HerStrawberri's Journal, 10 August 2011

I'm very frustrated today. I haven't seen my P all week and it's taking it's toll. I actually have hardly seen her since she started this stupid new job. GRANTED this job pays very well.....but there are more important things then money. She is working overnights this week and it TOTALLY sucks. Blah. It could be worse I guess. =(

I'm also frustrated with people getting on me about my WOE. I just want to YELL....I FREAKING EAT!!! I'm eating more NOW then I did when i was almost 400 freaking lbs. I do NOT want to go back to that place. Why is that so hard for people to understand? I have lost over 60 lbs!! Please just be happy for me! I don't knock ANYONE for the way they eat. I never push my weight loss on anyone or try to push them into losing weight themselves. I try so freaking hard to support people when they need it. YES, I KNOW I NEED TO EAT MORE! And I'm trying really hard to do it MY WAY. NOT THE WAY OF SOMEONE WHO HAS NO BUSINESS TELLING ME HOW TO FREAKING EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!

Ok, I REALLY needed to get that out. Why do people insist on making you feel bad for something you're doing that's GOOD?!?!?! I constantly question myself, i don't need someone ELSE telling me what I'm doing is wrong.

I don't like most veggies. I can't eat bread, pasta, sugar. So i eat meat. Lot's of it. Get over it.

Ok so this is *NOT* directed towards any of my FS buddies. Just wanted to clarify.

Diet Calendar Entries for 10 August 2011:
1395 kcal Fat: 87.62g | Prot: 122.75g | Carb: 11.25g.   Breakfast: Turkey Sausage Patties, IMPRL DELIGHT QTRS, Large Grade A Eggs. Lunch: sentry 90% lean hammy, Mayonnaise, Heinz Ketchup, sentry 90% lean hammy. Dinner: bone in chicken breast, IMPRL DELIGHT QTRS. Snacks/Other: Light & Fit Carb and Sugar Control Yogurt - Strawberry, vanilla prot powder, Original Whipped Light Cream. more...
3470 kcal Activities & Exercise: Resting - 16 hours, Sleeping - 8 hours. more...


Poor girl! Sounds like you've been around people who are trying to be far too helpful for their own good! When they offer such advice you can always ask them - "oh, is that what you did when you were my size?", and watch their face - if they haven't been where you are, they can't understand where you're coming from! As long as you're eating, they should just relax! 
10 Aug 11 by member: BrandyRelaxing
I am going to tread lightly here, because I know what a sensitive subject it is but on the other hand I feel that I wouldn't be a good fs buddy if I didn't offer a few suggestions, along with lots of praise for your accomplishments thus far. I HAVE been where you were... before I joined fs I weighed over 320 lbs. Variety is the spice of life... I encourage you to try new things and find ways to get some better nutrition into your plan. There are so many different ways to prepare food, veggies included, that you surely will land upon something you like. Another way to get the GOOD carbs in might be smoothies or veggie/fruit infusion drinks... they are good and give you some great vitamins and other nutrients. Just start experimenting and see what you find. As for your job and separation from P, I know it's a challenge so make your time together really special... quality over quantity I guess. Take care of youself and enjoy life! You are doing GEAT!!! 
10 Aug 11 by member: AuntieJan
Dawn - I'm sure you've found that everyone seems to have an opinion. You know the old saying - Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one, and everyone thinks someone else's stinks. Screw 'em. You've lost SIXTY POUNDS. duh... you know what you're doing and know what works for you. And forgoing "white" foods? Good for you! Sometimes you just have to say - uh... okay, turn away and smile, knowing YOU know what's going on and they aren't necessarily there yet. Or threatened. I find that one a lot! (but veggies ARE good for us) And sorry about your overworked loved one. Man, I'm so with you on that one. My husband has been working 12+ hr days, even working some hours on the weekends for a few weeks now. It totally sucks and I rarely see him with his eyes open these days. Hopefully it will end. For both of them. This is no way to live, that's for sure! Life is WAY too short.  
10 Aug 11 by member: redwinelover
Thank you all so much! Brandy~Thank you! I agree, they need to relax. Auntie~ Thank you! I'm trying to find new things and will continue. Thank you for your kind words. Red~ I LOVE the asshole reference. the stinky thing craked me up. But it's so true!! I'm trying really hard to have more veggies. I just don't like most of them. I'm going to work on that though. Your hubs works just like my P. I swear the bigger her checks are the more she wants to work. i HATE IT. Hopefully soon both of them get some much needed R and R. i totally agree, life IS way to short and you need to enjoy it while you can. =0 
10 Aug 11 by member: HerStrawberri
You are doing amazing! Don't let anyone tell you different. Take all advice with a grain of salt, especially the ones not solicited. That is the one thing about FS that can be frustrating, no one is on the same plan, but at least we get to meet a variety of new people that do support us on our own plan. Hope you have a great day today my friend! 
11 Aug 11 by member: kcook323
What about FS buddies on FB? lol! Sorry about being a thread killer on that one topic, but I didn't want to see you starve yourself even more. Maybe veggies swimming in cheese?? lol! ;) 
11 Aug 11 by member: nolechick
NOM NOM NOM! Meat is great. Whatever those people are lame and are jealous. Forget them. I had my buds get on me forever about it but now they're just used to it. Also about the veggies. i've realized people dont like veggies because they havent been cooking them correctly. Its amazing what evoo will do. Ever done oven roasted veggies cuz thats delicious and healthy. That sucks about P i would hate that. I already hate long distance and at school me and K are crazy busy so its goign to be hard to see each other. Hopefully it gets better :) 
11 Aug 11 by member: Ninjapanda


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