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tell me please why people who aren't dieting have such issues with people who are?? I either get asked how I lost weight and accused of being bulimic or people make a point to give me a hard time when I say no to a donut... regardless of what I say or how healthy I personally think I look and feel - im constantly met with negative comments about dieting...and its only by people who eat what they want and don't care. and that's fine.. but why so negative against people who do???
that's my vent.
carry on...

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Well, at 115lbs, unless you are very short, I doubt you need to diet. I guess they must worry about you. However, everyone needs to eat healthy, dieting or not. that's maybe not what you want to hear, but in general I don't really believe in telling people what they want to hear if its detrimental to them. that's my take on it.  
07 Jul 14 by member: NowIunderstand
It's a lifestyle of healthy eating. The word diet is taboo. For me, when some asks if I want a donut I just say no thank you, the sugar messes with my stomach or causes a headache. Most people don't ask further. 
07 Jul 14 by member: stacey cee
that's a good idea Stacey... and Maunikmtl - I am a little under 5 feet so yes I am very short! lol 
07 Jul 14 by member: kristyanne3
my BMI is 23% (last time I checked it) .. im here to maintain what I have. they have food like that everyday in the breakroom. if I ate it everytime it was offered I would not be maintaining what I have. the point is to stay away from it. ... what irritates me is how judgemental people are about what other people are or are not willing to eat... 
07 Jul 14 by member: kristyanne3
For my height a healthy weight for me is between 110-130. Many years ago I was at 145 and decided to join weight watchers. Most of the women there were mean towards me and would ask me constantly why I was there when they wanted to be my size. I stopped attending when I hit the late 120's. Now it's harder than ever to get 140! Any advice would be greatly appreciated :) 
07 Jul 14 by member: shorttie115
I think when you say no to, say, a donut, it makes the person feel defensive. They tend to take it that you are saying they don't need a donut either, even though you really mean, "no donut for me." People who feel overweight or unhealthy and not watching what they eat are more likely to respond this way than someone who is okay with their weight or doesn't care. 
07 Jul 14 by member: hollipop
THANK YOU shorttie115. that is my point exactly. they are mean to me. I feel like if I weighed more and said no they would be nicer. and that sounds terrible but its true. I work just as hard .. and with no height for it to go to - an extra 250 calories of sugary mess is a lot harder to stretch out ... if I really want something I eat it... if I don't I wish they would kindly leave me alone -- "kindly"  
07 Jul 14 by member: kristyanne3
H8Rs gonna H8.  
07 Jul 14 by member: 2ManyCurves
Yes Hollipop. my reply was - no thanks. that's all I said. so maybe they felt bad about eating it and because I didn't jump on the bus they felt guilty and threw it at me? I don't invite much talk here because they are rather grumpy so I don't get into why I don't want it all. I find they are always looking at my lunch and commenting on it. just tired of it. usually I say I ate what I wanted over the weekend so im being good today and sometimes that works - but only on Monday and Tuesday :( 
07 Jul 14 by member: kristyanne3
LOL yes they are 2ManyCurves.. I have to learn to turn an ear 
07 Jul 14 by member: kristyanne3
I had to chuckle at your opening remark/rant on this journal. Spot on! I've experienced the same thing. Ridiculous, isn't it? Just keep on making healthy choices. I feel like I get the same misunderstandings from the people I work with, too...hence why I'm here on FS with like-minded buddies. 
07 Jul 14 by member: mgrill
thanks Mgrill. its nice to see other people have that issue ... makes it easier to ignore them :) 
07 Jul 14 by member: kristyanne3
Just ignore, do for you, who cares about everyone else's opinion. Do what you need to do to make you happy :) 
07 Jul 14 by member: NOSMAN
Thanks guys. I appreciate it.  
