slimchick60's Journal, 25 November 2007

Oh my gosh! I saw the worst thing on TV this evening. It was a program about a clinic where the extremely obese live and try to lose weight. 500, 700 and 1000 lb etc. people are common there. My heart just went out to them. The problem for them is that even though they were fighting for their very lives they would sneak food into the facility (delivery food...most couldn't even walk). One almost died because he had so much fat on his esophagus it was causing infection, etc. It is amazing. I'll never get that big but I am mini them. Scary, scary!

I have 180 or so lbs to lose so I'm afraid I could somewhat relate to them. I have some of the same physical attributes...difficulty walking, etc. has this extreme pull for me. Maybe I should write every day even if I'm down and out. Thanks everyone for being there! I really need you all.
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well, I'm here for ya!! it's so much easier with friends that share your pain, huh? I've done so much better myself since getting the support from people here. About that show: I too saw a show similar to what you're talking about regarding some obese people struggling to overcome their food addictions. It makes you want to reach out to help them, but you just can't. Keep on writing helps!!  
26 Nov 07 by member: BadAndee
I watched that same show yesterday. I was shocked to see those people that couldn't even walk to therapy were able to get take out food. It was very sad. Plus, after hearing how long some of them have been in that facility, some had been in there for 4 or more years and have lost nothing. I know that I have alot of weight to loss and after seeing that, I know that I don't want to loss what I am able to do . Keep writing, makes you feel good to hear that you not alone. 
26 Nov 07 by member: countrygal1223
I have seen that show before. I never want to be in that predicament, but I can relate to what they are going through. They have become addicted to food to the point nothing else matters. The difference with us is that we care about our health enough to do something about it on our own. I pray these people will get the help they need and move on to happier and healthier lives. 
26 Nov 07 by member: kimmyj1006


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