kingkeld's Journal, 14 April 2014

Good morning!

Wow, it's been a little while, huh?

I'm still around, but there has been SO MANY things going on this last week.

I've been working hard with both Daughter and a friend, designing promotional material for my weight loss company. It's coming out super nice, and I'm really excited to get to show it all for the health convention where I'm gonna debut it.

I have quite a bit done, but I won't reveal it until it's ALL ready! - I'll make sure that you guys get to see though. Of course.

On top of this, there has been dining out, parties, band rehearsals and plenty of bad food choices. We've been out eating 5(!) times from Thursday through Saturday. Not everything was bad, but there were some choice moments that probably shouldn't be in ANYONE's diet! :)

Still, I weigh the same as a week ago. Body fat is down slightly, and all other numbers are good too. Up in muscle, down in fluid. I can't really complain.

I still weigh more than I would like to, but the change is there, and things are heading in the right direction. I'm taking it nice and easy.

Starting yesterday, I am trying to be just a bit more rigig on the IIFYM-numbers.

Following IIFYM, there are more requirements than just meeting your calorie goal. You need to meet your protein, fat, fiber and carb goals too.

You'll lose weight no matter if you reach them or not, as long as you are in a calorie deficit, but meeting the other goals will (supposedly) prime your body for a MUCH more appealing body composition - avoiding the skinny fat look that I really don't want.

I'm proud of the muscles that I have put on after I lost weight, and I really want to keep them, and hopefully build them more. I'm not looking for the "bodybuilder" look, I just want to look like I'm in GREAT shape.

Right now, after putting on the weight, I feel that I look way too pudgy. I've been here before, and I know that it really isn't all that much work to drop those few kilos. It's just a matter of getting it done.

Still, I feel that I have WAY more focus than I have in a long time. I do see results, I just have to look a little deeper to see them - like the added muscle mass while weighing the same, etc.


The health convention that I am going to, is on the 26th. I have 12 days.

If you've read my journals over the years (wow... THAT long?!), you know I work best under pressure when it comes to reaching weight loss goals.

I would REALLY like to have a handful of kilos dropped by the 26th. I'd like to AT LEAST be under 90 kilos, and hopefully even a bit more. I don't want to compromise my muscle growth, but I want to drop as much excess fluid as possible, and just look as good as I can.

I am my own best advertising, and I need to look sharp(er).


My T-shirts are in!

Saturday, I got the t-shirts with my new brand logo printed! I'll reveal those to you guys when I get the rest of the promotional material!

Most of it should arrive Wednesday, just in time for Easter, and I am so excited about it. I can't wait to see the real thing. One thing is to have designed it, and ordered it, but it's a whole different thing to see it for real, be able to touch, etc.

Anyways, I got 6 shirts made, in a lime green, a light blue and a red. They look superb! I also had a very nice light blue hoodie made.

All the shirts are workout shirts, but they look nice enough that I can wear them ALL the time for advertisement, and to strike up conversations. They are super comfortable. All the clothes is sweat transporting, so they'll keep me cool doing workouts. Very nice. All shirts have a logo on the front, and the slogan on the back, along with the website adress.

I went the extra mile to get clothes that doesn't pick up every cat hair it finds in the apartment. Not that it's dirty or anything, but as you guys know, Kitty Cat LOVES to snuggle in the mornings, and it always makes my clothes look shabby.

Now, I can finally take care of her, and just brush off the hairs before I go work(out). It's good to know that I look ok.


I have started up a contest on my facebook page, to get more "likes". I have announced a prize of a start consultation and a follow up session to get the winner efficiently going on a weight loss journey. Value is 1,000 Danish kroner (approx. $200), once I reach 1,000 likes.

It's not gonna happen overnight, but I know it'll happen. Yesterday morning I had 217 likes, this morning I'm at 238. Not bad in one day, but obviously it'll take a while to reach goal.

I'll keep promoting the contest, but not so much that it drives people nuts, and just keep doing good stuff on the page.

If any of you guys are interested, you're more than welcome to "like" it - it's in Danish, but every now and then you'll find English language articles and humor too.


Today is an active day.

