Cireena's Journal, 15 December 2010

none of my pants fit me any more ... i'm trying to not weigh self but it soo hard to wanna know how i'm doing with the weight loss.... i hate waiting,, but i'm gonna try to forget and just continue with the lifestyle i have now without calculating days and months *_*
on diet Atkins  


How often do you weight in? You could sneek a peak and not record it if its not what you want to see. If your clothes are loose you must be down.  
16 Dec 10 by member: sarahsmum
i usually weigh myself daily .. sometimes i get soooooo obssessed that weigh my self several times a day.. i don't usually record a weigh in that i don't like not unless i lost a good amount for me 200 g is really great !! ... my clothes are loose but i still want to see that on the scale.. but i'm re - reading the ATKINS books to see why is my weight loss slowing down.. i noticed that cheese slows it down, artificial sweeteners as well so i guess i'll give tea up ,, soft drinks i decided to not drink anymore.. i'm still trying to find out what i'm doing wrong that my weight loss this month isn't as i expected it to be. if any one had similar experience that they can share with me what they did about it,,, that will be really great !! 
17 Dec 10 by member: Cireena
I just wanted to give you some advice that someone gave me. I can also get a little crazy weighing myself, so what I've been doing is picking a time of day (I do right after I wake up) and weighing myself then. Then, the important part, is taking the daily weigh-ins and averaging them over a 7 day period. This way you get a real idea of you weight loss rather than worrying about fluctuations that could be based on whether or not you've gone to the bathroom or how late you ate dinner the night before. 
17 Dec 10 by member: ndubbs87
the weigh ins that i usually record on fat secrets are the ones that i weigh myself in the morning right after i wake up and already went to the bathroom... but for 3 weeks now i haven't lost much thats why i'm worried i'm might be doing something wrong with my diet. did you ever stall? or your weight loss wasn't as much as you expected? 
17 Dec 10 by member: Cireena
Well ya I've lost like 25lb so far but all of that was in the first several months. I've been going up and down around the same weight for a couple months now but for me I know why that is. I haven't been as strict about the diet...I've been doing OWL somewhat improperly and the biggest issue for me I think is that wine has carbs and I've been on a big wine kick. If you're still on induction, I'm not sure what you could be doing wrong. But I think on OWL it's easy to replace those 12-15g carbs that should be from veggies with dairy products or nuts etc. 
17 Dec 10 by member: ndubbs87


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