ChicaLean's Journal, 15 March 2014

Oh great, it's 1:30 am and the dog is barking out of control. The first natural sleep in ages has been shattered by something I thought was in my dream. But why did the dog start the extreme barkathon at the exact same time? It was super creepy. And admittedly the barking scared the padoodle out of me. I grabbed my coat and a broom and waited in silence (alone). No other sound came, the dog stopped barking and now that it’s nearing 2am I realize that if I continue to sit in silence the dog will start again. Old house, windy night/morning and a dog, perfect! I like this dog but not so much right now. The old me would have bravely (after I confirmed the coast war clear) walked downstairs to find something to snack on but instead I decided to journal and drink some water.
I remember reading this reminder on Friday *(but keep an eye on the cal counter). So I am going to make some good decisions this weekend. I don’t want to back track today and lose the progress I have made.

Well I guess that means that I need to start planning for the day.
#1 go back to sleep
#2 exercise 2x Saturday and Sunday
#3 drink water and tea
#4 avoid any heavy caffeinated products until nerves settle
#5 practice self control and moderation-eat like a human and not like a farm animal
#6 google proper meditation techniques. find something for stress relief pronto
7#train dog to stop barking at the wind

I am tired and I feel like I can sleep. So well wishes to all this weekend.


Update from this morning
I managed to get items #3-#6 done. I may need to skip around to #1. The lack of sleep is hitting me and may not be best form for the treadmill. The verdict is out on #2 and #7 but the day is young.
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What a wonderful journal… just so sorry it was written during the middle of the night! Good for you for resisting the thought to snack, and choose to journal & drink water instead -- what a mindful, healthy choice! I find it so much tougher to make good choices when I'm tired so its a double success in my book. I love your saying to eat like a human & not a farm animal, and plan to borrow that visual, if you don't mind. Hope you got back to sleep easily & love your plans for the day ahead! xoxox 
15 Mar 14 by member: Ruhu
Of course Ruhu please borrow away. I borrow from you all of the time. Sleep did not come easy but this weekend I plan on focusing on me and stress relief. I'm going to get a cup and of tea (caffeine free)and try to figure out how to communicate with "doggy". 
15 Mar 14 by member: ChicaLean
Wonderful journal ... I smiled at 'coat & broom' ... love that home defense because I have 'big brooms' all over my home for defense but would probably grab that first too. Good on you for not eating thru the barking; it is so easy to go do that, isn't it? Have a great day. Can't tell you how to make a dog not bark; if I could I'd do that for the two next door that drive me to the brink sometimes. Some people have suggested spray water bottles or something; never had that problem with Mushy (grateful).  
15 Mar 14 by member: FullaBella
Yeah Bella, I think I may have to add shoes, a shirt, and a phone into my plan but for some reasons that was my first instinct. Fully zipped coat a broom and waiting for any sign or movement. I have forgiven the dog :). I realize that what startled me was the same thing that had him a little shaken. He just held onto his conviction of being in defense mode a little too long. Mushy looks like a sweet dog. I'm glad barking is not a problem.  
15 Mar 14 by member: ChicaLean
"eat like a human and not like a farm animal" - LOVE THIS !!!!!  
15 Mar 14 by member: erwinwarrior83
Hey, Chica. I agree with @Ruth! That comparison (farm animal vs human eating) is awesome! Love it. And great choices instead of finding a snack. WTG! Silly dogs... a branch blowing around outside can get them nervous. I hope you ended up getting some great sleep after that. Have a GREAT WEEKEND! :D 
15 Mar 14 by member: Rob.c.weiss


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