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Ah... FINALLY Friday!

It's been a long week in some ways, and in others I just feel like the days are zooming by.

Today I check my day-to-day results with very mixed feelings.

I did reasonably good on my calories yesterday. Not GREAT. But good. I stayed WELL under RDI, but not as low as I wanted. On the other hand, the calories were spent on food and protein shake. Not candy and chocolate. :) This is fine.

On the other hand, I am UP one full kilo, which most certainly takes me away from reaching a new lowest weigh-in this weekend. Boo.

Then again, I don't really NEED a new low. They're fun to have, but no longer a "real" requirement. I just like to see them to keep myself in check. I'll survive.

So, what DID happen?

Well, first of all, I've dropped 4½ kilos - 9 lbs - over the last three days. Surely, that had to come to a screeching halt at some point. It's of course all water, as is the gain. In no way a biggie.

Yesterday, I chose to have kebab meat instead of ham in the pita I ordered for dinner. I think this was the "mistake". It was greasier and saltier than expected (but tasted great!), and I noticed that I stopped peeing the rest of the day after that, even if I drank a lot of water. So, if a lot goes in but nothing comes out, obviously weight will be gained.

I ended up having spent about 1500 calories yesterday in total. Not a bad place to be at all.

I do experience an urge to munch once I start eating these days. I'm not sure if it is because I am skipping my breakfast, or if it is because I push it further, prolonging the time until I eat - often times until mid-afternoon. The thing is that I really don't feel hungry until I start eating. Then I have my meal and it's all good, but I crave carbs afterwards.

I think this is something I need to simply get used to happening after my first meal. I think it's much more of a mental thing than anything else. It's something I think I can learn to handle.


So, yesterday I did AWESOME on the exercise.

- I walked my five kilometers.
- I spent all day at work standing up.
- I walked another two kilometers to a meeting.
- I walked yet ANOTHER two kilometers coming back from the meeting.
- I spent most of the time at the gym (working) standing up.
- I spent quite some time - about 80 minutes - on the ELLIPTICAL (better, Dani? lol) just out of boredom, as work was SLOW.

The result? I got a new FITBIT badge!

I actually did 30,000 steps yesterday! This is gonna be a tough one to beat. Mind you, I do NOT try to push the step counter further by doing "cheaty" things. The Flex is pretty good at determining whether the movements are just hand movements, or actual walk.

It'll record steps taken, not typing or shaking hands. It'll record the elliptical, if I use it including my hands/arms. When I do this, I make sure the work put into it at least equals walking.

The result?

Check this out!

I actually burned 4000 calories yesterday!

This of course makes me even more ticked off that I gained weight! LOL.

Actually, I'm in no way ticked off, it's all part of the game. Nothing that I can do about it, nothing I WANT to do about it. Just go with the flow.


Today is a different day at work. It's "team building" day. This means we're gonna meet at the local bowling alley, have a meeting kinda thing, then bowl and go home early. I think I can handle that.

As always, what is bad about it is that we're gonna have lunch there. I feel reasonably prepared for it. Skipping my breakfast gives me a lot more wiggle room for the actual meals, and I know that I can handle going high if needed, considering yesterday's burn. On the other hand, I don't want to go more nuts than I should. It's all about balance, right?

Let's see how it goes.

There will be no walk today, as it's pouring down. Again. Instead, I have sent a text to the owner of the gym that I'll be coming in early, to do my workout AND the elliptical. I can make it if I start 30 minutes before they open.

It pays off to have the keys to the gym. :)

So, today, I'm thankful for:
- A day well spent yesterday.
- 30,000 step badge! Yay!
- 4000 calorie burn yesterday!
- A fun day with my work team.
- Friday/Weekend!

Have a great day! Life is good!
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Morning Keld, it's all good, as you say, water weight likely. I just wanted to comment on what you said, about being hungry once you start to eat. I have noticed that too. I now regularly go from 7pm at night until about 5pm the next night without food and when I start to eat I could eat the fridge. I don't think its true hunger, maybe it's just instinct that now I have food, lets chow down. So I have learned that I eat a normal portion, and then I sit with it, I drink some water and go about my business and if I am feel truly hungry I will eat again but most times I'm not hungry and it passes. Others days I will eat around 1pm, so I am mixing it up and keeping the calories up, doing no more than 2 days in a row low cal. Trying to keep my body guessing but wanted to comment on the hungry thing :) 
28 Jun 13 by member: sarahsmum
I appreciate it, Sarahsmum. Today, I feel HUNGRY. I am most likely gonna end up going over (not a lot) my alotted calories. It might have to do with me not focusing enough, but it also might have to do with burning 4000 calories yesterday, and not eating a whole lot. It's okay though. I'm doing fine. :) 
28 Jun 13 by member: kingkeld


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