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The weight is stalling, I did lose a little more than a pound the past week though. I think I will do a weekly fast or something, I did it in the past with success. It is not really recommended with Atkins, but I drank water and iced tea, etc. and lost a good amount of weight with it in the past with a fast once in a while, I only did it for 24 hour periods. Nothing else seems to be working, I noticed info has been doing some fasts with success, though he is not on Atkins. Anyway, I'm up in the middle of the night, when I work it is nights. Therefore, when I'm off my body is on a night schedule, so here I am up at 4:30 a.m. I should do some reading, I have an excellent book I'm reading now. I was too tired before bed to read it. I didn't mean to upset any parents or parents-to-be by saying I'm glad I never had children, I said it primarily as I have never been able to afford to have them - except perhaps the short time I was in the military and when I was a nurse. The majority of my adulthood I have not been able to afford to have kids, so it has been a good thing I did not have any... that's why. :)
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Hey Glenn: I like the fasts just to sort of jump start me onto a more healthy way of eating. It's nice to start off with a loss of five or more pounds and everything tastes better afterwards. Since you have been a nurse, you probably know more about the subject than I do. At any rate, I don't want to encourage or discourage it, but, as you say, I don't think it will do you any harm if done moderately, on the contrary. I have also found that a plateau (if that is the problem) can sometimes be broken by a free day or two (or three). You've probably heard of this before, but the way I do it is to step back from the diet for a day or two and eat whatever I want and as much as I want. I find that when I go back to dieting, I can break through the plateau. I've seen discussions where the consensus of opinion has been that one free day a week is also very healthy. Keep up your efforts and I'm certain that we will see you in the 190s soon. 
04 Feb 10 by member: information
I did it early on this diet - it didn't work, but was perhaps too soon. Yet the 13lb. weight loss a year and a half ago in a month I had two cheat days in there. (With no 'Atkins flu'). I am invited to a pizza party Superbowl Sunday. The weight is stalled in the 210 - 215 range. A few pieces of pizza might help like you say break this since the induction is going NOWHERE. Also, I am thinking of doing a weekly fast no matter that Atkins says don't do it. I'll drink herbal tea and water for 24 hours. It helped tremendously in the past too, thanks...  
05 Feb 10 by member: GlennM
above note to info... 
05 Feb 10 by member: GlennM
I honestly think that the one day a week fast can only be good for you. Also, I wouldn't be afraid of the pizza party on Sunday at all. Why do we have to be afraid of these things when we know that we are the ones in control. As you say, it could make a great free day. Have a great weekend Glenn! 
06 Feb 10 by member: information
Keep hanging in there Glenn!  
06 Feb 10 by member: mbhpro
Thanks info and mbhpro - I think a month on induction with very little loss will make me at least consider having a piece of pizza tomorrow on Superbowl Sunday. I am having a Cortisone shot Monday. If I'd been losing lots of weight while on induction I wouldn't consider it, but I haven't this time, and it may take three or four days to get back on track - but at this point there is no track to get back on where there was any weight loss! However, I am wearing a pair of black jeans that are faded that fit, which didn't in December - they were too tight. After the shot I am going to force myself to exercise. I will walk at night if I have to for exercise when the weather warms up - something needs to be done. My feet hurt so much right now I can't exercise from the arthritis, I will talk to the doctor about Cortisone shots in them perhaps too if it can be done on Monday. I will probably do a fast this week too if I can... 
06 Feb 10 by member: GlennM


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