HerStrawberri's Journal, 24 August 2011

I'm trying to limit my time on here as I will be starting school and to be perfectly honest, I'm totally addicted to this site. Prob sounds really sad and like i don't really have a life....but I don't. =) My life, for the whole summer, has consisted of everything weightloss and becoming healthy. Hence the FS addiction. But, I don't really care. There could be worse things...like crack....or chocolate cake. =)

Tomorrow is my first day of school. I'm not going to lie, I'm a bit scared. Ok REALLY scared. I have my bus route mapped out so i can get there early and scope out the lay of the land. Yeah, I'm the dorky girl who will be early for her classes. At least for the first few. I'm REALLY paranoid about the seating. I'm hoping they just have tables and chairs and not those retarded desk chair things. BUT, this IS WI and we have LOTS of hefty peeps here, so hopefully they have taken that into consideration. I know that sounds horrible...but it is what it is.

I haven't gotten my hair done. I'm going to get it done on Sat morn. The place I'm going too, is REALLY expensive for color. I honestly can't justify getting highlights and prob an all over color for $200. To me, that is just totally silly. I would rather spend that $ on clothes ( or the UGG boots I have been wanting FOREVER). I REALLY need my hair colored though. thanks to my wonderful father, I get pre-mature grey hairs and i have a clump of them right in the front and I HATE them. I might just do the color myself and get the highlights done in a few weeks. Not sure. I NEED the cut though.

I don't really have anything to talk about diet wise. I feel bad sometimes, because I read so many other journals and so many people are struggling. I have struggled in the past and I'm sure i will in the future, I'm just not right now. My biggest thing is I need to eat more. Right now, I'm just not hungry. I make sure I eat all through the day, but for the most part....my hunger as pretty much left the building. I'm a little worried about my MONs and WEDs because I'm at school all day on those days, but I figure I will eat a big breakfast and hope they have a salad bar or something at my school. I'm also going to take some bars with me in case I have nothing to eat and NEED to eat. I have taken bars OUT of my daily diet, but they are good in a pinch. If it becomes a real issue, i will take things from home to eat. I don't really want to have to do that, though, as I'm hauling a butt-load of books and other crap.

This journal is a boring one. Sorry if you took the time to read it! =)

Diet Calendar Entries for 24 August 2011:
387 kcal Fat: 27.94g | Prot: 29.58g | Carb: 2.77g.   Breakfast: Egg, Brown 'n Serve Turkey Sausage Links, IMPRL DELIGHT QTRS. Snacks/Other: 2% String Cheese Sticks. more...
3397 kcal Activities & Exercise: Resting - 16 hours, Sleeping - 8 hours. more...


