Shellie7431's Journal, 05 January 2012

OKay so I'm really bummed this morning...I ate 35.75 grms of carbs yesterday,thats it, not anymore then that, and I still woke up with a fasting BS of 238. Weight was 227.2 and my official weigh in will be tomorrow, My luck I will have gained somehow :-/


when did you eat most of your carbs yesterday. try keeping them around the time of day when you are moving like mid morning early afternoon. eat some good protein late in the day and do you work out later in the day. and even if you gain this week remember if you keep it up you will lose! 
05 Jan 12 by member: mekellyuwho
Unfortunaly 3 days a week I work til 8pm so I am not able to eat dinner til then,I did have grilled chicken, and literally 1/2 cup (Measuered out) of pasta when I got home last night, but the rest of my carbs where before 3pm. The other 4 nights a week I try not to eat any carbs after 7pm. And those 4 nights will be when I am working out, just can't seem to fit a workout in a 8 to 8 work day, but hoping to save up for a stationary bike or treadmill so I can at least do a little cardio on those night too. Guess I'm just feeling blah cause even cutting so many carbs my sugar is still high.  
05 Jan 12 by member: Shellie7431
Don't get discouraged Shellie. This is a big, NEW adjustment for you. Take baby steps and just breathe! We have your back. It will just take time, I'm a very impatient person so that part is hard on me! Just smile and know that you have FS in your arsenal. Have a great day Shellie. 
06 Jan 12 by member: edsontrace
We are all in it together with you! As your weight comes down, the blood sugar does as well. You will get there! Cheering You On Shellie!!! :) 
06 Jan 12 by member: moondove


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