Rob.c.weiss's Journal, 04 August 2014

Hey everyone!!! I've missed you all tons. Sorry I haven't been on recently. No excuses, just facts: Work has been crazy, the kid has been crazy (she's almost 14!), I've been trying to keep up on weight-loss and muscle-gain, and on top of it all, I've been trying to start dating again. Ugh! That's not nearly as much fun as I thought it would be. When did dating become like a job interview process??? Ugh.

Anyway, something had to give, and I'm sorry, but FS took the brunt of that.

It doesn't change that I think about you all a lot, and am definitely rooting for you all!!!

<H2>Happy Anniversary</H2>
5 days ago (July 31) was my one-year anniversary from starting my weight-loss journey, and I've been wanting to come on and give you all an update, for anyone that may be interested.

First, some pics... the old ones you may remember.

And now some recent ones... from within the last few weeks:

<H2>In the last year...</H2>

&nbsp; - I have lost just about 150 lbs.
&nbsp; - I've put on muscle (see in the pics)
&nbsp; - I no longer need my CPAP machine
&nbsp; - The doc took me off all the meds I had been on (Blood Pressure / Cholest / Triglycerides)
&nbsp; - My BMI has gone from 49.5 (!!) to 27.6
&nbsp; - My body-fat percentage was over 60%, and is now right around 27% (just entering "average" for my age)
&nbsp; - My resting heart rate is 55 (considered better than "excellent", into "athlete"!)
&nbsp; - Gone from size 48 pants, to size 34
&nbsp; - From 3XL shirts to Medium
&nbsp; - I feel tons better

<H2>What I'm "doing" now</H2>
So, while I don't recommend it for anyone actively losing weight, I've stopped counting calories. @NM is going to kill me. But I've gotten into a bit of a routine, between protein shakes, and standard things I eat, things don't change too much for me day-to-day. Then when I go out, I don't worry too much about it. I'm currently in a slow weight-loss process, but I don't have to track calories for it. And it is working for me. Built into this is some intermittent fasting periods, so I'm still doing that.

Biking: Since I work from home so much, I have the ability to go for a bike ride on my lunch-break. Which I do. Almost every day, I go for a 10 mile spin. At about 14mph, I'm back in about 45 mins... enough time for a quick cool down, and back to work. I've logged over 600 miles in the last two and half months!

Weights: Still doing one and a half to two hours a day, every two of three days (two days on, one off, etc). I do occasionally skip a day, if something comes up, or if I'm not feeling it, but then I go right back into the routine.

<H2>What's next?</H2>
According to the body fat percentage, my target weight is 165. I still don't know about that. Seems pretty low. Right now, I'm aiming for 180. When I get there, I'll probably aim for 170. I keep re-assessing as I go down. But there's definitely still plenty to do... it's hard to see with clothes on, but it's definitely there. And the BF scale is my wingman. It knows all. Don't worry, I won't over-do it. I promise.

That's it for now -- just a quick update. Like I said, I'm still rooting for you all! I may not respond, but I do get your journal entries in the mail, and have been keeping up on your progress. Keep ROCKING, all of you!!!

190.2 lb Lost so far: 149.8 lb.    Still to go: 10.2 lb.    Diet followed 100%.
on diet Rob.c.weiss's own diet   losing 1.2 lb a week

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Holy moly fantastic So happy for you Doing great. I wondered what happened to you. 
04 Aug 14 by member: Char60
WooHoo! You are doing fabulous, Rob! Thanks for checking in with us! 
04 Aug 14 by member: Deb_N
I am pretty new to FS, but it's great to see such wonderful progress. Good for you!! 
04 Aug 14 by member: ChrisSpark
Wow you have made such great progress, congratulations to you. I appreciate the pictures as they really tell the tale, very inspiring. 
04 Aug 14 by member: jmb3450
You look amazing, Rob! Happy Healthy Anniversary!  
04 Aug 14 by member: 2ManyCurves
Who'd ever thought that one day we'd look hot. You definitely do. Liking the suit and the bottom left. Keep up the good work Rob. Try and keep in touch. We do miss you lots.  
04 Aug 14 by member: ClassicRocker
You have worked very hard and it shows - congratulations! That is an awesome achievement!!!  
04 Aug 14 by member: krystynecar
Your pictures tell a great story. The health benefits are the best news! You are an inspiration. I'm going to go work out now. See? You really did inspire me! 
04 Aug 14 by member: gilliansings
GREAT progress and so glad to hear from you, Rob. Congrats, my friend! Go grab life! 
04 Aug 14 by member: Draglist
Well done, a true inspiration for us 'FS newbies' 
05 Aug 14 by member: SilverFork5
05 Aug 14 by member: cgversfeld
Woot!!! ROB! Looking BUFF Man! 
05 Aug 14 by member: chadlius88
A repeat of everything that everyone has said so far and then some. WTG 
05 Aug 14 by member: SherrieC
Congratulations Rob!! 
05 Aug 14 by member: Yolanda9179
05 Aug 14 by member: Rockiesfan
Great job - keep up the good work! 
05 Aug 14 by member: MontanasMom
You look incredible. We miss you around here. It's great to see you enjoying and living life. Congrats, Rob!  
05 Aug 14 by member: ChicaLean
Fantastic loss. You were cute before but now you're in the hottie category! Glad you're back! 
05 Aug 14 by member: tiarew
Congrats on your success my 1 year mark is coming up on 24th I will think about pics....a little shy of putting pics on internet. Good luck with the dating....I know what you mean.  
05 Aug 14 by member: sharingthejourney
Rob. 1) AWESOME Results! You've shown the true dedication and put in the effort to make a great change in your life. 2) Next time you see your doctor, get a 2nd opinion on your Body Fat Percentage. Based on your weight (190), Shirt Size (Medium), Waist Size (34), and your above average muscle tone, you really have to be in the teens not the twenty's of BF%. I have the same shirt and waist size, don't have the upper body muscle mass that you do, and weigh roughly 180 now. My body fat percentage averages from 17% to 18%. I bet you're under 15%. This website shows photos of representative samples of body torsos at various body fat percentages. It makes a good reference to compare yourself to. I find that an honest comparison of yourself to the photos matches up with the electrical impedance scale very closely. 3) Congrats on being able to maintain without logging. However, I would make one recommendation....weigh yourself often. That way if the weigh does start to creep up, you can nip it in the bud. I know that my weakness is letting a pound or two become ten or twenty. So, I plan to keep logging pretty much forever, just to overcome that weakness. By having to think about what I'm eating, I may eat some junk, but at least it will be a conscious decision and not just mindless nibbling. Again, CONGRATULATIONS on the fantastic results, both in looks and in your health. All the best for continued success in all you do! 
05 Aug 14 by member: TXSnowman


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