07 Jul 14 by member: kristyanne3
"tell me please why people who aren't dieting have such issues with people who are??"-- Here is an answer== cause you are doing something right, and those that are around you feel guilty that they are not doing the same... and as the result they try to pull you down, and if you give in, they will not feel as guilty... I am facing the same thing with my boss, I work as a supervisor at a fast food joint (ironic isn't it?), and constantly she is giving me unwanted advice concerning my healthy life style change- the other day I had to come in early, and as a reward she said "The meal is on us..." I said.. thank you but no thank you = I brought my own food in... she gave me the dirtiest look == I don't care.. what I can eat healthy- in calorie count I can eat twice as much by bringing in my own food, than what I can eat there at the fast food joint.. Thank you but no thank you!  
07 Jul 14 by member: hoosier436
People assume that when you look thin you should be able to eat whatever you want in as large a portion as you want, the same way they seem to think an obese person shouldn't eat at all. Unfortunately people fail to comprehend what it really means to be healthy, which is making good choices and staying active. Besides, if you can make healthy choices then they should be able to also, and they don't so they feel bad about themselves for it. Misery loves company. 
07 Jul 14 by member: Yolanda9179
this is true Yolanda... and it is terrible that people think that way. but if the thin people ate what they wanted THEY WOULDNT BE THIN ANYMORE!!! how does that not compute??? and yes Hoosier that is very ironic.. what kind of food is it? the people I know in the food industry never seem to want to eat what they are around all day anyway. I used to work at a liquor store and right next door was a pizza shop and smelling it all night turned me right off. I would order a salad and they rolled their eyes..  
07 Jul 14 by member: kristyanne3
Kristyanne, as someone who, for the last 2 years, ALWAYS travels with her own food/snacks/beverages and NEVER eats something I haven't made myself, I get a LOT of comments when I don't eat what everyone else is eating. I always make a point of smiling, being gracious and appreciative of their offer, and kindly declining. I never mention the word "diet" or "weight loss", because my goal is living with optimal health (and I'm pretty sure most people are in agreement that donuts don't fall into the "optimal health" category!) I've been listening very carefully to their responses over the years, and I think most people internalize my food choices and are reacting to their own internal dialogue about their own choices. I've seen many different reactions from, what I refer to as "food bullying" ("Oh, C'mon, you can have ONE donut, can't you?"), to defensive remarks ("Oh, I normally eat really healthy!", while they shovel in their 3rd donut), to downright hostile, (Well, aren't you the crazy health nut!"), and completely dismissive and disrespectful of my choice not to eat junk food, ("Aren't you taking this healthy eating thing too far??"), when the reality is, my way of eating has completely reversed and eliminated ALL of my health problems, from arthritis, migraines, chronic digestive problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, to a pretty nasty auto-immune disease. The way I eat has transformed my life, but most people don't really care to ask WHY I eat the way I do. When I'm faced with opposition about my choices, I've learned to just let it go. (*Cue the Frozen Soundtrack*) To each their own. I will never change some people's minds about making healthier choices, nor am I going to waste breath defending something I know is what's best for me. Mostly, I think they're reacting to how they feel about themselves. I know the choices I make have dramatically improved my life, and that's all I need to keep my head held high. 
07 Jul 14 by member: Sweeet2th
thank you Sweet2th (great screen name by the way) ... my husbands family - every weekend we see them - they say - you aren't still trying to lose weight are you?? .. because I eat one hotdog and one scoop of pasta salad. they eat 2-3 plates. I just cant. I would be sick. so they make comments and my husband defends me at every beat but they just don't get that its a choice to be healthy - im not starving myself. and I have been reassured by many close friends that I look quite healthy and they have seen me at my worst and say im not even close to that... its hard to not get defensive when its people you cant rationalize with and who are ahem... inlaws.  
07 Jul 14 by member: kristyanne3
Alas, the days of hotdogs and pasta salad are far behind me. But sometimes, I think the choice to live a genuinely healthy life in America almost has a "cult" status. If it's something we believe in strongly, which goes against what most others do and believe, then it is something to be judged harshly. There's no judgement from me here, Kristyanne. You do what's best for your health. That's all that matters.  
07 Jul 14 by member: Sweeet2th


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