jeanniep's Journal, 05 March 2007

Well back to Phase I. It seems strange but I almost looked forward to it. Really fell off the wagon this weekend and feel like crap because of it. But I had a really big motivator. I would like to share with me fellow SBDers. I live in a resort/ski town. Most of the women here are an average of size 0 - 2. Is it me or are skinny women really mean. I have suffered a barrage of insults both to my face and behind my back. There two women in particular who are the meanest. I call them the 3B's. Bossy, Bully Bxxches. I overheard them talking about me at a party last nite in the women's washroom. They didn't know I was in the stall. The were talking about how good I was starting to look. Let's chalk one up for us chubbies.!
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Your doing a awesome job! dont let some B**** hurt your feelings. I think "some" skinny women insult larger women because for one your probably much prettier then they are, and their self esteem is probably so low they have to insult you to make themselves look and feel better. I have been there and realized they truly are ugly people!! Keep your head up!!!! 
05 Mar 07 by member: anicolet
I agree with anicolet...most skinny girls have very low self esteem and dislike themselves and the insults are from jealousy. Remember, your a better person than they are and they know it!! 
05 Mar 07 by member: kvonnordheim
Just a thought. I've been reading about the Laws of Attraction and if you've lost weight you're probably feeling good about yourself and sending off more positive vibes than before. This has attracted even more positive energy to flow your way through these normally bitchy women. Your face is radiating good stuff (confidence and harmony) and people want to be around that kind of energy. So YOU did it! Huge congrats for that. It's why I believe women can be gorgeous at any weight. It's attitude. That's the best reason to want to lose weight. Not the clothes you can wear but how it makes you feel inside and then outwardly is reflected. You're already a winner. 
05 Mar 07 by member: jaqisbaq


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