kingkeld's Journal, 03 August 2013

Good morning!

It's Saturday, and I'm happy to see the scale FINALLY going in the RIGHT direction. :)

Today, I'm 81.5 kilos. I guess yesterday was mostly a fluke - and a frustrating one. After three days stall I suddenly GAINED weight, in a time where I'm supposed to lose. I did what I know I should do, and it really annoyed me - especially because I am doing my protein experiments.

I have my surgeon's meeting this next Friday, so I really want to drop a few kilos before then. I can't help thinking, though, that it might be too late to do too much, other than by best.

I did great yesterday. I ate what I'm supposed to eat. I had 30% of my intake from fat, as I'm supposed to when working out, and I had 160 of my 167 proposed grams of protein. Not too bad.

I do feel that I eat quite a lot, and I do feel that it's weighing me down. I'm not sure if this is simply a mental thing, of if there is actually something about it.

Still, the weight is lower today.

I can't really complain though. Looking at Mondays weigh-in of 86.4 kilos, I am still down a whopping 5 kilos (well, almost). It's fine. I think the REAL way to have had a lower weight today would have been to NOT have gone to 86.4 in the first place! LOL! Damn summer.

Still, I'll be doing my best through the next week, maybe have a day or two going lower in calories (but maybe make the challenge to STILL get the protein in?) and lower in "food mass" to get a nice low weigh-in.

We're all in the margins now, I know. It's just a little game to do for me. I am aware that whether I eat a large meal the night before I meet the surgeons makes absolutely no difference. I just like to know that I have a good weigh-in when I go.

Today, I'm already at a lower weight than I was last time. However, I am far from the goal I had set myself for next Friday. I'm short 4½ kilos. I won't reach that goal, that's for sure, but I will see what I can do.


First challenge is today. Today is the LAST LAST LAST party/gathering for the summer (not counting the impromptu ones that are bound to happen)!

The neighbors are celebrating having married for 12½ years. We call it "Cobber Wedding Anniversary" - I'm not sure if you guys celebrate it other places in the world. Essentially, they celebrate that they're half way towards the 25th anniversary.

It's gonna be a garden party, and they're gonna have a whole pig roasted. This is like the best - BEST - food in the world. I WILL bring my scale and keep 100% track of what I eat.

I will NOT go into the pork rinds. I know they'll be loaded with salt, and I do NOT need this. I will be diligent all the way, to the point where I am willing to entirely skip the food if it doesn't look safe for me.

The sides are gonna be some kind of potato salad (who knows what is in there?!?) and "build your own salad". This is most definitely where I'm gonna have most of my food from. Easy to control, light on the calories.

Still, I have already entered a nice portion of all the foods that are there, so I am well prepared. It's entered with very high calorie rates, so I am sure I don't mess up. I will simply have to weigh my food and adjust the number, and of course evaluate if the food looks safe for me to eat today.

I know there will be water, and coke zero, to drink, other than the usual beer and wine, etc.

I really appreciate that the neighbors are taking care of some proper food choices inbetween all the other things that'll make it hard for me. I can easily maneuvor in this territory. :)


So, it's been three days with "proper" amounts of protein. I gotta say, I have a lot more energy than I have had lately. I can tell that I am probably not shedding fluids like I normally do (or that was ALL gone after my 10 lbs day-to-day-drop), but I really feel good.

I'm amazed how much of a change this has made in just three days.

My training yesterday went "effortless". This means, of course, that it was just as hard and heavy as always, but that it simply didn't murder me afterwards. I even upped the weight on two machines. One, I think I need to put back down, though. I simply can't push the weights down as I'm supposed to, but lift myself out of the seat insted. I take it this is max weight for me on that particular machine, unless I gain (muslce) weight to become heavier. :)

Today is my resting day from the gym. I can actually FEEL a change. I feel stronger and a lot more "solid", for a lack of a better word. I don't know if this is just in my head, but when I woke up this morning, instead of having the feeling of being lighter (that I often have when I have lost weight) I woke up and felt stronger. Weird.


