LuLu11's Journal, 31 August 2011

New Goals!!! :)

Sep.5 -188
Sep.19 -178.... pre-pregnancy weight!
Oct.17 -160....what i weighed when i started dating my bf in 2008!
Oct.31 -150...i was like 13 the last time i weighed abuckfiddy
NOVEMBER 11, 2011**** GOAL**** 145******** ...i can feel it now...... ;)
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If you wanna be weight buddies that would be great! I just had a baby too. A boy 3-29-11. I had just got down to my ideal weight a month before I found out I was expecting, I was 122 and now im 145 I was 187 when I was prego and got back to 135 now iv gained 10 ! It is so hard taking care of a baby clean by the end of the day im so tired but I got zumba dvd and I went to a personal trainer and asked him to show me things I can do at home! Then I did a food diary for a week eating what I normally would eat! Added it on here and I was disgusted about how many calories n fat! It was sick ranch lover! Horrible! !! Now I still eat it but moderation.. eat cereal in the morning ..chug a glass of water.. then a snack fruit ect ..chug glass of water.. lunch a lite one ..chug a glass of water.. snack crackers n cheese .. lite cottage cheese ..veggies .. lite dipping sauce .. chug a glass of water.. supper... chicken or fish the less fatty meat. Chug water! Also for my snack or lunch I make a egg white wrap.. with cheese n salsa so easy! But make sure you use portions .. and even if you don't feel hungry chug water it will fill you up. Anyways I just thought id throw some ideas out there. I just think a little support eachother we could make our goal weight! Just message me back or send an email- 
01 Sep 11 by member: Kay Dee
hello!!! i would love to be buddies and motivate each other!!! thanks for the info, i know i try to drink lots of water too. and you are right, life is so hard sometimes juggling a baby and a household and everything!! my diet however is a lot different from yours because i eat low carb. its something i believe strongly about and if youd like to know more just ask... even if you are unsure i highly recommend going to and watching "fat head". its a documentary/comedy. even if you dont think you want to do low carb it still is fun to watch (if you can find time) it really changed my life!!! it changed the way i viewed fat and carbohydrates. it totally made sense to MY life. anyway... keep in touch!! congrats on your lil man!!! ;) 
01 Sep 11 by member: LuLu11


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