Ms Elizabeth's Journal, 13 April 2017

First yoga class is tonight!! I'm kinda freaking out. I'm doing something completely out of my element. The friend that was supposed to go with me cancelled at the last minute. "What happens when you stick a farm girl in a yoga class?" I have no idea. It could be good. It could be bad.

I think I need socks... I wore heels to work which isn't going to go with the workout clothes I brought. I have time to go get socks and shoes that haven't seen 5 years worth of wear. Yeah I know I don't need the shoes but walking around in 4 inch heels and yoga gear just seems odd... It could be a thing though.. I don't know. Plus I have an hour before class to burn so maybe I will get cute summer wedges too. I lost another lb.. that entitles me to cute strappy shoes.

Ok.. first yoga class. Advice? Does? Don't? I'm going to fart aren't I? I'm totally going to fart.

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Just remember that everyone there is going to pay more attention to the instructor than the other people in the class. Stay hydrated, you'd be surprised at how thirsty yoga makes you! Maybe strappy sandals with yoga clothes could be a thing?  
13 Apr 17 by member: Phoenix84
Cut-off tee shirt, yoga pants, and heels. Bubble gum and sunglasses. Pull your hair up on one side and show that ear completely, let it hang loose on the other side. Have fun tonight! With your sense of humor I have no doubt you will be a big hit. 
13 Apr 17 by member: TomLong
If a movement or position is painful do not continue doing it. Get a spot in FRONT of the class so that you can hear and see the instructor so that you do the movements or positions properly and the instructor can see you too. Have fun!  
13 Apr 17 by member: CCbabcock
Yes you'll probably fart lol 
13 Apr 17 by member: minitata
You are so going to fart! I think its a first Yoga rule! HE HE HE! But really, relax, have fun, go at your own pace, and I agree with CC go to the FRONT of the class so you can see and be seen! 
13 Apr 17 by member: gokona
Ya'll just want me in the front of the class so I come back with farting in front of the class stories. 
13 Apr 17 by member: Ms Elizabeth
Too true we do. You have such a lovely turn of phrase. You could try to fart in time with her speaking. 
13 Apr 17 by member: minitata
If you're in front everyone will know when you fart.  
13 Apr 17 by member: Phil.tx
If your are told " How dare you fart in front of my wife" Say sorry "I did't realise there was a queue" 
13 Apr 17 by member: Adpully
Geesh, I'm glad I didn't read this before I went to yoga! I never even thought about any of these problems....I didn't fart, I wonder if that means I'm not doing it right, lol 
13 Apr 17 by member: Rckc
There will be farting, lol! 
13 Apr 17 by member: VeggieJunkie
Of course, there is farting at Curves when I go, too. As long as it's never me, it's all good! 
13 Apr 17 by member: VeggieJunkie
Momma always told me "more room out than in"! Think of how much weight you can lose by expelling all that pent up gas. Have fun and above all be comfortable. Don't go for any of the far out Yoga classes until you've seen what your body can handle. I'm only comfortable with Restorative Yoga, or Yoga Nidra, but am looking forward to the day that a regular yoga class will not be a painful endeavor.  
13 Apr 17 by member: jeannieselby
Definitely listen to those telling you not to over do it. I've been doing Hatha yoga on and off for over 20 years. I still remember the very first time I did it, and I hurt so bad the day after, it was 8 months before I picked it up again. You want to feel the stretch, but make sure it also feels comfortable enough to relax into the stretch as well. You'll be surprised how much flexibility your muscles will provide over time...And, yes "farting" is a HUGE and wonderful part of it, LOL. In fact, yoga will become your "go-to" method for relieving painful gas. It will also keep you regular. Enjoy! 
13 Apr 17 by member: Egull1
I was taught as a boy - Always fart when you get out of a lift (elevator) 
13 Apr 17 by member: Adpully
I'm not a yoga kinda gal. But go you for trying something new!!!  
13 Apr 17 by member: 2ManyCurves
Here in California we do yoga barefoot. Socks are fine, but you'll want the non-slip kind. As far as fear of passing gas goes, this is a good excuse to lay off the foods that your body rebels against (dairy, wheat, etc.). Relax and enjoy your class! 
13 Apr 17 by member: soonsoonsoon
Yoga has become an essential part of my week. It keeps me healthy, strong and centered. I really appreciate and feel deprived if I can't go to class. I hope you love it too! 
13 Apr 17 by member: erikahollister
Good luck! Hope you enjoy the class :) 
13 Apr 17 by member: SaladStorm
Really concentrate on form and balance. You can do this. Yoga is kept me centered and strong for many years. I still like barefoot so you get all the feeling of your feet in the poses. I hope you love it! 
13 Apr 17 by member: Horseshu1


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