I did great yesterday on my exercise too. I got my steps in, I did what I'm supposed to do to meet my goals. Check out my stats here.


Today, again, the sun is shining. I we suvived the heat wave yesterday - temperatures reached 32 degrees centigrade (that's 90 fahrenheit!), which is highly unusual here in Denmark. Nobody has aircondition, as we mostly never need it, so yesterday was scorching hot.

Temperatures through the night never went under 20 degrees. Wow.

So, today is another beautiful day. I'm happy for the neighbors and their party - they couldn't possibly ask for a nicer day for the anniversary. :)

In a few minutes, I'll be heading out for my morning walk, and we're gonna walk to their garden later in the day. They have a garden like the one we used to have. A very nice one, and really the one that made us wish that we had one back when we bought ours.


I gotta say I don't miss OUR garden, at all. It was too shabby, no house, and WAY too much work. I think Wife and I wanted a garden mostly for recreation, and we never really realized just HOW MUCH work it took to keep it nice, to get to sit and relax in the sun. Sure, if you're into gardening, it's pure bliss, but both of us absolutely HATE gardening, even more after we had the garden. :)

So, I'm glad we got rid of it. I'll go visit friends and abuse their gardens when I want. :) Then they can do all the boring work.


So, what's the plan up until Friday?

Good question.

Obviously, to not gain weight, but to drop a few kilos, getting as low as I can. I'm not sure just how much I can drop, after the 10 lbs drop, but let's see.

A CLEAR goal is to have total control over my food intake today. I will be smart about it - also at the party.

Then, tomorrow morning, I will hopefully bask in the success of NOT gaining weight after a Saturday for once.

The following days, up until Friday, I will be very focused on my intake and make sure that I do right. No bad or dumb choices. Nothing. I have a goal for the week.


The food I have entered for today - and I have entered some very generous amounts - which again assumes that the food looks "safe" in regards to fat and salt - will bring me to 1100 calories. I have 2100 to take from, so that leaves 1000 for other stuff. I'm not sure where I'll end up on my protein just yet, but I will protably have a few protein drinks to fill me up through the day up until the party, and for them to not really weigh me down too much. I find that if I EAT my way to 167g of protein, then I am gonna feel OVERLY stuffed, which is very uncomfortable.

So, a couple of protein drinks might be a smart move.

If I want "real" food, I will have some canned macarel that we have in the pantry, maybe with a slice of rye bread. Something light. Some thing protein rich. Something easy.


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Finally a drop in weight. Thanks.
- Feeling amazing!
- Feeling stronger!
- Morning coffee on a fasting morning. Makes me appreciate morning coffee even more!
- Wife! I love her so!

Happy Saturday! Life is good!
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Potato salad is of the devil that stuff has so many calories a person should just make the entry as ice cream so they are being honest with themselves :) Or at least that is how it is made in the states. 
03 Aug 13 by member: Cthulhu
You can lighten up potato salad. I measure out my potato, put in light mayo, celery, herbs. There are some great lightened up recipes out there. If we need to eat healthy for life, I'm all about finding foods I love that I can eat.  
03 Aug 13 by member: Suzi161
Love potato salad but it's not allowed to still be in the house when the sun sets. I'll pass over chocolate everything to get to the potatoes. Crazy.  
03 Aug 13 by member: FullaBella
The potato salad was actually VERY reasonable. Made with low fat products all the way, as told by the chef. :) I actually had a shot at calculating it. 80 calories per 100 grams. "Beefed out" with cucumbers, peas, corn, etc. Really nice. I think I did great tonight, though I probably DID indulge too much and just had a thoroughyl enjoyable evening. Oh, well. I have 6 days to compensate. :) Go go go! 
03 Aug 13 by member: kingkeld
How exciting... Meeting with the surgeon on Friday -). I have never heard of a 'cobber' anniversary... Not something we celebrate in the Uk. Interesting... About the protein 
03 Aug 13 by member: Sk1nnyfuture


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