iamachristianjesusfreak's Journal, 24 July 2014

Not one to toot my own horn but I feel awesome and my weight is melting off! So thrilled with this. Kiddos are doing wonderful and we are preparing to move! How exciting! We are only moving 25 minutes away but we will be in a bigger town. We will also only be 5 minutes from the grocery store and 2 minutes from the church the children and I have been attending since Hope was born. We love it there and my hubby will be stepping down as pastor here so that we can continue to attend church as a family because that is important to us. Since I am no longer teaching children's church there is nothing there for our children or anyone else's. Which equaled me trying to keep my 2 year old quiet and sat still during church. All the others were bored and not getting much out of it. They have quickly made new friends at the other church. The place we are moving we will either renting or buying in contract. That is up in the air until we can visit with her more next week. So between saving 3 or 4 25 minute drives back and forth from there every week and the extra hour in all off hubby's drive time that equals money saved in gas. But now we will also go back to having rent and utilities. Going to be weird after 2 years without it. I am excited for this new adventure. Also we are homeschooling 5 kids this year. Wow big jump from public school but we can't stand all the crap they are trying to bring into schools and taking God out. So this is the best decision for our family. So basically September 1st is our move date and I am planning to start home school a week later. I unpack super quick. Always done in 2 days or less. Can't think of much else going on at the moment. Just been busy with kids, summer, swimming lessons and a sweet snuggly baby. I have missed you all and I think I have caught up on most people's journals.

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Also i am making new friends and am enjoying being fed the word very much so. God is Great and I am so thankful that He always has such great plans for the life of me and my family!  
24 Jul 14 by member: iamachristianjesusfreak
Also is there anyway to post pictures from my phone to here? Hubby's computer acts up everytime after I access Fatsecret on it. 
24 Jul 14 by member: iamachristianjesusfreak
that is great! Wish I were loosing that much 
24 Jul 14 by member: patriciazoey
Sometime while I was using the FS website I got an unintended add-on that messed with my browser. Because of my technical experience and education I knew how to get rid of it. Install "Crap Cleaner" and or "super anti spyware". You can keep all those tools updated on the computer by installing and running the update from https://ninite.com/.  
24 Jul 14 by member: jparlett
Awesome news. Glad all is going well! 
24 Jul 14 by member: aggie95
Let me toot that horn for you: "toot-toot!" :D I am so excited for you!! New baby, new church, new house, having hubby around more. That is awesome! I wish I could help you with the photo issue, but I know nothing. :/  
24 Jul 14 by member: The Blue Box
24 Jul 14 by member: Socolova
Thanks jparlett! That's exactly what the add on was doing to our computer as well. 
24 Jul 14 by member: iamachristianjesusfreak
Great to hear from you and exciting to hear about your upcoming move. It sounds like positive changes for the whole family. God bless.  
24 Jul 14 by member: mgrill
Toot your own horn!  
24 Jul 14 by member: kimberly rae
So glad to hear you tooting your own horn and being thankful for all the good things going on in your life, all sounds great! As a fellow homeschooler, I also want to say great choice!! I have not been using this sight anymore, still keeping track of my food and exercising but not losing weight, what's your secret to get them to "melt off"? I wish you well in all the new things! 
24 Jul 14 by member: momfield
that is good news. i love how positive you always sound. good luck and take care 
24 Jul 14 by member: vegi head
Sounds like things are really going well for you. God is good. Glad to see you back and doing well. 
25 Jul 14 by member: skwhite


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