Farfelu's Journal, 13 March 2014

I hadn't weighed myself in a couple of months because I knew I had gone pretty far off the rails and I just couldn't face it. So my weight graph doesn't reflect the truth of the past couple of months. BUT I am weighing in today since I have been back on track for a few weeks, fasting on Monday and Wednesday, doing Zumba 3 times a week and spin class once a week. I have lost 1-2 pounds a week without starving or limiting myself on the 5 eating days. I can really tell I have lost weight and back out of my super fat clothes.

On the five feeding days I had pizza, went out for Mexican with my son Steve, (beer, too) I had cream in my coffee 5 days, mayonnaise on my sandwiches, I ate like normal people what I wanted without worrying about fat or calories.
I'm loving all the variety of vitamin-and-mineral-rich foods to feed myself. One day I ate 6 oranges (from my neighbor's tree)

The fast day twice a week is a killer but hunger is weird - it sort of goes in waves; it's not constant. And even if it were,it would be worth it. Last night before bed I had two cups of hot almond milk (only 60 calories total with cinnamon, nutmeg and a couple packs of equal)It helped but I woke up hungry and after going to the bathroom my ear buds (learning French)helped me sleep some more. But my body likes the fast. I feel great this morning.

On my fast days, I have been eating way less than the 500, and on the in-between Tuesday I tried to eat a lot of fiber-stuff like cruciferous vegetables - but I could have all the hummus I wanted with it. I DID however let my business partner buy me lunch Tuesday (lasagna)

Last week I was sure I wouldn't lose but I still lost a pound. This week I lost 2.2 pounds. I won't keep up that fast a rate to be certain but it is nice to know I can live my life and still lose something.I don't want my chart to zigzag like it used to - I want steady progress because ultimately it's faster even if it is slow. Also, on the feed days I limited my night eating, but it was pretty easy since I had been completely satisfied all through the day.

I am encouraged by all the fun interesting and touching posts. You are awesome!!!!!!!!!
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That is a lot of oranges! lol :) It's great to have you back and in shape Maggie!! The few times I fasted (partially), hunger seemed to give up after some time and come back after eating too less (too less for what my body was asking me to eat heheh). Almond milk seems to be very low caloric! :) Ahahah learning something is sometimes great motivation to sleep! That information about how you're achieving weight loss is definitely very interesting! :) You are awesome too! Keep up the good work! :) 
14 Mar 14 by member: euheide
Thank you so much, euheide! I am looking forward to tracking closer to your weight like last summer. There were several days our weigh-ins were identical. I can't wait! We have shared a lot o this journey! -Maggie 
14 Mar 14 by member: Farfelu
That's true! I wish I would gain some muscle mass faster though! lol But it takes time :) 
14 Mar 14 by member: euheide
You will definitely do that and even get past me :) That's for sure! 
14 Mar 14 by member: euheide
It's good to see you back on the grid. This past week I got caught up in the drama, stress, and then caught a severe cold which sent my eating into a tail-spin. I'm feeling better today and hopefully will be able to get back on track.  
15 Mar 14 by member: glen


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