jsfantome's Journal, 05 September 2013

Hey Guys, Hubby is still doing well. Better each day. I am so grateful, so excited, and SO looking forward to this amazing trip we are about to go on.

All during the time my mom lived with us, I used to talk about and fantasize about taking a trip to Italy for our 25th Wedding Anniversary. My mom used to say... "just go NOW!...while you feel healthy and well" - unbeknownst to me, my Mom ... made my hubby promise her... that just in case she wasn't alive at my 50th Birthday... he would surprise me and give me a trip to Italy (both from her and him).

She died last year about 13months ago... and she had him go out and get her a birthday card that was all mushy and lovey... so she could sign it (she couldn't write much after her strokes). Most beautiful chicken scratch ever!!!!!

It took me a week just to be able to speak about it (after he gave it to me.) And he didn't give it to me on my B-day... if you remember, my cousin gave me a girl's trip w/ a cruise to Mexico. Which I had a blast, and I assumed HE had a part in. My kids took me out to dinner and that was awesome. I seriously had no idea he had something ELSE up his sleeve.

So after I had been home for almost two weeks after my birthday week trip south... and there was this moment that I teared up as we were reminiscing about my Mom w/ the kids... he said he had something he wanted to show me on the computer.

He started a slide show that was 30+ slides of our lives together, places we've been, pics of the kids... they each had clues written on them in some kind of Powerpoint slideshow thing... it was FREAKIN' AMAZING!

Mind you this is all from a man I didn't think had an 'emotional' bone in his body!!!!!!!!!! (ever logical, yes!~emotional...not so much!)

By the end of the slide show...I was balling - and when that final slide said we were going to the Amalfi Coast in Italy...Love, Hubby and YiaYia (which is what we called my Mom - means Grammie in Greek) - I turned and looked at him ... and he handed me a card, w/ her handwriting and my Name on the outside.

OMG I thought I was going to pass out.

One of the most beautiful moments of my life.

So I couldn't be more grateful for every prayer said, every positive energy... whatever... to see hubby feeling back to himself and we are definitely going.. priceless!

Thanks Mom... you are the best!
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OMG... How amazing, beautiful and moving. So pleased your DH is recovering, so you can enjoy your trip to Italy. How special your mum must have been xxx 
05 Sep 13 by member: Sk1nnyfuture
tears forming in my eyes. thanks for sharing. Hugs.... what an amazing time it will be!  
05 Sep 13 by member: suziem
Simply amazing. Hope you both have a wonderful time, and I know your mom will be right there with you in spirit, too. 
05 Sep 13 by member: Sandy701
All I can say is WOW! 
05 Sep 13 by member: BuffyBear
That is the most breathtaking gift... I could cry knowing your mom went to the effort before she passed. What a beautiful gift in itself. And your husbands slideshow.... How awesome. So sincere!  
05 Sep 13 by member: radiochick
I am so pleased for you Paula on many levels. That was a wonderful thing your mum did and that your husband was able to do his part. So bitter sweet. It sounds like a lovely thing he did and I am so glad because you so deserve it. Glad he is feeling better and that you are going to make your trip. What a wonderfyul 50th year you are having. And like I said you deserve it. It wasn't that long ago that you were not happy at all, so you totally deserve to wring every bit of happiness out of this. Enjoy totally honey. And again I can't believe the card from your mum, no wonder you wanted to faint. What a wonderful gift from the heart.  
05 Sep 13 by member: sarahsmum
Amazing, Paula. Just beautiful.  
05 Sep 13 by member: Helewis
Awwww this made me tear up...you have been soo blessed...so happy for you...gotta love em when they throw you for a loop like that...:O) 
05 Sep 13 by member: BHA
very very special Paula. I'm so happy for you. :-) 
06 Sep 13 by member: JMA312
Hey Paula, you've been gone a long time girl. Where are you? How are you? Perhaps you are on your trip and we will see you when you get back. Hoping and praying that all is well :) 
13 Sep 13 by member: sarahsmum


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