I used to pack lunches and find a nice quiet place to sit, work on homework and eat lunch that way I never had to worry- we have food places but they are so expensive that eating every day would kill me. As for the FS addict... been there, done that trust me its harder to break than you think but I know you can do it ;)  
24 Aug 11 by member: pixidaisy
yay, school! first days can be so exciting - embrace it and enjoy! can't wait to see your new 'do' :) 
24 Aug 11 by member: sophie99
I love the FS site too! I went away from it and did WW online for three months but I like this site way better. You are going to do GREAT in school!! You're amazing progress towards getting healthier shows your drive... go get it girl!! 
24 Aug 11 by member: nerdfarm
Best of luck with school!! Have a great day! 
24 Aug 11 by member: NoChubbyMom
Thanks girls! =) 
24 Aug 11 by member: HerStrawberri
I'm addicted to FS too. lol Lots of great buddies! You will be great at school and I can totally relate to the seating issues. :/ I use to feel that way when we went to restaurants. It was quite embarrassing. We like booths, but sometimes I just couldn't fit comfortably in them. I'm so happy to say since I have lost weight, I'm not really having much problem with that anymore. I feel ya on the hair color costs. I finally found a girl that I LOVED that was very reasonable, and she was murdered earlier this year (estranged boyfriend of some sort). I have another girl that I like, but she is costs more. I'm hoping to be able to go for a color and cut soon myself.  
24 Aug 11 by member: kcook323
OMG on the girl getting murdered!!! I had to read that twice to make sure that's really what you said. WOW. That is crazy. I used to have the booth issue as well. Now I fit totally. Unless the booth table is really high up then my GIRLS have issues. But with me being so tall that is rarely an issue. =) I'm just going to go in early and get a good spot and hopefully another older person will sit next to me. the last few times I have had to go to the school, the youngest girl seems to put her tractor beams on me and I'm stuck talking about crap i really have NO interest in talking about. LOL. They are funny though. No clue at ALL, but funny.  
24 Aug 11 by member: HerStrawberri
First off...Not boring! I think many are FS addicts - LOL...really at your comment on that is better than being addicted to chocolate cake! So true! Plus, I am certain we have all had booth phobia too, GIRLS & all! AND, $ for a good color job, absolutely ridiculous!! Anyway, back to the important stuff like school; do they have a web address where you could check out the cafeteria menu? Hope they do, then you can make good choices based on what is best for you. I wouldn't want to see you go through a whole school day with out eating well, since for me that would always lead to making poor choices later on because I was over-hungry! I think once you get past the anxiety of school starting maybe your appetite will return. I hope you meet somebody you can relate to the first day! 
24 Aug 11 by member: gg-girl
Yeah, I just looked in my journal. It happened back in February. Several of us from church used her as our beautician. She was so sweet and only 25 yrs old. Pretty hard to understand people's craziness. Still makes me sad. I hope you still have time for us daily. I mean, I realize you won't be on as much, but we would sure miss you and your posts.  
24 Aug 11 by member: kcook323
I'm a FS addict too! lol. But it keeps me motivated reading everyone's stories all day long. Plus I feel like I really relate to the people on here more than people I know in person. And good luck in school tomorrow! I'm sure you'll get it all figured out. What are you going for? 
24 Aug 11 by member: tntmom87
I never understand you people and your hair color costs lol honestly though its only because I have NEVER had to pay for a hair color.. and I have only paid for 2 cuts in my life - neither of which were done right.. The reason I don't pay is because my mom is a hair dresser so I get everything done through her. lol 
24 Aug 11 by member: pixidaisy
Madison has a cosmotology school,if you are close by it may be good to call and have their students do your hair at a reduced rate or for free.They have the teachers watch over the students so you don't get a botched job.saves money and you get the latest styles,maybe they do nails too while you're at it.Every penny helps. 
24 Aug 11 by member: 83JEN
Dawn, that was SO not boring! You've got a lot going on right now and are understandably excited and nervous about school. Don't apologize for not struggling with food right now. Enjoy the hell out of that! Cause if you're like most of us, the struggle will return one day and you'll look back on these days and wonder how it was you WEREN'T hungry for such a long period of time! I'm going to be really curious as to whether the bars stoke your hunger or not. I have a theory over here... I'm addicted to the Kellogg's Fiber Antioxidant bars... God, LOVE 'em like a candy bar! But I think they're like crack for me and set off my hunger. Not sure, no proof, all conjecture at this point. Anyway, have a GREAT first day! Oh hey... do you ever check out things like Groupon? They offer all these places that have like a cut, style, color... normally $200 for $89 and deals like that. You should check it out. My husband and I are going to spend a three day weekend at a resort in Scottsdale that we bought through one of these Groupon deals. I also bought a three spray tans :D Vanity, vanity!  
24 Aug 11 by member: redwinelover
Best of luck for your new school day, sounds like such fun. I get the whole booth thing that used to be a nightmare, also the desks thingys not good at all. But the FS addiction, I think we all have that LOL maybe we should start a new site for us addicted to FS. Then we would probably be addicted to that as well. Let us know how school went and have a wonderful 1st day..... 
24 Aug 11 by member: Yvonne19
Thank you all SO much! i had a terrible night and really needed to read all of these great comments. I will journal about my bad night in a few. I just wanted to thank all of you! You guys being so great does NOT help the addiction at all!! =)  
25 Aug 11 by member: HerStrawberri


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