suthrngirl's Journal, 16 April 2014

Forgive me Fat Secret for I have sinned!
OMG!!! I can do perfect for a week straight and then someone runs Krispy Kreme under my nose and I fold like an evangelist at a hooker convention! All I can do is restart. I also have to find out where liquor fits into the scheme of things. Bass player wants to buy me a drink I'm not turning it down. Have to figure what is a less harmful.
I have to find willpower when it comes to treats I love. I also need to make better choices when I go out to dinner. High fat burger with Gorgonzola cheese may not have been the best choice but damn was it good!
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Alcohol is my biggest downfall too. It's a hard one!! :O/ 
16 Apr 14 by member: KimReed
Yes I too find alcohol an issue... but mostly it is eating after dinner or having second helpings of dinner. 
16 Apr 14 by member: onetonedmom
Hah! That's hilarious, @Suthrn. I love that explanation... and believe me, I'm with you. Been fighting the carb monster myself the last few days. The best I can say is like said evangelist, we have to find righteousness. Unlike him, our salvation comes in celery and spinach salads. Come to think of it, those might help him too, assuming he doesn't apply any of them to said hooker. 
16 Apr 14 by member: Rob.c.weiss
Why are you gonna start over? You should be able to indulge every once in a while right? It's just a bump in the road, we all have moments like that. No worries you are gonna be fine. I got your back and I am sure everyone does and understands because we all have been there a time or two.  
16 Apr 14 by member: SherrieC
Question for ya here - does it have to be an alcohol drink? I find that a lot of times, it's more about the social aspect. LOTS of people don't drink at all for various reasons. Could you agree to a 'drink' and order something non-alcohol or even very low cal? This week I experimented with a wine spritzer - 1/2 serving of wine and club soda. It was refreshing and tasty!  
16 Apr 14 by member: Vickie 5966
Hi! You are hysterical! Try a lettuce wrap for your burger...for alcohol I do wine spritzers or martinis. Nothing with juice or added sweeteners. If the drink is strong(martini), I tend to sip it rather than chug it:) Good luck to you!  
16 Apr 14 by member: Verge2001
Love your writing style TOO DARN FUNNY! The other day I heard a person's weight described as 'more up and down than a new bride's underwear on her honeymoon!' I laughed until I had tears in my eyes! Keep it moving, Girl! 
16 Apr 14 by member: LuC2
you know life is short so enjoy it with in reason and dont hold a grudge against yourself ! just move on ! get back on track!good luck 
16 Apr 14 by member: crafterpaula
I would of ate that high fat burger with cheese. Just not the bun. Turned it into a steakfest with steak knife and fork. Took the bun home to feed outside birds.  
17 Apr 14 by member: LorLie2014
I enjoy 1 glass of wine per day and it is supposed to be very low in net carbs. Dr. Atkins used to say that there were virtually no carbs in whisky, gin, vodka, etc. and one could have 1 drink with diet soda or just selzer water and be fine. 
18 Apr 14 by member: caroldiff


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