chadlius88's Journal, 16 December 2015

Good and bad news.

Good news is I made a new personal record on the deadlift Monday night of 395 lbs.

Bad news is I nearly tore my right Trapezius muscle in the process. One of the functions of the Trapezius is to support the weight of the arms, including any load that is hanging from them.

Since I began powerlifting over a year ago I stopped doing any isolation work to my traps out of fear of them getting too large since deadlifting works them heavily on its own, and I hate the way large traps look on a physique.

Apparently I need to start training them separately again so that they can keep up with the loads that I've been putting on them.

Plan moving forward is to include shrugs and farmers carries on my shoulder training days, since I am dieting currently, I wont be able to add any mass to them, but at least I can get into the habit of training them.

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Good news that you didn't tear the muscle. Back in in 2009 I tore a ligament in my elbow when I was shrugging an ungodly amount of weight, I can't even remember how much but I knew when I was putting the plates on that it was too much. It knocked me out of the gym pretty much permanently, it hurt for two years and I've only recently started flirting with the weights again.  
16 Dec 15 by member: 1point21gigawatts
Oh No! careful - you just are getting over the bicep tear - ouch! 
16 Dec 15 by member: HCB
Hi, I am brand new here, any advise will be more than welcome. how do I go about working out how many calories in a meal. Sorry stupidity is not a disability. 
16 Dec 15 by member: Teluna
Hey Teluna! Unfortunately every person is different. Your sex, age, current weight, activity level and lean body mass all play roles in how many calories you should be eating. As we get older our caloric requirements decrease because we move a little slower and our cells become less active, this causes reduced energy requirements. I would not base what you eat off of the websites suggested calorie intake, it isn't very accurate. What I would do is take what you eat normally and enter it HONESTLY into your food journal for a couple of weeks and track any changes to your body weight. If you go up in weight, drop either some fats or some carbs from your diet and repeat until you find a weight loss of .5-1 pound per week. as a general rule of thumb, just eat healthy! All foods that you eat should be in as close to their natural form as possible. It will take some time to figure out, but you'll get it! 
16 Dec 15 by member: chadlius88
Thank you so much for that advice. Because I have never counted calories before, and when I asked my daughter, she said something about looking on the packet and seeing what one pork sausage would be, or on the internet. I have not got there yet, I'm still batteling with the journal. 
16 Dec 15 by member: Teluna
Hang in there, Chad. Get well again and then go for it! 
19 Dec 15 by member: Draglist


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