ddtjman's Journal, 17 July 2013

Big day, tomorrow. Official Coast Guard weigh-in, 9am...I should be under 210 lbs, which is well-within the progress they are expecting to see from me (I am expected to lose no less than a lb a week)

30 days ago at my last official weigh-in, I was 219 lbs. So 10 lbs in a month is what I'm looking at. Apparently, if you fail to make progress and you do not have enough time to lose the weight SAFELY (meaning 1 lb a week) within the time-frame they give you, you can be processed for separation. When I got put on the probation period, I was 223 lbs. It's been 10 1/2 weeks so they expect to see me weighing no more than 212.5 lbs. So I'm a good 3 lbs+ ahead of the game. I got to keep up with this as one bad month can cost me not only a steady job but a pension in 14 months.
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And the problem I am running into is the weight loss is leveling off but my waist is shrinking which is good thing as I need a 38" waist to get off the weight program. I believe I am a 39.5" right now. 
17 Jul 13 by member: ddtjman
how did you do on your weigh in? 
18 Jul 13 by member: MountainJewels
MountainJewels Just got back...The results? Well, good and bad. The bad, first...my waist was 2" bigger than I thought it would be. My wife had me at 39", the Coast Guard said 41" My wife is calling BS on this and wants me to have someone else measure it. My thoughts? It's not a huge issue worth rocking the boat over and getting the ADMIN Dept (who controls the separation and pay aspects of my job) upset with me. The Good? This means I am now only 4% over my max allowable body fat. My weight was 211 lbs (I had me at 210.8 lbs on my home scale so this checks out), about what I expected. So I lost 8 lbs since Jun 18th, putting my 4 lbs over the minimum expected weight loss. So despite mix emotions about how this weigh-in went, I am well-ahead of the curve 11 weeks into my weight probation, just need to keep it up. Next month will be the 4-month mark meaning they want me at 3% over and a total loss of 16 lbs. For me to do this, I must weight 207 lbs and a waist of what I estimate to be 40." Both very doable if I stay on the wagon! What in tonight's plans? I celebrate with a steak out at a local restaurant. In preparation for this, I will be hiking a minimum of 1 hour (found some great new trails) and hitting the gym. I will eat small light meals prior to, probably a salad with 4 oz. tilapia on top then mid-afternoon some chicken and broccoli. Thanks for asking and hope all is going well with your goals! Mark 
18 Jul 13 by member: ddtjman
oh wow! I'm glad it went well! Yeah, from what I've heard, you don't want to rock the boat over something like that.. But as long as you are right on target, keep on!! :D We have a Lot of hiking trails around here... I'm too chicken to do a lot of them because they go into the national forest,.... and that means Bears! Mountain Lions,... Oh My! lol  
03 Aug 13 by member: MountainJewels
Well, if it makes you feel any better, I live in Alaska and have yet to see a real life bear yet in 3 years! 
04 Aug 13 by member: ddtjman


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