Soulnoid's Journal, 07 July 2013

Day 528- Yes, I am still alive.... Been chugging away at training and work has been very busy. I did get the biggest raise I have ever gotten in a job without changing jobs, LOL. They came out and said those magic words 'is this enough, we don't want to lose you...'. I guess that is good and bad?

I leave tomorrow for 2 weeks on the road, driving, flying, running, walking and standing. I have to travel with the owner of the company for 2 days in VA, then off to Boston for 2 days, back to Philly to catch a plane to OH for a week long tradeshow. Then back to corp for a few days while customers visit. I am running a 5K one morning during the tradeshow. I was asked to join a team from our industry that runs a local 5K during our huge industry tradeshow in Columbus. It is a pretty big event, they had 1500 runners last year. I will have to elbow my way up near the starting line if I want to PR and yes, I want to PR! Should be fun as long as the humidity is not too bad.....

This week I have been home and the humidity here feels like 100% all the time. I am not hot, just wet, LOL. Have been doing my training runs and coming home soaked and dripping. Strange,I have to admit, I kind of like it. When I was bigger, I hated it! The other thing is, I can take my shirt off now and not feel uncomfortable in my own backyard.

I have completely cut out red meat. I can not find a good way to go vegan and travel on the road without a lot more food prep before I leave. Although, I am finding a lot more friendly food options out on the road. I am consuming a ton of fruit, not sure if that id good or bad at this point. Still looking for that protein to 'fill' me.

I am off all modern meds including my allergy pill. I started taking a bee pollen cap once a day and my allergies have not come back. I just started taking activated charcoal to help clean me out and deal with the byproducts of eating so much raw veggies.

Beer is a bad thing these days, but wine is great! The gluten in the beer really effects me in a bad way just after I drink it and the next day. I am so worn out and tired after a night of beer, but if I drink wine I am fine. I have also been going to a few mixed drinks here and there trying to find something I like that is not loaded with fake flavorings.

You know your a runner when you scoff off at paying $10 for a movie ticket, but you will spend $40 on a 5K entry!
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Wow - you have been doing great! I really appreciate you sharing the things that work for you. Your journal is very encouraging.  
07 Jul 13 by member: BuffyBear
Congrats on your raise. FANTASTIC. You're right about vegan/vegetarian/organic/gf while traveling. The easiest thing is to get lodging with a suite so you can make meals. Otherwise, it is sooooooo hard. I'm traveling this week too and dreading it. Haha on the 5k entry. Kick butt, my friend. 
07 Jul 13 by member: Helewis
Lol that's funny about the 5k. Good for you! Congrats on the raise and the life changes. Its good to feel valued Im sure. Hey and wine is good for you.  
07 Jul 13 by member: petuniak
Sounds like things are going just swimmingly for you! Congrats on the raise and all the other successes you are having!  
08 Jul 13 by member: thynes
Sounds like things are going great!! Super news about your raise too!!!  
09 Jul 13 by member: Rubie-sue


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