CalorieKiller's Journal, 01 December 2007

I've started therapy again; triggered by a strong desire to remain out of prison...for unspeakable actions toward one seriously wack-a-doo set of in-laws. I told myself I would not complain about them today. Therefore I will quietly mention that I had them all over for dinner tonight; a labor of love which I spent all day preparing. And I won't bore you with the details of how much work and creativity was involved except to mention that one dish involved a rosemary simple syrup and homemade olive oil corn cake. All foods, by the way, that I am unable to eat on my diet so it was exclusively for them.

So, I'm finally sitting down with them and watching everyone daintily pick around their plates wondering what on earth is wrong with my cooking. Then I found out that they all went and blew their appetites at the Red Robin burgers and fries before coming over. How do you head over to someone's house for dinner and manage to stop on the way for food?

--Heavy, Cleansing Sigh for Transitional Purposes--

It snowed today in Seattle and our neigborhood looks like some little winter chateau snow village. It's super cute, and seems so much quieter and peaceful somehow. I'ts been restorative and nice to be home but I find myself missing yoga. I haven't worked-out for too long (due to vacation and been so busy since returning). I'd like to try to go to yoga tomorrow. I want to try to be very disciplined for the next couple weeks so I can lost another 5 lbs before I see my family over xmas.

I'm wearing a size 12 now, but it's loose so I think soon I'll be back into a 10. I think that is only because sizes have gotten larger and larger or something. I used to have to be 20lbs lighter to wear a size 10. I don't know what's going on but either way it feels good to be able to find things to wear again, and I can't imagine what it is going to be like to buy 6's and 8's soon. Hopefully soon.


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WOW that was very rude of your in-laws. The dinner sounds like it was wonderful, and expensive. It seems like you could do with a break from them, you have seen them a lot recently. Hopefully soon, in fact you can tell its going to be soon, as long as you keep going. Good luck. 
02 Dec 07 by member: Juno
That's SO rude - outrageous!! Now breathe... Your weather sounds wonderful - far preferable to the driving rain and gales we've got today - not so peaceful! I love the way snow makes the whole world look brighter - wish we got more of it here. Fantastic news about the clothes size, and I'll hear nothing of them getting larger - just enjoy!! Have a great week! :) 
02 Dec 07 by member: Lucybell33
your in laws sound like my sister in law... she will stop and eat before coming here for a "dinner" ... HELLO!?!?! Whatever, I don't care but I wanted to let you know that I am so proud of you for going down in sizes! I can't wait to see your next pic! I bet you look great! Congrats & don't fret about those crazy in laws, LOL 
03 Dec 07 by member: lorik


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