Jamaica4god's Journal, 07 February 2011

Lots of school work this week throwing me off a bit. I had a Body Bugg coaching session this week. he made sure I knew the ins and outs of the online program, but then took the extra time to tell me a few tricks to weight loss.

I heard some one on here talk about the "zig zag". The advice she gave me was somewhat similar to that. She said if you want to avoid a plateau you should do your regular calories and then about 2 days a week (separated), trick your body up a little bit by adding a few hundred extra calories in there. Like if your calorie goal is 1200, do your 1200 and then throw in a day of 1400 or 1500 to throw your body off of your routine.

Also, she said to watch what you drink for calories. I was only drinking water anyway, but a 20 ounce bottle of soda is actually 2- 2.5 servings, so it has like 250 calories in it! Orange juice is good for you, but has 110 calories in only 8 ounces, which is 1 cup. Most people pour at least 2 cups when they have drinks like that and call it one serving. Measure measure measure!!

We bought a new set of scales today, and I am happy to say that my husband is finally all on board with me! Yay!! Our old scales were just giving me random numbers. I could weigh myself 3 times in a row and it would say three different numbers that were several pounds apart. So, it will be good to finally be getting more accurate numbers.

Here's a really filling really low calorie breakfast I made this morning: App 175-200 calories (depending on what you put in it)

Flatout Flat bread (90 calories) (bought from target)
3 egg whites (50 calories)
2 tablespoon of Grey Poupon Creamy Dijon Mustard (0 calories!!)
1/2 tomato sliced (15 calories)
1 slice of peppered turkey sandwich meat sliced (20 calories)(also target)

I whipped the egg whites with the dijon mustard and cooked them on medium low until the edge was brownish, then flipped it to the other side (kind of like and omelet) to let the other side cook. I heated the sliced turkey in the pan with it.
When it was done cooking I added the egg to the flatbread, then topped with the turkey and tomato and wrapped it up.

It was very good and very filling!!

You could add lettuce greens or any kind of vegie you like to it, like peppers or mushrooms.

Now on to school work again...


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