Ms Elizabeth's Journal, 06 August 2015

Yesterday I fell off the wagon for 6.4 minutes. Then I got back on.. because I went to sleep. But I have been on the wagon all day today so yay me! 1 chocolate chip cookie and 6 caramel creams did not destroy me. As a matter of fact I only went 350 calories over 1600 and the scale said I lost a half a pound since yesterday. So.. back on the wagon we go and craving gone. I think I figured out where I went wrong though.. this is way too much FYI but after almost 2 years of not having to deal with any female crap. I lost 5 lbs and viola!! welcome back to the club. Son of a chocolate chip cookie! It could also be because peanut now has 3 teeth total and I have introduced him to his very good friend.. the cow. I am not a food source anymore! Yay! *sniffle* My baby is going to be 1 yrs old at the end of the month so well.. it's time. *sniffle* I will miss my 500 extra calorie burn from simply sitting on my butt. *sniffle* The funny thing is going low carb and slowing down in the nursing dept has sped up my weight loss. Who would have thunk.

Tonight I have to clean the house like a crazy woman. Tomorrow the mother and the preteen are returning and then it will be all things fair and parades and someone give me the strength to not eat my weight in fair food. Also good is there is a ton of hay down so if I do eat anything I shouldn't I can burn it off tossing around 40 lb haybales, while chasing a baby and a toddler, and claiming my house is never this dirty to my mother when it will be the cleanest it has been in forever.. because I have a toddler and a baby and 2 massive dogs and oh we live on a farm where the boys play and then leave a ring around the tub every night. Because.. well leaving a ring around the tub every nights means I'm doing something right as a mother in my opinion. It also means my kids didn't sit in front of the tv... which means I wasn't sitting in front of the tv.. and hopefully that will show up on the scale. :)

I wonder if it's possible to put used dryer sheets or something on nerf bullets.. then I could convince little man to shoot down all the cobwebs while his baby brother speed crab crawls to get the bullets before anyone can tell him no and takes them...

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Awesome job!! 
06 Aug 15 by member: aggie95
Didn't you get a little piggy at the fair the last time? I seem to remember something about a piglet. You are in a much better place this year, and have much more self control, so I am sure you will have only a minor setback, if any. (It is a fair after all.) The fact that your boys leave a ring is proof that you are doing it right! Good, healthy, outdoor fun - the best! 
06 Aug 15 by member: Bethlauren8
When I go to visit my DILs I ALWAYS tell them how impressed I am with the way they keep house. I remind them I raised 6 sons (including their husbands) so I KNOW what a mess kids make...then I apologize for not doing a better job at training my boys to clean up after themselves! When I see my grandkids grubby from playing outside it makes me smile...unless of course they are supposed to be clean (like at a wedding) in which case I provided the necessary support to their stressed out parents. ;) 
06 Aug 15 by member: Hipaagrammy
Kids are supposed to get dirty playing and helping on the farm!! Good job mama!!! Good job for stopping the off the wagon after a few minutes. Enjoy!! 
06 Aug 15 by member: wholefoodnut
And life goes on, up, down, sideways, keep smiling.  
06 Aug 15 by member: dotsdaughter
its always nice to have your mother in laws support...  
06 Aug 15 by member: redgirl1974
Definitely doing something right! 
06 Aug 15 by member: heidij123
Your son is almost a year old, how the time flies by. Have a nice day. 
07 Aug 15 by member: snezica
Glad 6.4 minutes didn't derail you! 
07 Aug 15 by member: frenchie57
Hear hear. 3 cheers for no butt sitting. I am the same way with my 5 year old daughter. If it's nice out go outside and play. Tv comes on only at night. The doctor actually yelled at me because she grew 4" but only gained 2 pounds. My response as does she looked malnourished or unhealthy. They said no, so I told them not to worry about it. 
15 Aug 15 by member: Kathy Vanish
hflc doesn't work that way sweetheart, you need have your body in ketosis so it burns fat instead of sugar. Eating sugar and carbs kicks you right of ketosis and you stop burning fat. I was away from home doing gardening for my client and had nothing to eat with me so I had 1/2 a power bar which had sugar and carbs and bang out of ketosis for a day. It is not worth it for me. I have lost 5 " total from my hips, waist and chest in 3 weeks and I don't want it back. I had a caramel and could only eat 1/2 of it and threw the rest away, now that felt good. Have fun with your family.  
17 Aug 15 by member: dotsdaughter
Haha, I chuckled while reading how long you fell off the band wagon - I can just picture you with a stop watch! Love that you managed to treat yourself and still lose, that's the way to do it! I love the way you write by the way. You sound like a woman who's got a plan and that right there spells success!! :) 
17 Aug 15 by member: FatSwatter
Dont forget the water it is soo important.  
24 Sep 15 by member: dotsdaughter
I have lost 17 lbs and 14 inches since July 24th. Feels wonderful  
24 Sep 15 by member: dotsdaughter


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