HerStrawberri's Journal, 29 September 2011

**proceed with caution! Ranting ahead!!**

Bad night last night. We had to take our Junior Kitty to the kitty ER. After we had dinner last night, we tried to get him to come up on the bed and he wouldn't come. That was very weird for him. So i got down and tried to get him to come out from under this bench thing I have in front of our bed. he wouldn't move. at all. He wouldn't eat or drink and he cried if we moved him. I naturally freaked out. I couldn't get him to move and he just layed there lokking at me. SO we took him to the kitty er as his vet was closed. IT WAS TERRIBLE! All these poor people coming in with their sick babies! Cats and poor doggies. it was terrible. Anyway, junior kitty is ok. He is just has a virus or something. I'm on kitty watch and if he has a fever over 103 for more then a day we have to take him back in. I'm a little skeptical, as i don't really like ANY Drs, but we will see. he started responding when we got him home. I gave him wet food and he gobbeled it right up and he was purring and rolling around. SO, I'm not exactly sure WHAT is was...but the vet seems to think he is ok. The vet said his paws and his snip snip area look good so no infection. I was just so scared. =(

I stepped on the scale today and guess what it said??? 298.6!!!!!!! Now, I don't know if that will stick so I'm niot getting my hopes up quite yet. i will weigh in tomorrow and see. i will record THAT one if it's the same. I was happy to NOT see a # starting with a 3. I thought i would be more excited about it. i was more excited yesterday. I'm feeling kid of blah right now. Stressed out I guess.

My dad leaves today to come here. I just hope everything goes ok. My whole crazy ass family will be here on saturday to help with the move. Our apartment isn't big enough to hold an extra 10 people...and that isn't including me, my GF and my dad. AND no one even told us about all of these people coming until a few days ago. i was kind of annoyed. i mean, this IS OUR house. ya know? I told my dad that and he was like....well this is about me and they are going to be there to help me. i was like...UMMMM THIS IS OUR FREAKIN HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe that shouldn't of bothered me but it did. Maybe I'm getting upset over nothing. i don't know. =(

Another thing...since I'm on a roll of annoying things. I post on my Fb that I lost 75 lbs. I'm really freaking proud of it...ya know? It's something that is really important to me. NOT ONE of my family memebers commented or texted or called me. NOT ONE. NOW, my freaking sister LIVES on FB. as a matter of fact she has sent me numerous texts about HER CRAP since yesterday. i even told her last nigth we were int he kitty ER with junior kitty and she didn't even ask how he was doing. AM I BEING SELFISH?!?!?!?! Why is it everyone elses CRAP matters so much more then mine??????? Sometimes i just want to SCREAM at people. I'm so freaking sick of it. Like, sometimes when i talk...people will just cut me off mid sentence and start talking about themselves. guess what MOTHER F'ers!!! My crap is important too and let me F'N TALK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok so maybe I'm getting myself all worked up over this....but this has been happening for EVER. I'm trying to work on ME and this is one of the things that just plain pisses me off. THIS is why I'm not really close with my fam. Blah. I could right a book.

Sorry FS people. I know this has nothing really to do with diet. but it has everything to do with ME and THAT is just as important.

Anyway, I'm playing hooky from my English class today. I need to watch my baby and finish moving around my dads room. and I guess chill out! LOL

Diet Calendar Entry for 29 September 2011:
910 kcal Fat: 52.50g | Prot: 92.00g | Carb: 8.00g.   Breakfast: Turkey Sausage Patties, Medium Eggs, Butter with Olive Oil. Dinner: sentry 90% lean hammy, Mayonnaise, Heinz Ketchup. Snacks/Other: 2% String Cheese Sticks. more...


Well I may not be family.. But I am so proud of you Dawn... 75 pounds+ is amazing, but what I find more amazing is when I friended you on here you were so sad, and now i read your entries and you are usually very happy, or at least bitchy for good reason and not so sad, you have faced alot of your anxiety AND so many other things.. so you have shed a small person and gained so so much more... <3 
29 Sep 11 by member: pixidaisy
OMG, 298.6??!!! That is soooooo cool. I can't believe you are not jumping through the roof with excitement, lol. Well... I am super excited for you! 
29 Sep 11 by member: serafano
I'm very proud of you Dawn...that's AWESOME!! Do NOT let them bother you! I know its annoying, we all get annoyed but block them out and focus on the people supportiing you OR use it as motivation..."don't think I can do it...yea well WATCH ME!" Best of luck hun you're doing great 
29 Sep 11 by member: NoChubbyMom
Thank you Pixi! One of these days i will stop letting my fam upset me. I re-read my journals sometimes and find my early entries so sad. Like, it hurts my heart to know how lost I was at that time. i think that is why i try to reach out to the people on here who seem sad and lost like i was. Anyway, Thank you so much!! =) Thank YOU sera as well! I AM excited about the loss...i guess I'm just waiting to make sure ot sticks tomorrow. =) Thank you both so much for taking the time to read my rant! 
29 Sep 11 by member: HerStrawberri
Thank you Shanna! =) 
29 Sep 11 by member: HerStrawberri
I always read your entries - may not always comment but I do always read them. One of the reasons I reached out to you was because about 4 years ago I was there so I know how you feel. Dealing with crap from your fam is tough but you are strong!  
29 Sep 11 by member: pixidaisy
I really enjoyed your rant about selfish people. Sorry about kitty junior, all this kitty drama must be stressing you out. I hope he feels better! Don't worry about those stupid people, everyone here is THRILLED that you've lost 75#! 
29 Sep 11 by member: kziemianski
Thank you Pixi! There are certian people here that I felt an instant 'connection' of sorts with, and you were one of them. i always read your entries too. Usually though, I'm like 2 days late and you ahve like a million comments! You are very polualr. =) Fs has become my support system. Even when I think I'm bored with it, i always come right to my computer and pull it up. =) All of you are important to me and I like to read about what's going on. My Gf thinks it's weird as you guys are just people behind a computer screen. but to me, you guys are caring people that I have a lack of IRL. So i don't really care if that makes me weird or something. We all need support and encouragement. and this is where I get mine. =) 
29 Sep 11 by member: HerStrawberri
Thank you so much kziemianski! =) 
29 Sep 11 by member: HerStrawberri
:) I always read your posts but you usually have like 800 comments saying exactly what I want to say I don't always comment! 75lbs is HUGE and you are such an inspiration I can't wait till I can get there!! I'm glad your kitty is ok. It's always stressful when something you love is not acting normal. 
29 Sep 11 by member: diddoh
CONGRATULATINS 100 here you come. 
29 Sep 11 by member: Helewis
I always read your posts as well Dawn :) I think you and I are very similar and I always relate to how you're feeling. Sooooo excited for you to be under that 300!! Keep it up girl.  
29 Sep 11 by member: tntmom87
Thank you so much everyone! @ TNT I agree with the simular thing. =) I think that about some of the stuff you write as well. =)  
29 Sep 11 by member: HerStrawberri


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