Rubie-sue's Journal, 01 August 2017

If you keep coming back, you've not given up right? I'm trying to get back. I realized that to have the life I want I need to actually get up and go get it. You can be uncomfortable and sore just sit'n or you can be uncomfortable and sore from doing something; the latter seemed like the better option. So here we are again, my image of the life I want and I. It is right there, just have to put in the effort to get it; right? Put in the effort, such a statement of action and purpose. As I feel my body slipping into a stale state of bla, weakness, issues, and not feeling attractive these are the feelings that I need to use as motivation to move forward off the stagnant state I have been in. To move and sweat and ache from a good work out, and want to do it again the next day. I used to be that person, worked out hard 5-6 days a week. And no I was not smaller, just in such amazing shape and getting smaller. Where did she go? Why is she fighting coming back? She was the one on track to the live the vision in my head. This full active life of hiking, canoeing, sailing, working out, going for long walks, not wasting time doing nothing, without constant pain in my feet and legs. This is the person I need to be again....Her. Big beautiful Her, willing to put in the effort it is going to take to step into, no wait take the good life I have now and make it into the amazing life I want(and deserve). She must be starting to fight her way back to the top if I'm writing this, so keep fighting!! Keep pushing at my subconscious to make me want to do the effort. I need you back my Her....fight!!!!!

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Glad you are here! 
01 Aug 17 by member: HCB
hey Rubie-Sue is my nic-name 
01 Aug 17 by member: Trainer_1_99
What HCB said! :-) for some of us, the path is not linear. 
01 Aug 17 by member: T8U9
I couldn't turn things around all at once. Working on consuming a really healthy, balanced diet and better sleep is a good first step. Little sparks can ignite for the other things when you are nourished and rested. Peace. Everything in its own time. 😊 
01 Aug 17 by member: Bluecoaster
If you feel fatigued and weak, there could be many reasons for it and you should visit your doctor. I have trouble even getting out of my chair and i don't have enough energy to keep up with a Tae Bo tape. I am probably B12 anemic, and that's why. Hypothyroidism can also do it. If you are gaining weight, and constipated, nails break often, some have hair loss but not all, and are fatigued, you should have your thyroid checked out. It makes me cold all the time too, because it throws off my body temperature. It can make your periods lighter and out of whack if you're young enough to menstruate monthly. 
01 Aug 17 by member: crstlgls


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