Ms Elizabeth's Journal, 30 July 2015

Success!! Myfitnesspal is about to have a heart attack because they say I ate too much fat and not enough carbs and my pie chart looks like it was cut by a pie lover but.. success! I stuck with lower carb, ate 1600 calories and didn't feel starved, and I traded my cake/ice cream craving for a handful of cherries. Yes cherries. I said lower carb not no carb. The all carbs are bad people have already talked and ticketed me for saying I'm eating lower carb and yet.. I ate.. gasp.. cherries. Maybe I should call it less complex carbs.. nah lower carb is less of a mouthful. Better yet.. I will say I'm on the bacon diet! Then half the people will tell me how horrible I'm eating and the other half will be silently jealous.

Speaking of diets.. The husband appears to be on one but won't say anything. He seems to be eating less and not going back for seconds but when asked any opinions on what he wants to eat or how much should I make I get grunts and dirty looks. Now my new motivation is to make sure I lose weight right along with the husband.. his butt is already perkier than mine. There is no way he is going to have a flat stomach without me right there next to him. No WAY. I refuse. It's on. Plus that and well.. I miss being small enough that he could pick me up and carry me around like a sack of feed. Right now I think I would break his back. Ok maybe not but it feels that way.

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:) Love your journals. Keep writing them. Publish a book someday. :) 
30 Jul 15 by member: jparlett
My husband picked me up the other day. It may not have broken his back but my own body weight sure made me feel like I was going split in two!! Lol Good job getting back on track!! I say I eat 'lower' carb, because I too have been attacked by the true low carbers. fudge that, I could never give up all of my carbs!  
30 Jul 15 by member: Yolanda9179
Yay for a good competition! LOL!!! 
30 Jul 15 by member: Johanne
Ya know, when you reach your goal weight, you can write the perfect diet book just by copying your journals with all the ups, downs, pregnancies, bear poop and everything else and the rest of us will just laugh our fat a$$es off with no will power involved. You would make a fortune! 
30 Jul 15 by member: Johanne
About a year ago, I said something to someone that made him very happy. The fool decided to pick me up with (I think) the intention of swinging me around in celebration. What actually happened was my feet never left the floor, I am sure he platted some of my ribs and he abandoned the attempt before he did his back irreparable damage, LOL!! Low carbing as per Atkins, begins at 20g net carbs and increases. So, even Atkins can be higher than 20g carbs. You do what works for you, don't be deflated by the Low Carb Fascists. What galls me are the people who say Atkins is a no carb diet. Or the people who say they are on a no carb diet then say they are eating vegetables etc, duh! You carry on doing what you are doing. If it works, its fine, eh!  
30 Jul 15 by member: Rindaloo
I'm lucky I have a husband that wrestles cows.. sure when he picks me up sometimes he turns all red and looks like a blow fish but.. he always follows through. lol I miss when I was 150 lbs and it was a regular event that only warrented a tiny grunt. Don't ask me why.. but being twirled around in a barn is a giant ego boost. And.. well.. kinda sexy! 
30 Jul 15 by member: Ms Elizabeth
Oh my goodness, girl I can so relate to this post in many ways. I hate it when people lump all carbs in a box and get on the all carbs are bad for you kick. All carbs are NOT bad for you! And yes, there's a difference between fruit and candy. There's a difference between simple and complex sugar and yes even a difference between fructose, sucrose, and glucose. Having taking organic and biochemistry, some of the things I hear people say I just want to be like the guy on Austin powers with my little finger to the corner of my mouth while saying "Oh really". Haha! 
30 Jul 15 by member: FatSwatter
hahaha! The trick is to have 6'3'' 250lb construction worker friends who can throw you around like a frisbee! Ok maybe not a frisbee but you get the idea. Ok my LCHF friends dont shoot me(!) but I have been doing about 100ish carbs since the kids have been cooking and I am still losing weight. Slower, but still losing. I think what the carbs come from is the most important thing rather than an exact amount of carbs. And everyone is different anyway and its not supposed to be a diet....blah blah blah you know all that. Do what you can do consistently and you will be successful. 
30 Jul 15 by member: nicholaix
Good for you!! You do what works for you and don't worry about what anyone else says. A little competition with the hubby is a good thing if it's motivating you to be healthy. :) 
30 Jul 15 by member: mars2kids
there are good carbs and carbage, get rid of the carbage and you are good.  
30 Jul 15 by member: Pterath
Carbage, I like that term! 
30 Jul 15 by member: jmb3450
Admittedly I got it from someone on here... but my memory of who I cannot place. I loved it so I use it. 
30 Jul 15 by member: Pterath
I love carbs of all kinds. If cherries make you happy, enjoy! I have begun to suspect that my husband is also on a secret diet. I have been watchful, but keeping my mouth shut so as not to jinx it. :) 
30 Jul 15 by member: izzypup68
I love carbage. I'm stealing it also. Darn Carbage!!! 
30 Jul 15 by member: Ms Elizabeth
I prefer to not say diet. I will immediately rebel against myself. I consider it an EDIT! :) 
30 Jul 15 by member: Sdbai3
I do that too! 
30 Jul 15 by member: Rindaloo


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