Ms Elizabeth's Journal, 05 August 2015

The Carbage Cleanse is working. Down 5.1 as of today. Woohoo! I'm suspicious weight loss will slow from this point on but right now I don't care. I've gotten rid of 5 lbs. That's like 1/12th of my goal. 8 more lbs to go and I will buy myself the shoes I picked out and drooled over. It was my motivation to stay out of the 25 lbs of candy that is currently on my kitchen table. Yes.. 25 lbs.. of candy. All sorts of candy.. Little man already declared himself king of the candy and sat on it.

Why would I put 25 lbs of candy on my table? Because then I can say. Look honey I lost one giant bag of tootsie rolls worth of weight. That's 700 tootsie rolls! I lost 700 tootsie rolls from somewhere.. I just don't know where. Ok I didn't do that. We're still having the silent battle of the non existing weightloss/diet. I'm not dieting.. he's not dieting.. we're just silently losing weight together. lol But.. I silently lost 700 tootsie rolls worth of weight. Oh yeah that and the farm is in the parade this Saturday. I will work out my candy craving agressions by tossing candy at people.

I was all proud of myself though.. 25 lbs of tootsie rolls, cow tails, creams, caramels, etc. I wasn't even tempted. I still thought twice about the stale cookies in the cookie jar because everyone is on a silent diet and unwilling to eat them but.. I didn't think twice about the candy.. except when I did little shimmy shakes in the kitchen chanting I lost 700 tootsie rolls.. woohoo.. Then little man would declare he wanted cow. Because candy.. is cow. Yes I have seriously messed up my child. It's too funny watching people's expressions when we're in the store and he declares he wants cow.. then runs for the candy. I'm not fixing this misunderstanding.. it's too entertaining. Plus.. the candy in the house is in a cow cookie jar.. because we live on a diary farm so of course all home decorating must equal cow.. which it really doesn't.. I need more cow stuff. And burlap curtains. I've always wanted burlap curtains. Yes. I'm strange. We've established this. BUT! I'm 700 tootsie rolls less weird. :)

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WOOT! WOOT!! I used to have red burlap curtains a very long time ago.  
05 Aug 15 by member: wholefoodnut
Great self restraint! Have fun chucking the candy! 
05 Aug 15 by member: Bethlauren8
Chucking candy--upper body workout!! 
05 Aug 15 by member: wholefoodnut
ROFL! I confess that I'm a tootsie roll addict! I'm amazed at your will power! 
05 Aug 15 by member: spiritspell
What self control, I dont know if I could ignore the candy until I get into the phase where my sugar and carb cravings are gone. But I would enjoy tossing it out to others. Good job and sharing and crowing is an awesome to validate your continuing success.  
06 Aug 15 by member: dotsdaughter
"More cowbell!" - Christopher Walken on SNL 
06 Aug 15 by member: losinit1655
Congrats! Cabbage Cleanse sounds interesting. 
06 Aug 15 by member: Mary-skidiveliveride
Ummm...why did you bring 25 pounds of candy into your house? Having temptations within arm's reach is probably the number one reason why people don't lose weight. How about keeping a bowl of fresh apples/pears/oranges/bananas on your kitchen table instead? Twenty-five pounds of fruit is bigger than candies - more impressive. 
06 Aug 15 by member: soonsoonsoon


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