DairyKing's Journal, 26 February 2012

She feels up to going to church this morning, so that's where we're going. She's kind of moping around; I would be dancing a jig! Hard to please some women! One day she thinks it's all over, and decides not to have the surgery, and the doctor tells her she's going to die. Then she has the surgery, and the doctor tells her she's got her whole life ahead of her. Acts the same either way. Women!
Didn't want to stray far from the homestead yesterday, so I strapped on the telephone (which has an intercom application) and collected nuggets in the minefield out back. Filled about 1/3 of a 45 gallon contractor trash bag! As much work as strength training. Then ripped up the gym's stage floor that had buckled where it had rained on it for 10 years before we bought it. Staying busy. People from the church have been bringing over meals. They cook for an army! There's only two of us. Well, got to go. Have a great day everyone. I'll probably go back to work tomorrow. Daughter is going to come over and spend the day with her. I took the last of her bandages off yesterday. She looks great, and she's doing fine. See ya!
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I'm so glad to hear your wife is doing better and that the surgery went well. You're both in my prayers and I hope everything continues to get better! 
26 Feb 12 by member: KelseyRenae
Glad your wife's surgery was good news. She is having some blues which is normal, I believe. Coming off all the stuff they inject you with while in surgery is hard on the body. She will perk up after a while, so just stay supportive. She has gone through her own private hell. It's not easy, I know... hang in there, buddy! 
26 Feb 12 by member: Mom2Boxers
Hey don't give up on her just yet..she is sort of mourning...she had something taken away even though it was a bad thing..she had to go through it..and I am sure the treatments are not going to be easy either...Just love her as your doing and just let her know your there for her..she may take out her frustration out on you too..Give her time buddy. and all will be fine...HUGS....:O) 
26 Feb 12 by member: BHA
Amazing what can happen in a few days. I last checked in on you on the 21st when it was cool and wet and now your wife has had surgery! I am glad for you that the surgery went well. Your wife's mind must be spinning with it all, i therefore agree with Brenda and Sandy. Their comments were excellent and i hope suppportive to you and your wife. Your church community are very considerate delivering food for you both, which takes cooking out of the equation for a while. You will be glad your daughter is coming over to spend time with her. Hope you are ok too DK, cant imagine how you have been hit with this shock too. An emotional time for you both. Much love to you and your wife and look forward to her full recovery. Sazy x  
26 Feb 12 by member: sazy
Men will never understand :-). Hope she bucks up and feels a little better soon :-) 
26 Feb 12 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
Just glad she had such a positive outcome! I am sure you will love her through everything - up or down! You're doing a great job!!! from the sounds of it!!! 
26 Feb 12 by member: jsfantome


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