Ms Elizabeth's Journal, 31 July 2015

I have some really strange food triggers. At least I think they are strange because I've never heard anyone talk about food triggers therefore I assume it's my own little deal. For instance Rite Aid. Just walking into the drugstore is a trigger. I think this is a result of the buy one get one free candy bars. I go in grab a perscription and buy one get one free! Free?? Why yes thank you. Only last night I said.. no. nooooo NO and threw hostile looks at the candy display which I'm pretty sure both amused and slightly frightened the 12 yr old clerk behind the counter. But I walked out of there without any candy so.. win!

Tractor supply. I had to go in there to grab pig feed yesterday and what greeted me? A new variety of old timey jelly bean flavors. Oh and old timey candy at the checkout.. oh and giant vats of all things edible and delicious. I blame this on my inability to say no to old timey deliciously odd candies. Like Gooey Clusters or oddly colored stripped coconut pressed into a bar or well candy you just can't find anywhere else. I have to try it.. it could be delicious! Yesterday I didn't. Instead I sniffed my pig feed through the dreaded checkout area of doom. It helped. Sure.. I thought I would never want to eat again and then wondered why the pigs go nuts for the stuff but eh.. I didn't buy old timey candy. The clerk there probably also thinks I'm insane but I see her often enough that she'd already figured that out.

Every day I just say no to candy and processed carbs and carbage (I love that word) the more odd things I'm finding about myself. Like the 8 pm sweets craving. Why? I'm putting the kids to bed and all of a sudden I have the urge to run to the kitchen and make motor boat noises into the remaining half of hubbies birthday cake. I don't.. but I want to. Then I have images in my head of that kid on Matilda that is forced to eat the chocolate cake and I think.. I could totally do that! But I don't. I could but I don't because well.. I want to have a sexy butt.

It helped that my mother decided to put vacation pictures of me on facebook. Why? Just why? Oh and then 2 hours later she figured out how to tag me so they show up in my newsfeed. Just what I wanted. All the competative brats from high school, coworkers, and friends who have seen me looking far worse but still.. seeing me in fat pants with a kid strapped to my back making my front butt look 10 times worse because his little toed tuck into my waist band and force my pants to hang precariously low.. with dirt smeared all over my butt from where I slipped going up the mountain.. in a loving embrace with my sister. Oh and it was blurry so I'm guessing that is why my butt looked so so so.. wide? GAG.. Just GAG. I immediately wanted to close my facebook account, crawl under the nearest thing.. and DIE. Then I realized I have my before picture. Nothing could have made me look worse. Now I'm going to work on my after picture.. and wait a couple days before removing the tag so dear old.. thoughtful and slightly evil mother doesn't get too offended. Seriously though.. why? I didn't post big fat pictures of her all over the internet for everyone to see. Next time I hit a trigger all I have to do is look at facebook. :) And silently hate how I look.. after a long day of hiking.

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Good for you no candy!!! They put those right n your way to tempt you and boost their sales, also so kids will beg for them. WalMart Neighborhood here has started putting kids cereal with lots of sugar in them in the checkout. It's a scheme do not buy into it!!! You can beat the sales gimmicks. Photos can be an inspiration!! Print one and stick it on your frig or cabinet as a reminder not to get into that cake. Put one in your wallet so if you are paying for that checkout counter candy you have to see it and remind you not to give in to those store tactics.  
31 Jul 15 by member: wholefoodnut
I don't have food triggers like that, but early on after I quit smoking, I would find odd triggers for that all over the place. Keep on pushing through and they will fade. 
31 Jul 15 by member: Genewich
Facebook should be asking you for your permission to allow the tag. If not, be sure to go out to your privacy/security settings and set it so that any future tags have to be approved by you. :) 
31 Jul 15 by member: dbdmom
It's just mental habits. It takes a long time to break them. Two for one means it's twice as bad. Sometimes it's easier to replace a bad habit with a good one, rather than just saying no to the bad one. Could you jump up at 8pm and do some exercise, or phone someone, or whatever? Anyway well done for not giving in! 
31 Jul 15 by member: heidij123
Facebook setting changed. Now that I've had some time to think about it I have to wonder. Why that one? It wasn't even a quality picture it was blurry. She didn't post any of the kids and I together.. just me blurry with my butt sticking out. Something tells me she's enjoying the fact that I still haven't gotten rid of this pregnancy weight. Now I have even more motivation to do just that.  
31 Jul 15 by member: Ms Elizabeth
They say a picture is worth a 1000 words...and they speak the truth. It's a wake up. Print off that picture and post it on the fridge/pantry doors. It will be there to remind you! Good job on focusing on you and not the triggers. Good luck! And thanks for awesome journals!!! 
31 Jul 15 by member: aggie95
I would hope that wasn't your own mom's intention. We always judge ourselves so harshly, just untag and move on. Good job saying no to the triggers!! 
31 Jul 15 by member: Yolanda9179
I think you can un-tag yourself from pictures on facebook? Not sure I'm not on it much. 
31 Jul 15 by member: jmb3450
I also have Rite-Aid triggers, especially those two-for-one specials on ice cream, cookies, and candy. I've found that what helps is counting calories. Now that I know the regular size movie bag of M&M's is only 230 calories, I will indulge while I watch the movie and sometimes at home. Then I deduct those calories from my total carbs for the day. Carb intake is what has worked for me and not exercise or low fat. Keep the carbs under 1000 every day and the weight just falls off consistently. Good luck. Triggers are inevitable; food manufacturers count on that. But be careful not to be the one shooting themselves in the foot. 
31 Jul 15 by member: Jimmy Dell
Great Post,, but yes the stores do it on purpose,, and of course Rite aid wants you as a Lifetime customer,, you eat all the crabage they have you for life in the prescription dept,, trust me 
31 Jul 15 by member: Tamarah Jo
Carbage! Love that one! You did great! Avoiding the candy is step one - once you are off that stuff for a while the cravings will end! 
31 Jul 15 by member: HCB
Those pay for diet plans also want you for a lifetime customer.... just saying.  
31 Jul 15 by member: wholefoodnut
Atta girl...don't allow those "tricky triggers" to interfere with your goals!!!! Proud of your saying no two times in one day! 
31 Jul 15 by member: 2227Gwen
When I was pregnant with my son, my husband was trying out his new video camera and shot me playing frisbee with the dog. The entire video was me from behind, throwing the frisbee and then bending over to pick it up after the dog returned it. He posted it online and alerted the whole family to watch it. Ugh! I feel your pain. :) You are not alone with the old time candy cravings. Somehow, it just looks like it would be delicious! Remember that there is a reason they don't sell much of it anymore. :) Great job stamping out that craving with pig feed. :) 
31 Jul 15 by member: izzypup68
They also have old timey candy at Michaels. WTH?? How does crafts equal an entire wall of candy? Luckily I just had my teeth cleaned.. and now I have a handy picture on my phone to look at and think. Its on butt! You're days are numbered. Yes I thought that. I don't think I said it but the old lady in front of me did keep watching me.. I may have said it out loud. 
31 Jul 15 by member: Ms Elizabeth
Congratulations! I have a hard time saying no to my triggers, but when I do give in I make sure to take it off my calorie total for the day. I have to say, you are really becoming stronger with your will power. Great job!! 
01 Aug 15 by member: Bethlauren8
Sitting around a campfire makes me want a beer and smores! 
01 Aug 15 by member: marlajune


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