Ms Elizabeth's Journal, 09 February 2017

Today's Journal Entry is brought to you by Lysol.. because I'm threatening to spray everyone around me with it. So far one tiny human and one big human (the husband) are sick at home. At the office I keep hearing the start of a cough crop in the cube farm. At the store this afternoon everyone looked sick and tried to run each other over so I'm assuming they were all on drugs.. If I just start spraying people either I can stay away from their germs or they will get tired of being sprayed and stay away. I'm a very not social person.. can you tell?

The good news is I survived an entire day without sugar or caffeine. Sure I randomly fell asleep in various places.. like dozing off in the women's bathroom, a conference room, on the couch while my leg was used as a race course, against a cow which I was attempting to milk (she woke me up with a swat of her tail to my face, sweet girl... very sweet girl). Then I promptly fell asleep at 8pm putting the boys to bed. I thought about exercising when I was woken up at 12 but.. eh.. I didn't. Tonight is the night that I get my butt back to the grinding stone. I have a plan. I have workouts all worked out in my head. I just have to actually do the workout. Easy peasy right?

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You are a RIOT!!!! I'm gonna try chasing my coughing staff around with spray, I already pull out the Lysol wipes often, they laugh at me!  
09 Feb 17 by member: gokona
Have you ever considered writing for a living? Maybe a stand up comic? You have never ending stories and they're great! 
09 Feb 17 by member: mickfan1
DairyFarmersWife, I know what you mean, I normally don't get sick because of my Advocare supplements that I take but there is this one person at work that keeps getting a cold and it seems we are all just passing along to each other....#ifeelyourpain  
09 Feb 17 by member: dhnerren
I love you for the Lysol commentary. My can is by my side, and I'm pretty much daring anyone to come into my office without being spayed down first.  
09 Feb 17 by member: jeannieselby
if you pull out the latex gloves...people scatter as 
09 Feb 17 by member: wannabhealthier
Not at my office - they think it is funny that I am petrified of them because they have a cold. I was in a coma for 6 weeks last year and lost 6 months of work. I spray them with Lysol and they laugh at me  
09 Feb 17 by member: PGM012197
I wonder if anyone has ever calculated how many calories you burn avoiding the great workouts in your head... 
09 Feb 17 by member: Horseshu1


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