Farfelu's Journal, 22 August 2013

I really put the 5:2 to the test this past week. Mexican food out with chips and beer, Chinese food out (the fattening kind) My son brought home all kinds of junk like Cheetos which I love and I ate as much as I wanted. I made garlic mashed potatoes with butter and cream cheese to go with the meatloaf I made. I made pot roast and put potatoes in it and made gravy. It was like amazing after years of avoiding all that stuff as much as possible, and STILL being overweight. But on Monday and Wednesday I didn't exceed my 500 calories. Before the 5:2 that kind of eating would have put a 5 pound gain on me. This week's weigh-in has me the same as last week - after all that food I chowed down on. This week I am going to try to tone it down a bit. I don't want to use the 5:2 as an excuse for binge-ing. I want to eat for the long term for optimal health. I think I will go back to journaling my food in order to track the difference with more evidence. Even though my weight is the same I feel my body making some adjustments in distribution as it gets accustomed to the new weight. My stomach feels firmer every day as old fat store are being re-distributed back to my upper body. If I stay here for several weeks even though my weight will be constant, my body will keep adjusting and changing making it more difficult for it to remember the old set points. If I can get it to think of this weight as the set point, who knows? Maybe I can go with just one fast day a week. But I still want all the anti-aging benefits of the fast, so I might research to see if it is possible.
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I say whatever works for you is great! I haven't read up much on the 5:2 diet plan. I have days where I am really good about my eating then other days I tend to eat foods that I know aren't healthy for me. I am curious to see how this diet works.  
22 Aug 13 by member: Dianem65
I keep trying to send you a link about this science but I think this web site won't allow it. I'll try and figure out a way I can get you more info. Maggie 
22 Aug 13 by member: Farfelu
Diane - I have it. Go to dailymotion.com and do a search: BBC - Eat, Fast And Live Longer By limoslight. I guess limoslight is the username of the guy who posted it. It should pop up. It is almost an hour long but WOW - worth watching. You have to skip through the commercials but otherwise good quality video playback. All I can say is my life is so much better without obsessing every day about food and weight. I feel so much freedom and it is great. Let me know what you think. Maggie 
22 Aug 13 by member: Farfelu
It's great that you are getting those results but it's even better that you also care about eating healthy! heheh  
26 Aug 13 by member: euheide
Good for you!!! I'm doing a slightly modified 5:2 diet, too. You're doing it right -- and you have just become a role model for me! I've been afraid to fully trust the process. So now I'm starting to try to let go of counting calories every meal of every day. I'm too anxious anyway, and need to relax more. ;) 
05 Sep 13 by member: Mary in LA
It looks like I have gained 1.3 pounds from my all-time low in the last two weeks, so maybe you can't go as nuts as I have been going and maintain or lose. I really need to start logging my non fast days to see how my weight is affected by different total calorie intake. I have been having so much fun eating it will feel more like actual dieting if I start journaling again - kind of a hassle but would be worth it to get better data. Would be nice to know what a person can get away with on the non-fast days, and how much to cut back to go back into weight loss. Last night I helped my son polish off a bag of Cheetos and over the weekend last weekend among other things I polished off a pie. These are not healthy choices! 
06 Sep 13 by member: Farfelu
Logging things definitely gives one control but I definitely agree with the hassle factor ;) 
08 Sep 13 by member: euheide
You are my primary information source to the 5:2 diet! I look forward to the next update :) 
08 Sep 13 by member: euheide


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