LaraStar's Journal, 12 October 2011

When I went shopping, I saw a very obese elderly lady. She was leaning heavily on her trolley and it all seemed very hard work for her. I was thinking how much better her life would be if she lost weight. That's something I think more and more when I see obese people struggling. But starting out is so hard! Without the right information and support, it is impossible for most. Very sad!
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That is my main motivation. There was a woman in the building at my last job who was very obese and walkign was extremely difficult for her, you could hear her breathing very heavy and limping. I want to make sure that I am accountable now for my eating and actions before I get to that point. 
12 Oct 11 by member: New MrsRando
On a lighter note, I went to my colleague's office and couldn't believe my eyes. He had brought in a container with chopped apples. This was the first time, I saw him eating fruit. He is on of the worse sweets offenders in the office. When I asked him, what had brought it on, he said "you"! His wife thought, he wasn't feeling It's nice to be a good example :) 
12 Oct 11 by member: LaraStar
Sometimes, I have to stop myself from telling people how great they'd feel if they were so many lbs lighter. I'm sure they know, they just don't know how to do it! 
12 Oct 11 by member: LaraStar
New MrsRando...I know what you mean. If we continued the same way, there is a chance we'd be like that one day. I'd rather picture myself as a little old lady wearing a nice dress and pearls looking very glamorous. 
12 Oct 11 by member: LaraStar
All great stories. Love the office story, Lara, and that his wife thought he wasn't feeling well. Thanks for posting. 
12 Oct 11 by member: Helewis
LaraStar I feel the same, when I see overweight people - particularly if they have a shopping cart full of unhealthy food. I find the older generation, (of which I am one) are often the ones with the sausage rolls and cream buns!! I want to say, if you carry on eating that type of food, you will become fatter, unhealthy and shorten your life....... We all have choices and sometimes the motivation to go for it just isn't there. I don't think it is always about lack of knowledge - jus the will to do it... I know I was guilty of that. 
12 Oct 11 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
My husband sometimes tells me to stop staring at other people's When I see someone older buy sweets, I always think it's for their grandchildren. Maybe not! 
12 Oct 11 by member: LaraStar
i was saying to my sister yesterday that before i started on my weight loss journey i went to the grocery store and was totally lost and just get whatever. Now, its wonderful and i love going. I know exactly what i want and need and i feel very good buying it. I love finding new things to try and get very excited when i find out i love it and can add it to my menu 
12 Oct 11 by member: stacy robbins
Stacy, no more impulse buys for me either. Even if I don't know what to buy, I know exactly what NOT to buy. Acounting for what I eat has made such a huge difference 
12 Oct 11 by member: LaraStar
Lol LaraStar... I try not to stare - particularly if it is a large mum with her chubby children in tow and in the trolley are pizzas, pies, loads of processed food, crisps, cola, sweet stuff etc. Criminal.... Kids haven't got a choice - they hve to eat what they are given. Even when I was big I didn't buy that crap - drink and lack of exercise did me in. 
12 Oct 11 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
Lol Skinny...I am also known to stare when someone takes the lift instead of the stairs! 
12 Oct 11 by member: LaraStar
LMAO ...ooh LaraStar.. You are getting bad :-) 
12 Oct 11 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
You made me laugh and yes guilty too! I have never eaten a lot of crap, no dinner in a box in our house, always had whole foods that need to be cooked rather than warmed up. I just ate too much and have a weakness for tortilla chips (ok so they come in a packet). It is alarming what people eat without a thought. The reason I found this sight was horror at seeing a friend cook frozen mash for her family. I didn't know it existed and wondered about the salt/nutritional content, googled it and found FS...and stayed! So sometimes thinking about what others are stuffing into their bodies can have a good effect...but possibly not on them? 
12 Oct 11 by member: Di Happy
It definitely makes me sad when I see people who can barely walk because of their weight. I think most of them are in denial or on some level, don't believe they deserve better. But we're all proving everyday that you CAN take charge of your body and your health! I cleaned out my pantry over the weekend and was surprised that the bin of "sweet crap" had so much in it (granola bars, chocolate, some cookies, 100 cal packs, etc). The reason: I still buy things that I'm craving, but it takes me a LONG time to use them up. Same thing with baked goods in the freezer- even relatively healthy versions of banana bread and brownies, frozen in small portions. It's a huge accommplishment that I can have the stuff around and not cave to it regularly. Now I just have to remind myself not to buy any more of it, since I already have way too much that will last me a while at the rate I go through it!  
12 Oct 11 by member: gnat824
Di...I grew up with home cooked food too. No ready meals, pizza, MacD. It's my bad sugar and snacking habit that got me in this mess. But I've pulled myself together and kicked the habit. Why don't other people? Nat...I work with three morbidly obese colleagues (amongst others). At the moment they can still walk and work but if they don't change, it will be a year or less before they are disabled or worse. How can they let it get so bad? I changed when I wouldn't go out anymore because I was so selfconscious. You're doing well on the snacks. I too can now have a family size chocolate bar at home to last a week or longer. 
12 Oct 11 by member: LaraStar
True f'in story. When i see obese people i just feel bad for them....and mildly disgusted but most bad. Their everyday lives would just be so much easier and i almost guarantee they'd be happier. It is extremely tough to start though :( 
12 Oct 11 by member: Ninjapanda


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