First, I'll go for my walk and then hit the gym. I feel that I have great energy today, and I am very ready to go.

I'll meet with a client this morning, and then go home and work a little on my website.

Lunch at 11 or 12 or so.

At 1 PM, meeting with another client, then probably walk some, then very early dinner, as I am teaching this afternoon/evening. And that is about all I can cram into one day, I think.

A day like this usually ensures quite a calorie burn, and it's more than welcome after this last week.


I'm setting my RDI at 2100 for a while. I'm technically allowed just a bit more, but I want to go as low as I can to drop those kilos. I might have to re-adjust the RDI, though, as 2100 is a real challenge doing IIFYM.

There is a very natural limit to how low I can go on my calorie intake if I still want to meet the IIFYM-requirements on the macros. Check it out:

Today I need a minimum of 212g of protein (848 cal.), 68g of fat (612 cal.) This alone is 1,460 calories. Then comes the carbs. I don't go for low-carb food as such, as my body needs the energy that comes from the carbs, but I do try to not go nuts. The carb intake is where I can control the calories, as the protein and fat numbers are essential.

Today, I'm aiming for easy and simple solutions, without going out to eat.

Lunch AND dinner will be omelettes. 3 eggs, 200g of ham. One corn tortilla, and everything fried in butter (to up the fat count).

I will have SKYR to up the protein intake, and a protein bar at the gym this afternoon for a snack.

That's it, really. It's kind of boring, but it serves a purpose today. I think I'll be fine.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Wife! I had such a wonderful weekend with her!
- My good friend Thomas, who's been helping me getting prints ordered and everything situated.
- Kitty Cat for being cute.
- Morning coffee!
- FatSecret. I realized how much I miss writing here.
- Every single person who has been supportive of my decision to "go solo" and build my weight loss empire. :)

Have an amazing week! Life is good!
205.3 lb Lost so far: 136.5 lb.    Still to go: 17.9 lb.    Diet followed 100%.
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i have been following your journals since 2011 now, i was a fat chickie, and you where struggling with last kilo's pre-opp. My buddie request was replied by:Ooooh, I love leechers! LOL! Welcome aboard! Smile I'll be looking forward to getting to know you. Your friend, Keld. *** and made you my official first friend on FS *** Now it is 3 years later!!! i am almost a normal-size chickie and you a lean mean fighting machine with your own business!!!! we have come a long way my friend!!! 
14 Apr 14 by member: puhpine
what a lovely comment Maud. its good to see that its not all doom and gloom out there this cold, wet miserable Monday morning!!! thanks for sharing :0) i think Keld has been an insperation to an awful lot of us here on FS and i'm sure that in RL he will be an insperation to all his clients. i just selfishly hope that he still shares a little here on FS! 
14 Apr 14 by member: qapl
LOL - a blast from the past! Thanks for sharing. puhpine! We have indeed come far. And qapl, of course I share. There's more than enough positive energy coming from me. And if that is enough, there's always the option to try out the sessions. LOL. Have a great day, both of you! 
14 Apr 14 by member: kingkeld
Wonderful journal with tons of positives! I always miss reading your journals but I am so excited for all you have going on! Can blame a guy for being busy and putting his heart and soul into his work. ;)  
14 Apr 14 by member: iamachristianjesusfreak
I hear the "Don't want to look like a bodybuilder" comment a lot from people who are losing and it confuses me. I get that you dont want to be big, but if you are lifting weights for hypertrophy in order to fill in the gaps that the lost fat will leave, thecnically, you ARE a bodybuilder! :) I think the difference is that you want the body of a 175-180 lb. bodybuilder rather than a 200-250 lb. bodybuilder, because there is most certainly a difference there! a 175 lb. bodybuilder looks like a shredded athelete, and a 250 lb. looks like he belongs in the WWE! 
14 Apr 14 by member: chadlius88
i want to transform the "hanging tricep" into a bicep!!! (*lol*) if that makes me look like a bodybuildster, so be it... "YOU are beautifull, no matter what they say!" -C.Aguilera 
14 Apr 14 by member: puhpine
Chadlius88, you're absolutely right. I like the "shredded athlete" thought. :) 
14 Apr 14 by member: kingkeld


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