, once I got started on changing what I eat. The main difference has been no bread stuffs.

I find that this style of eating requires me to be more mindful and engaged in what I am eating. All my life, my "go to" nibble has been cheese and crackers. Now I need to cut up veggies or fruit before I eat just about anything. No easy fix for "feeling like noshing". I have plenty of time, I just need to spend it on carefully thinking about what I eat and then taking the time to assemble it.

I was just reading on someone else's feed and saw the improvement in their BMI. I decided to see what mine is.

BMI 29.2 and when I started on FS 6 years ago it was 33.3. Initially on FS I just tried to limit my intake as a weight loss strategy. It was a struggle and I wasn't particularly successful.

Since beginning the Mediterranean eating style I have lost 6.2#, 1.5" hips and 1"waist. I am definitely in "Onederland" and don't plan to leave it ever again..

It hasn't been difficult to do. I don't count calories or grams. I can eat as much as I want. I just don't eat refined sugars or bread stuffs or much animal fat, dairy or meat. I find that I rarely consume the 5 veg and 4 fruit servings recommended each day. I just don't seem to have room for them.

I have a goal of weighing 180 by my birthday in January and I think I might just make it, or at least get close.

Thank you all for coming with me on my journey.

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Proud of you! 
06 Sep 17 by member: From371to184
Thank you for the recognition. I am impressed by your efforts and results. Strong work! 
06 Sep 17 by member: zest7


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