Rubie-sue's Journal, 30 August 2013

I have decided that I really don't do work out classes. Nope, what I really do is a personal game of Russian Roulette! Yep, I go and give these people my good money to see if they can kill me. They each get a hour, and if I survive then I let the next one try. If this is not true then why would I let myself on a freaking hot day get locked in a room w/out any air with 25 other hot sweaty people to beat the crap out of a boxing bag, situps, pushups, mountain climbers, planks, jumping jacks, and what ever little bits of hot hell for an hour?? Then, oh wait....after a 15min break to get locked in again (since I survived) to give another tormentor a chance??? Thank goodness for Gator Aid and the "cool" 90 degrees outside to cool off in between classes!! And my reward for surviving???? Ahhhhhh....a weekend off!!!

Until next week when I get to play my game again!!!!


Good job!  
30 Aug 13 by member: MightyFull
I think you're a masochist and greatly in need of therapy... or you need to start charging the sadists for abusing you. LOL.  
30 Aug 13 by member: FullaBella
Wow, that actually sounds fun and challenging to me! Great job! 
30 Aug 13 by member: Suzi161
Oh this is so funny, Rubie Sue! Lol! :D 
09 Sep 13 by member: SELouisiana
Just keep telling yourself that the payoff for all the pain and suffering is a great body, the satisfaction of achieving goals, and the adoration of your followers, like me. :) 
02 Oct 13 by member: Eringiffin
Sooo funny... And so true. I hope you're keeping up with it all, Rubie! Stick with it! 
06 Dec 13 by member: Rob.c.weiss


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