ChicaLean's Journal, 17 April 2014

This week has gone pretty well in the eating, stress management and sleep department. I still need to find a way to consistently add being active into my lifestyle. The positive is that I want to exercise and I enjoy it more and more. But when there is a choice between sleep and exercise sleep wins hands down. Next week I will try to manage both.

I tried to bring a little FS spirit into my RL today. I cheered a few people on this morning while I was driving down the road and gave a thumbs up to a lady that I know was not on a leisurely stroll. She was serious about getting the job done. Some people waved back and smiled but others probably were wondering which meds I had skipped today. What’s wrong with yelling “Way to GO!!!” out of a moving car? Well, that’s an end to my social experiment for the day.

Tomorrow begins the Trust Fall-The Weight Loss Version Challenge. I’ve never been so anxious for a challenge to start just for it to end. Six weeks without a scale is going to be interesting. No more 3am weigh-ins. No more ritual weigh-ins of 3 in a row and selecting the lowest number to keep. Today I had an early non scale victory by wearing some goal pants that were intentionally too small when I purchased them. It was pretty exciting because when I first tried them on they stopped mid thigh and now I’m wearing them. It’s a great feeling. If I can focus on those type of non scale victories for six weeks it might not be so bad.

Onto food for this morning and what lead me to taking a closer look at what I am eating.I woke up this morning ready to cook. I made a pot of soup (still hung up on shiitake mushrooms for some reason), baked some fish and prepared my salad for lunch. I brought the fish yesterday and I knew it was not a type of fish that I would normally select but I thought I would try it anyway because it was wild caught and not farm raised. I ended up eating the fish for breakfast (prepared with lemon, olive oil, capers, and oregano). I enjoyed it but of course I had to know more about what I had eaten. I normally try to avoid the bottom feeders and fish that contain a high mercury content and wouldn’t you know that grouper falls into both of those categories. I mean nothing is safe to eat anymore. I don’t ever want to get to the point where I don’t enjoy eating but I still want to be aware of some things that may be considered or have been proven harmful to our health. Anyways here’s a list of some fish with and high and low mercury content if anyone is interested. Come on join the nervous wreck club, it's fun. Next journal I will feature an article on avoiding Alumninum pots and pans. Oh JOY!

Have a great day everyone.

Which Fish Have the Most Mercury?

Big fish have more mercury for the simple reason that big fish usually live longer. They have more time to build up higher levels of mercury in their bodies. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends checking local advisories for the mercury content of fish caught in your area using this website. See the lists below for general mercury levels of many common types of fish and how much of each type to eat (according to the National Resource Defense Council):


Eat 2-3 servings a week (pregnant women and small children should not eat more than 12 ounces (2 servings):
• Anchovies
• Catfish
• Clam
• Crab
• Crawfish
• Flounder
• Haddock
• Herring
• Mackerel
• Mullet
• Oyster
• Perch
• Pollock
• Salmon
• Sardine
• Scallop
• Shrimp
• Sole
• Squid
• Tilapia
• Trout
• Whitefish

Eat six servings or fewer per month (pregnant women and small children should avoid these):
• Bass
• Carp
• Cod
• Halibut
• Lobster
• Mahi Mahi
• Monkfish
• Perch
• Snapper
• Tuna (Canned Chunk light)

Eat three servings or less per month (pregnant women and small children should avoid these):
• Bluefish
• Grouper
• Sea Bass
• Tuna (Canned Albacore, Yellowfin)

Avoid eating (everyone):
• Marlin
• Orange Roughy
• Shark
• Swordfish
• Tilefish
• Tuna (Ahi)

