BuffyBear's Journal, 08 January 2016

Happy Friday!

Had an aha moment last night. I have been putting half & half in my morning coffee - which is not compatible with my 16:8 IF - DUH!

This morning I drank it black. Developing this habit should help.

Now lets see what else I've been doing wrong. Hmmm . . .

Diet Calendar Entry for 08 January 2016:
1107 kcal Fat: 77.62g | Prot: 64.13g | Carb: 42.49g.   Breakfast: Coffee, Atkins Frozen Farmhouse-Style Sausage Scramble. Dinner: Cooked Cauliflower, Cooked Broccoli (Fat Not Added in Cooking), Cooked or Sauteed Mature Onions (Fat Added in Cooking), Celery, Tyson Foods Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts, LouAna Pure Coconut Oil, Wyler's Chicken Bouillon Granules. Snacks/Other: Emerald Sea Salt & Pepper Cashews, Albertsons Clementine Oranges, Laughing Cow Mini Babybel Gouda Semisoft Cheese, Land O'Lakes Traditional Half & Half, Coffee. more...

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Fats are not counted when doing the LCHF and the 16:8? Most people drink the bulletproof coffee while fasting which is all fat.  
08 Jan 16 by member: Mom2Boxers
That is the only way I do drink my coffee :) although today I have been toying with the idea of a vegan bulletproof coffee. I think I will give it a go once I am home. I still got coconut oil and oatcream. 
08 Jan 16 by member: schmetterlinge34
Someone correct me if I am wrong. 
08 Jan 16 by member: Mom2Boxers
I "think" the reason coconut oil is considered OK with 16:8 is due to the type of fat - medium chain. It's converted to energy quickly and may even stimulate additional burning of body fat, doesn't raise insulin or blood sugar levels. I'm not sure if the fat from cream does the same thing, plus half and half is part milk which has carbs. But I'm no expert and perhaps it's just splitting hairs. When I do 16:8 I use coconut oil/coffee in the morning. If just trying to limit carbs, I may also add butter and some heavy cream. 
08 Jan 16 by member: jmb3450
Mom - I believe JMB has the answer for the Bulletproof Coffee (which I tried and gagged on). But some websites say "black only". And since my half & half contains milk I am choosing to discontinue it (at least for my first morning cup).  
08 Jan 16 by member: BuffyBear
Schmetterlinge34 - There are many who say that good coffee should always be taken black. The half & half provides some sweetness, which I should learn to do without. I do love my coffee!!! 
08 Jan 16 by member: BuffyBear
PS - the half & half also adds to my carb total at the end of the day. 
08 Jan 16 by member: BuffyBear
This comes down to Insulin control. When Insulin levels are low, you are fat buring, not fat storing. Heavy Cream and Half & Half are a non-factor, at 0.4, and 0.6 carbs per serving. You need to get to ~ 10gms carbs to produce an Insulin response. 
08 Jan 16 by member: mahjohn
Mahjohn - Now that makes perfect sense! Thanks for explaining it :)  
08 Jan 16 by member: BuffyBear
I'm still trying to wrap my head around the bulletproof coffee. I have everything but don't do it. Maybe do it for lunch but getting back into my salads.  
08 Jan 16 by member: ClassicRocker
I love my coffee too, but I have to have my cream! It is like a low carb desert. 
08 Jan 16 by member: diehard3
diehard3.... every try almond milk, 30 calories/cup. I also do almond/coconut, yummy and it's 35/cup. It's my treat. 
08 Jan 16 by member: ClassicRocker
Classic - I don't get it either. Besides I think it tastes horrendous! I love coconut oil and use it almost exclusively in my cooking so see no need to drink it in my coffee.  
08 Jan 16 by member: BuffyBear
Diehard - No arguments from me on that one!  
08 Jan 16 by member: BuffyBear
If you want to skip the Bullet Proof Coffee, you may try this....I prefer Butter Coffee. 8oz Black Coffee + 1Tbspn Kerrigold Grass Fed Irish Butter....then hit with a Stick Blender and watch it transform to a Latte Color Coffee, smooth and creamy. I would not overdo the BP Coffee, or Butter Coffee...while good in saturated fats and medium-chain triglycerides...no need to overdo it.  
08 Jan 16 by member: mahjohn
I do black coffee 1/2 tbsp. unrefined coconut oil. 
08 Jan 16 by member: Rguarino
Majohn - Interesting recipe! Have had the Kerrigold cheese (rich and creamy) but haven't tried the butter yet. Should have it in my coffee once (just to say I tried it) but I'll probably stick with the with "no need to overdo it".  
08 Jan 16 by member: BuffyBear
I do coconut oil also! I'm hooked! A tablespoon for me!♡♡ 
08 Jan 16 by member: Muscle Mabry
Lots of interesting thoughts on the coffee for some reason I just can't do the BP coffee but as of now I haven't been able to give up my cream it adds a few carbs to my total but for me to stick with my WOE I need to have some things I enjoy that's part of life. 
08 Jan 16 by member: Addie Aline
In two tablespoons of Heavy Cream, there is not even 1gm worth of carbs... 
08 Jan 16 by member: mahjohn


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