musicartlife7's Journal, 26 August 2016

I'm not going to lie, I'm super disappointed in my losses (or lack thereof) this week. I last tracked on Monday, and I know that I should have waited until next Monday, but I was curious after killing myself all week. I was really looking forward to a substantial loss.

After spending the last three weeks in a state of gain and then plateau and then minimal loss, I decided to do something a little different this week. I still stuck to my diet, which has cut out carbs, reduced fat and sugar, and drastically reduced calories. No rice, bread, potatoes, or pasta. I have stuck to that completely. (Minus breakfast this morning, which was brought by my company and will be my "cheat meal" for the week.) I also still worked out with swim and strength training after work, usually about an hour to an hour and a half. I haven't skipped a single workout. I've been drinking water and plain green tea all day long.

The difference from past weeks? I have started doing a second workout at lunch. Every day I go to the office gym and do hardcore cardio for 45 minutes. I come out of there dripping wet. I know the machines drastically overestimate calorie burn, but I do 30 minutes on the elliptical at 100% incline and 100% resistance and book it. Yesterday the machine estimated 775 calories in 30 minutes. I then immediately got off and got on the treadmill for an additional 15 minutes. 4 mph, level 8 incline. It told me another 275. That's 1050 calories, and even if the machines are incredibly wrong and I only burned half of that, it's still 525 calories... What gives?

I've been killing myself this week, trying to get myself back on track from where I was at my smallest and break away from all of these plateaus. My goal was to say goodbye to the 250's by today, and start cracking away at the 240's. This fat is just gripping to me like no one's business. Just super disappointing. I will weigh myself again Monday to get the total loss for the week... But I'm kind of thinking it's not going to be all that drastic.

I'm trying not to let this bother me (clearly that's going well). I just don't know how much muscle I can gain where it doesn't in any way allow me to lose poundage, especially with all of this cardio. And I get it. Muscle is more dense than fat, so gaining a pound of muscle could outdo the loss of fat. And I know I shouldn't depend on the scale. But I guess I'm in the frame of mind from the last time I lost a lot of weight. The scale would drop almost weekly minus one really long plateau, then it fell off again. It seems like I'm working a lot harder this time with way less results.

Then again, maybe I'm losing inches. I did my measurements last week for a bridesmaid dress. I'll check it out tonight to see if there's any change. My clothes fit the same, so I'm not sure.


I'm not going to let this in any way deter me. If I don't see at least some change in the next three weeks, then maybe I'll go see a doctor, but for right now I'll label this as a fluke and keep on the path. I deserve to be healthy, and I'm going to get it. I've got a wedding next month that I want to make big changes for, as well as a guy in November that I have my sights set on. I'm going to keep to the path. It's going to be worth all of this hard work when I feel happier and more confident in myself.

Diet Calendar Entry for 26 August 2016:
1853 kcal Fat: 123.07g | Prot: 85.43g | Carb: 83.74g.   Breakfast: Coffee-Mate Original Tub, Granulated Sugar, Coffee, #1 Bacon, Egg, and Cheese on Flour, #4 Jalapeno Sausage, Egg, and Cheese, Poblano Ranch - 1 oz, Chipotle Ranch - 1 Oz. Lunch: Torchy's Tacos #1 Bacon, Egg, and Cheese on Flour, Torchy's Tacos Poblano Ranch - 1 oz. more...

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You are following a substantial plan. The combination of your efforts will pay you back. Relax and let it happen...👍 
26 Aug 16 by member: Sarah1950
Inches and muscle are celebrations too! I know the disappointment of not seeing the scales dip downward as hard as I'd like. Keep Going!! 
26 Aug 16 by member: fitmindbody
Hi! I am going to chime in here with a bit of unsolicited advice so feel free to just ignore me. You just seem discouraged and I would like to help if I can. I know that you are doing a different way of eating than I am, so my take may not be doable for you, but here it goes. LOL I looked at your food diary and you may not be logging everything every bite,every day. I know it is hard to stay diligent, but trust me, it helps a lot to see where you may be going wrong. That being the case, it is hard to get an accurate take on your calories and carbs, but you carbs are still a bit high. I know my way is pretty extreme in comparison, but you may want to lower them some more and cut out all sugar. It is not easy, but you can do it. Your simple carbs like sugar and honey are working against you by spiking your insulin levels. Try to find satisfactory substitutes where you can. Track your water intake as well to make sure you are hydrated and flushing your system. Keep in mind that many things can cause weight fluctuations, plateaus,and stalls. Google "why the scale lies". It is a great article that explains all the different things that can make you not see what you would like on the scale. You are doing a lot of exercising, so you may well be converting fat to muscle and muscle weighs more. Do some measurements and you may very well see that you are losing inches instead of pounds! Keep at it and tweak things where you need to. Track EVERYTHING! This will help you learn your body and its unique way of reacting to what you do and eat. You can do this!!! 
26 Aug 16 by member: sierra1167
Just know the weight did not come on overnight; each week would bring different results but just work your plan and make adjustments where needed. As Sierra said, you are doing a lot of exercising and maybe you are building muscle mass. Have you taken your measurements yet to see if you are losing inches over pounds? The scale is often not the best predictor of our weight loss journey. 
26 Aug 16 by member: anitabos
You've got this. Concentrate on all the right steps that you're making and everything else will fall into line. It looks like you've already lost 10 lbs this week. Maybe the lose woke up the mean jerkface that lives inside all of us and she is putting up a fight and holding onto every bit she can before you give her the smack down. Every journey is made up of steps. Keep stepping and you'll keep getting closer to where you want to be. If all else fails act like a crazy woman and imagine there is a jerkface inside of you holding you back. Just don't talk to them at the gym.. I did that once.. Although.... I didn't have to wait for the elliptical anymore. 
26 Aug 16 by member: DairyFarmersWife
I agree with Sierra's comments. If you are going LC then lower would probably be better. If you go LC you don't want to go low fat also.... 
26 Aug 16 by member: Rckc
Sounds like you are building muscle which is terrific. What have your BS been? If they are within the limits your doctor set for you, than you are not doing anything wrong. You may find that the weight gain is pure muscle!!! Muscle is much heavier than fat! You are really doing a fantastic job and getting off to a good start. Do not loose your focus. 
26 Aug 16 by member: Dona Kay


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