infusedwithextract's Journal, 02 November 2007

Well, i'm down a bit. i should say that this came after rocketing up a few pounds when i started the new job. i did some of the Cheat to Lose style carb loading and subsequent low-carb/high workout. it has seemed to work well, and the dizziness i was previously experiencing has gone away, by get this, consuming more water. i do this in the form of having about six cups of tea while at work. this is primarily due to the fact that my cube is underneath an air-conditioning vent. today i found out that all the other women who sit in my area tend to do the same, so we all seem to meetup at some point in the kitchen getting more hot water for our themos's and mugs.

i did a pilates workout yesterday when i didn't feel up to doing my regular intervals (i usually do them on either the elliptical or the treadmill). it was good as i worked my abs more than usual. i'm surprised that i don't have more strength there and even though you may not break out in a sweat doing pilates, you'll definitely be able to gauge where you are in terms of physical strength and flexibility.

also, the interesting thing is that i work in an area where we look at how employers promote wellness and health. it's interesting and fueling my obsession with balancing out my meals. i hate taking the Women's One-A-Days, and pills in general, so instead I try to get in all my nutrients through my meals.

One big thing that has helped this week so far is preparing all the meals for the week in advance. this time it was roasted lean chicken pieces and steamed vegetables, equal portions in each container.

steamed veggies - these are easy because i take a bag of frozen cut green beans/broccoli/peas/cauliflower and pour them into some corningware, put the glass top on, and proceed to microwave it for about 6-7mins, take it out, throw some salt, spice or chicken broth cubes on to taste, and then put it back in for another 5mins.

roasted chicken - i do this in the oven with fresh chicken breasts that i have cut up using kitchen scissors (using a knife and cutting board takes too much time) and then thrown in with some salt, minced garlic (the kind you get from a jar, another time-saver) season salt, and some fresh cilantro and/or chives. you can roast about 4lbs in multiple glass/ceramic dishes simultaneously. about 15mins in, i add some boiling water to mix in with the broth and ensure a juicier chicken. i make sure to save the chicken broth afterwards and free it. be sure to flip the pieces (i use stainless steel or high-heat plastic tipped tongs to do this). 45mins later you're done.

so before you have started steamed the veggies (or during, depending on the size of your kitchen and the availability of sanitized surfaces) you have prepared the chicken and placed them in the oven. in the meantime, you are "steaming" the veggies in the microwave and ideally you have a lot of clean plastic containers out ready to be half-filled.

all in all, if you have prepared appropriately, you can be done in less that two hours having prepared 10 lunches, or 5 lunches and 5 dinners.

you make want to switch up your spices, but the basic idea is that you are getting in enough fiber, vitamins, and protein in each meal. i would also recommend a spinach (iron rich!!) dish for the evening as well.

so that's it so far. i think i'm mostly maintaining my weight, though i'd still like to drop another 10lbs.



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