Farfelu's Journal, 08 October 2013

Made it through a "fast" day yesterday. Today will eat normally but try to watch it and not go overboard. Tomorrow fast again. Countdown to moment of truth. Will I show a gain on Thursday? Pretty sure I will. My clothes are a little tighter which is a much more accurate measure of success than weight! I have until then to develop my next strategy. Hopefully I won't get too depressed about it.
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How are you doing on your "fast" days? I recently switched over to the 5:2 diet, and I find that I feel a little shaky on the fast days, like my blood sugar is super low or something. Do you eat your 500 calories usually in one meal, or do you like to spread them out throughout the day? Tomorrow is a fast day for me as well, hopefully we both do good! 
08 Oct 13 by member: bebegunn
I HATE hunger. That being said, Every day is different. Usually I eat my "breakfast" around noon, my "lunch" at dinner time and make sure I have saved enough calories for a diet hot chocolate before bed so I can sleep. Last night I even saved enough to pour in a shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey. Slept like a baby. Yesterday I went with lots of vegetables but on other days chicken tenderloin got me through because I needed a protein fix for the blood sugar feeling. Excellent bang-for-the-buck protein item. Put it with warm fresh spinach (I like a little vinegar on it) and got can get pretty full. 
08 Oct 13 by member: Farfelu
I hate hunger, too, that's one of the main reasons I stopped recording my food intake on here. I find, for me, it's really counter-productive, it makes me super-ultra aware of what I'm (NOT) eating, which for me is a bad thing because I end up feeling starved and deprived. I'm a creature of comfort, I could (and do) eat the same things day in and day out, as long as I love what I'm eating, I can eat pretty much the same thing constantly and not get tired of it. Hey...how do you make diet hot chocolate?? I could use a break from diet hot and cold tea, I love hot chocolate so much! Chicken tenderloin with spinach sounds sooo good too... 
08 Oct 13 by member: bebegunn
Maggie .... Welcome back. I hope to hear more about your trip. My spouse said to me this morning that she had a four pound gain over vacation. She is not a big eater ..... so I was surprised. We walked a lot the first 5 days of our vacation, then our feet gave out. We got pretty good at sitting ..... "People watching" at the National Mall and White House. One pleasant surprise was discovering how "nice" people dress on the Metro-train in the early morning hours. We saw a lot of suits and dresses .....and a much younger crowd than we are used to. I like it when others dress up, but I'm more of a blue jean/t-shirt kind of guy.  
08 Oct 13 by member: glen
Bebe - For the first 70% or so of weight loss I was on the Lindora plan. I think there are many similar plans out there, but they taught me some neat tricks on staying full and bang-for-your-buck foods. They have a hot chocolate that has 15 grams of protein (important to get full) and only 70 calories. But in a pinch I have used the diet cocoa from stores (Swiss Miss 25 calorie, Nestle Fat Free 20 calorie) which have no protein but I will use 2 packs of it. The hotness seems to calm the angry tummy best; cold foods not so much. The other high protein brands you can get online are just as good as Lindora and usually cheaper. I like the web site for "Nashua Nutrition"  
09 Oct 13 by member: Farfelu
Glen - I know what you mean! And lately I have exercised less because I had a knee injury. POOP!!! Do you have a Facebook, Glen? I would love to share pictures (I posted quite a few)and I never could figure out how to use this site. :-) 
09 Oct 13 by member: Farfelu


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