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I am right there with you - doing great with eating, not drinking alcohol, and I am sleeping great - but I just can't get that darn exercise in as part of the "daily routine". I don't know why - I enjoy how I feel when I exercise so why is it so dang hard ... 
17 Apr 14 by member: cmlynn
Anxious to hear about the aluminum pots, now that I've completely given up seafood. It's truly just moderation is all departments, seafood, beef, processed foods, tequila lol. Too much of a good thing, I suppose. Glad you are excited about the challenge, I am very anxious to get started too. I think focusing on the goals we make for ourselves each week is really going to be the determining factor in our non scale success. After all, the change is there we just have to know where to look to see it, instead of relying on a number. :-) BTW, I think it is hilarious that you were cheering people on IRL. I really don't know what I would think if someone did that to me lol. Have a wonderful day  
17 Apr 14 by member: Yolanda9179
At times I to yell out my car window, or high-five folks I see out there working hard. I now it makes me feel better, so why not pay it forward! Good job on that, and your eating.  
17 Apr 14 by member: Rubie-sue
Wow... what a great post, Chica!!! I love that you were cheering innocent people on the street. Reminds me of my crazy uncle. He's crazy, but such a great guy and loveable. Anyway, I think that's a fantastic way to start the day. And what an informative post on mercury and fish... AWESOME INFO!!! Thank you! And then to top it all, what great news on those pants. I've done the same too... got some pants I wasn't sure I'd ever be able to fit into. Now they are starting to get too big. I love it!!! GREAT FEELING, right? Keep smiling! 
17 Apr 14 by member: Rob.c.weiss
One day cmlynn we will get there, one day soon.  
17 Apr 14 by member: ChicaLean
Yikes... I suppose it's amazing I don't glow in the dark as I eat tuna ... ah ... daily! In fact just had 15oz for breakfast.. I guess I've used up my allotment until 2057! It's just one of the few ways I can get a quick protein without a lot of fuss. Good on you for spreading the cheer but I'm sure from a moving vehicle I'd probably have been a less than gracious recipient too. On the other hand - people love waving and smiling at me when Mushy & I are on the bike. I am getting my 'parade' wave down, by golly! 
17 Apr 14 by member: FullaBella
Of course, two of my faves are Ahi and Swordfish but they can also be pricey so -- will settle for the low-mercury Catfish in my freezer. BTW, Chica, I posted a HIGH PROTEIN-LOWER FAT list last night over in the Forum. I'm going to post both lists so I remember! 
17 Apr 14 by member: LuC2
As far as the fish goes, you may want to check out the frozen options. We've been enjoying salmon fillets at least once a week for a while now, and we get big frozen bags of individually wrapped fillets that run about $6.99/lb. And kudos on the pants! That's always such a victory, fitting into something that wasn't previously accessible. 
17 Apr 14 by member: kitty-eared-girl
Awesome Chica! You might want to put your scale in the trunk of your car or something to avoid temptation. I would have a hard time completing that challenge. I wish you the best luck!  
17 Apr 14 by member: bigbassbrent
Rubie Sue it was a fun though short lived experiment. We may be a in a special club together ;). I think I may need a banner on my car that says “cheering health supporter, I’m not crazy (or not that crazy)”. @Yolanda, you are so right about moderation. I don’t want to become obsessive about what I eat. It’s just sad that everything is so denatured. Thanks for setting up the Challenge it will be interesting and truly an observation on how I function without the crutch of the scale.  
17 Apr 14 by member: ChicaLean
Rob, it was fun you should try it at least once. I’m in a small town so I could slow down a little. Your uncle and I would probably have great chats together, LOL. And, yes it was wonderful fitting and wearing my pants today (and I can breathe). Way to go with your non-scale victory. I love that you can wear something that once seemed out of reach. @Bella, I love canned tuna too. I still eat it but I stick with the canned chunk light kind it has a smaller mercury content than the Albacore tuna. If you eat fresh Tuna that has the highest mercury content. And Bella no matter what you will always have a glowing personality but now we know some of it is because of all that tuna. Just kidding, you are the best.  
17 Apr 14 by member: ChicaLean
Hey LuC2, I look forward to reading the HIGH PROTEIN-LOWER FAT list. Hopefully there is something that counteracts the negative impact of mercury so that you can enjoy your Ahi and Swordfish. I guess we just eat a little less of some of these things until we figure it out. @Kitty, I do the same thing when it comes to Salmon. There is nothing like fresh Salmon wild caught or even farm raised. It is by far my favorite fish. But I go for the frozen salmon because they are typically wild caught. Also if you are counting calories they come in 100 calorie servings, which is really nice. And Brent it will be tough. The scale is definitely being relocated to another vicinity. No temptation on this challenge. It will be a nice break to maybe focus on inches or something. I’m excited!  
17 Apr 14 by member: ChicaLean
It's funny you mention ritual weigh-ins...I've almost become a little OCD about it. Make sure scale is properly aligned. Step on. Step off. Remove any clothing or accessory weighing more than an ounce. Step on (oops! forgot to pray). Step off. Notice that it's been 10 mins and I'm probably gaining weight just thinking about the weigh-in. Step on. Mental record. Step off. And some times I could weigh multiple times a day! I should log weigh-ins as exercise on StairMaster! I think I'll do well without being tied to the scale for a bit. I'll have to remove it from accessibility as not to cheat (not food...but jumping on the scale)! 
17 Apr 14 by member: LuC2
Haha -- and now my secret is out. Here in the south 'horses sweat, men perspire, women glow'. One more can of tuna and they'll think I'm either pregnant or just over exerted :-) Keep 'em guessing by golly, right? 
18 Apr 14 by member: FullaBella
Thanks for sharing about the fish's mercury content, I had no idea! It didn't even occur to me about chunk light canned tuna, to limit my servings per month! I used to LIVE on that stuff!! I mostly eat Tilapia about 3-4 times a month now, so I guess I'm alright. Thanks again for that information, a real eye opener! 
04 May 14 by member: LotusBeauty26
LuC2 - OMG LOL! Your weigh in ritual sounds like mine except I haven't tried praying first...that is hilarious! 
04 May 14 by member: bovee1016
True story, Bovee1016, hand to the Man! :D Too funny, FullaBella! Yes, keep 'em guessing, indeed. You should see my smelly glow after my workout. I put on pure cocoa butter or coconut oil first so I can smell like a big ol' oven-fresh cookie! I hear in my head (Dan Hartman), "I can dream about you (cookies)...if I can't hold you tonight..." <> 
04 May 14 by member: LuC2
LOL!!! LuC2 
04 May 14 by member: LotusBeauty26


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