Ms Elizabeth's Journal, 04 December 2015

On Monday I stepped on the scale to discover I had reached 201.7 lbs. NOT acceptable. I'm supposed to be losing the baby weight not adding to it. What the heck body?? Listen to me. Let me drink my large dunkin coffee with pumpkin syrup and cream.. and donut.. and probably pizza at some point and well.. shrink! Seriously what is this body thinking gaining more weight?? The scale telling me I weigh 201.7 was the last straw. This body was put into time out. I was doing so good too! Well that is.. until today.

I've been missing for so long because ALOT has happened. 1. I quit my job. I decided I was miserable and tired of being treated like a mindless drone and I quit. Then I got a new job with a company that is actually.. well.. fun. Today they hosted a Christmas party during work hours. Food galore, free beer, treats, prizes, really really fun board games one of which I can't remember the name of but I highly recommend it. It's like Pictionary but everyone had a notebook that was passed around with different words.. Kind of hard to explain but I did learn that almost every word turns into some sort of poop comment by the end. Or well that could be because we all started drinking at 11 am. Needless to say I blew my calorie count out of the freakin water. The calorie sub is sunk. KAAAAABLOOOEY! Ok I probably only ate 2000 calories but still. I was doing so good! I was doing so good that I'm going to jump back on the wagon so I can show some sort of number that starts with a 1 most likely followed by a 9 and something. I don't care. So long as it is a 19# number I don't care. It's a start.

So.. between the new job, barn chores, little man refusing to sleep in his own bed, peanut getting molars... I mean seriously molars at 15 months??? Is that really happening? You'd think by the third kid the surprise would all be out but we're 1 week into teething and I've realized I probably chose to forget those days of my children's lives. Where was I? Oh yeah.. molars, a kitchen remodel which has left me with new cabinets and no countertop. nada. That's a whole long story on it's own. Stress. Lots and lots of stress.. and chocolate.. lots and lots of chocolate I have reached 201.7. POOOOP. I'm not sure if any of this makes sense at this point though. It's 2 hours past my bedtime and I drank beer for the first time in 4 yours. That's my excuse.

Good news.. I bought myself a laptop for xmas. And then gifted it to myself the second it arrived. What can I say? It was a great sale and now I don't have to wrestle the husband or the preteen from the computer and best of all. I can journal from bed!!

Ok so diet first.. then exercise. Maybe less excitement about being in bed. It really is comfy though. And warm! And Snore.

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Yay - glad you are here again! 
04 Dec 15 by member: HCB
I am glad too.Missed your journal posts.  
05 Dec 15 by member: UmmBilal
Welcome back! Congrats on the new job, it sounds fun. And good luck with the 19x's, I'll be rooting for you! Looking forward to reading some more of your journals 😀 
05 Dec 15 by member: heidij123
Welcome back :-) I'm glad your new job turned out to be great.  
05 Dec 15 by member: snezica
Nice to have you back, wishing you success on your journey. And I hope teething does not last too long and you manage to get enough sleep!  
05 Dec 15 by member: eclipsesolaire
Coffee shop coffee. One of the first things this app surprised me with was the calories in them! Some Costa coffees with flavour have more than a burger and fries! Good luck with starting again, and well done on the new job.  
05 Dec 15 by member: Tatmummy
WELCOME BACK DFW!!!! You can do this. Congrats on your new job!! Your old one always sounded awful and certainly caused you lots of stress. I don't have kid teething, those memories are far in the past, but do have a puppy doing that. Now cut out those treats (cookies and chocolates) and the specialty coffees. I now drink mine black, used to love those creamy sweet concoctions but after 3 years cannot hardly stand them at least not more than a few sips. I love my portable laptop, am sure you will love yours.  
06 Dec 15 by member: wholefoodnut
Yay! So glad you're back! 
07 Dec 15 by member: xohhjeez
Woo you got a lot going on 
07 Dec 15 by member: vegasgirl59
Missed you ☺ 
07 Dec 15 by member: schmetterlinge34
Yay! so glad you are back! Congrats on the new job! Is it closer to home? It does sound much more fun! And wow you are busy, but then again you are Wonder Woman! 
07 Dec 15 by member: aggie95


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