weirdangel's Journal, 12 May 2011

So glad it's Thursday!

Now my question of the day, what the heck is up with the WEATHER?? First NO sun and cold, now it's almost 90 degrees!! I mean, what happened to spring? Then this weekend it is supposed to be 60 again. Oh well. At least it isn't SNOW. :)

I hope you all had a wonderful day.
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oh I know -and we came home from church last night and discovered we had no AC - it was 81 degrees in the house! sitting in front of a fan right now lol 
12 May 11 by member: milbwknicole
It is sunny & steamy here in Wisconsin!! I hope my AC will work when I need it, usually don't need it until July, but at the rate we are going who knows? I love it when I can go a few months without those nasty utility bills. It's either pay to heat or pay to cool. I resist turning the air on as long as I can, I much prefer open windows & fresh air, until that is it gets too humid, then I cave & flip the switch! I can take the heat way better than humidity, but combine the two & that's nasty stuff, tornado weather really! 
12 May 11 by member: gg-girl
I know - I have to dress in layers and be prepared for anything!  
12 May 11 by member: BuffyBear
Yep, weather is weird, even in Toronto. Expecting rain for the next few days - lovely! But as you say at least it isn't rain!  
12 May 11 by member: sarahsmum
Here we go again in Northern Central CA. Should be 90's and climbing toward the 100's. Instead it's been cold one day, hot the next. Although I just love the cooler days! Can't open the windows too much, it gets dusty fast. I live in rich farmland with rivers surrounding us that consists mostly of nut and fruit trees, dairy, chickens, & cattle. To the east about 66 miles is Yosemite National Forest, and 180 miles to Lake Tahoe. 90 miles to the West is San Francisco and the beaches. When my husband retires we plan to move up near Yosemite where we can enjoy horseback riding and have fun w/our ski boat and do some fishing! :)  
12 May 11 by member: moondove
i'm feelin' your weather pain! there is no spring anymore - it's just blazing summers right into ice age winters! enjoy while it's here though - it will be too before we're all bitchin' how cole it is :) 
12 May 11 by member: sophie99
oh moondove - sounds beautiful! When can I come visit lol 
12 May 11 by member: milbwknicole
@milbwknicole: Just a hop, skip and a jump! :) LOL!  
12 May 11 by member: moondove
I am happy that we have these cooler days, but I am getting tired of unpacking my cool weather clothes. Just gonna leave them out for now! Before I know it it will be very hot and my electric bill will skyrocket to $600 per mo. The cost of CA Living in what is supposed to have 4 seasons. NOT last year, or this year! 
12 May 11 by member: moondove


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