kristyanne3's Journal, 02 August 2014

I ran to the market this morning before work to beat the crowd (with market basket closed we have to take on hanaford which is fine but you battle market basket AND hanaford customers) anyway... there was a gentleman standing in the meat section checking all the food.. looking up nutrition and I thought how nice that would be. when I run to the market I have the kids and I can only guess what things are and that leads to not getting much because I assume all is horrible! I was very jealous of his time and peace and quiet to shop....
I was at a birthday party last night and I had a plate of ice cream cake in my hand and I was feeding it to my one year old and giving a bite here and there to my 3 year old.. and I realized when the plate was almost gone that I had no desire to even have a bite. I held that plate for about 15 minutes and I didn't even think about it. it didn't even look good. and then I felt power and it was a great thing :)
so I just calculated by body fat on some site (gaiam life). it says (by their formulas that my fat % is 22.45 and that someone my age and height should be 30.03% so that would mean I am way under healthy but my BMI is perfectly average (23.2) so ?
does anyone know the best way to calculate fat percentage.. or is that right ? it was my weight divided by my height in inches squared x 703.

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I'm not even holding that plate and I'm Good for you! as they say, as the commercial says 'you've come a long way, Baby!' Wait, I think you're too young to have seen that commercial.... Have a great weekend with you little ones and family.  
02 Aug 14 by member: NowIunderstand
lol thanks! and no - I don't know that commercial! have a good weekend! 
02 Aug 14 by member: kristyanne3
Well, I'll explain it to you. For the visual, A young glamorously dressed woman holding a cigarette. the caption was 'you've come a long way Baby!' the meaning behind it is that women could now smoke. This is referring to the struggle for the equal rights of women. Now, in 2014, with everything we know about smoking, that ad can really raise eyebrows.  
02 Aug 14 by member: NowIunderstand
Awesome, lifestyle change! I would have at least had a bit of ice cream. Tasted my grandkid's Oreo mcflurry yesterday, and a frozen mocha thing drizzled with Carmel one bite was plenty, so sweet! 
02 Aug 14 by member: wholefoodnut
I don't know how they calculate body fat or correct BMI. I know you have to take bone structure into account. People with small delicate bones cannot weigh as much as someone with caveman bones (it feels like it). I guess just go by if you look good. I chose my target goal because when I last weighed 200 I looked good and I'm only 5 ft 7 but I have huge bones, my hands are bigger than most men's. You're doing good things and you feel good so go with it I say. 
02 Aug 14 by member: msbuggirl
Your build/frame definitely make a difference. There may be some sites that can help with that. I have small frame but am 5'5", most charts are for a medium frame.  
02 Aug 14 by member: wholefoodnut
The U.S. Army uses a set of neck, waist and hip measurements to determine body day percentages for women. I would post a link for it, but I'm on my mobile right now. You can probably find it through a Google search. I did it a while back, and I think it was a decent estimation. Let me know how that works out for you.  
02 Aug 14 by member: Sweeet2th
Great job on the ice cream and cake! 
03 Aug 14 by member: Kathy Vanish


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