davidsprincess's Journal, 19 April 2020

Remeasuring-Restarting-Rethinking-Reevaluating- Maintained weight somewhat but gained back inches lost by not lifting and overeating. Feeling fat and disgusting. Hating FS but realizing I need it as much as I need my weights.
Since March 1, Chest up 2", Waist up 1.5", Top fat roll up 4 fucking inches- can you believe that shit? That's where My fat goes (and thankfully comes off) 1st., across navel up 1", Hips about the same, thigh up 1/4", bicep up 3/4, forearm and calf- same. Part of me wants to say "who cares? go easy on yourself- hit it hard when this is over" but the other part of me sees Miss Fattycakes waiting to pounce with her size 11 extra wide width foot in the door. Hard to care when I can't even wear make-up or look attractive. My face is covered by a mask that I both LOATHE with my whole heart but yet am thankful for having. Still shaving my mustache daily- so I guess I have not completely given up. Still shaving my underarms even though no one sees my shoulder presses. I should take a pic today but to make matters worse- I ricocheted (sp?) a door off the side of my head and have a black eye since Easter Sunday. Ever close your own head in a door? Not my finest moment. Just when I thought I couldn't look worse.

Diet Calendar Entries for 19 April 2020:
2011 kcal Fat: 93.32g | Prot: 125.69g | Carb: 179.66g.   Breakfast: Coffee, Butter, Aunt Millie's Giant Wheat Bread, Trader Joe's 4% Cottage Cheese, ConAgra Foods Egg Beaters, just crack an egg denver, Strawberries. Lunch: Ole Extreme Wellness High Fiber Low Carb Tortillas, Ruffles Original Potato Chips, Carl Buddig Corned Beef, Kraft Singles American Cheese, Best Choice Sliced Jalapeno Peppers, Gedney State Fair Hot Bread & Butter Pickles. Dinner: Taylor Farms Cheddar Ranch Grilled Chicken Chopped Kit, Benton's Caramel Coconut Fudge Cookies, Lean Cuisine Comfort Glazed Turkey Tenderloins, Great Value Light Greek Toasted Coconut Vanilla Yogurt. more...
2953 kcal Activities & Exercise: Sitting - 12 hours, Walking (moderate) - 3/mph - 40 minutes, Weight Training (moderate) - 50 minutes, Resting - 2 hours and 30 minutes, Sleeping - 8 hours. more...

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Right there with you dp, except I am not ballsy enough to take measurements right now although I know they are up as my weight is up about 10 lbs give or take. I too wanna say f*** it, these are tough times!! My Thoughts are with you girl🥰💪🏼💜 
19 Apr 20 by member: ashleyrestani
There are ups and downs along the way...almost no maintenance or even weight loss plan can always show continuous good results. However, not recognizing that things are going the wrong direction and then not making changes...well, that's a recipe for disaster. Hope you find your groove again, plus a gym replacement that works given the current situation. Take care, be safe!! 
19 Apr 20 by member: Steven Lloyd
Hang in there. And I walked into a door myself last Tuesday. Got a nice tender spot on the noggin but luckily it wasn't an eye. I do video conferencing every day, so I didn't have to explain it! You'll get back after it when you can. 
19 Apr 20 by member: Draglist
It’ll take time but you’ll get back where you were! I refuse to measure because I feel fluffy around the middle now. The other day my middle went to shut the car door and my oldest (14) stuck her head in to grab something. The door smacked her head and she was mad at her sister when she’s the one who stuck her head in a closing door lol. Masks do suck but I think they are worth it. Glad to know I’m not the only one with a mustache! Ever since my hysterectomy I’ve had darker hairs growing there so I pluck them. Drives me insane! 
19 Apr 20 by member: peeperjj
Real and raw. The one and only. You’ll be fine. I know you got guts! I know you can get back. Dig deep. It’s your choice. I know it’s hard but I also know you got it in you. Besides the inches are not major and controllable at this point to turn it around BUT not if you continue doing whatever got you there. Love ya DP. ❤️💪🏻 
19 Apr 20 by member: wifey9707
Awww...temporary, temporary. We all go there sometimes. I KNOW you can regroup. When I feel that way, I pick one thing to focus upon. Either the food, or the exercise...then once on track, the other thing follows. NEVER give up - just pick one thing...support you always! 
19 Apr 20 by member: HCB
♥️ I’m fluffy in the middle, always have been, but I feel extra fluffy. I shave everywhere lol even my arms and my mustache lol. I’m furry and fluffy too. I need this place too. Ignore the posts you couldn’t care less about and do you. ♥️🙏 
19 Apr 20 by member: jcmama777
I'm sure you are harder on yourself but I do know how you feel. I have been doing online classes 4xs a week but definitely not same. I miss the Smith machine, deadlifts with bar etc. I look forward to posts about workouts. 💜💜💜 
19 Apr 20 by member: Diana 1234
I have done the ricochet door thing way too many times -- just makes you human - I ate everything for three weeks, then sheepishly came back and have been on track for one week , AND have avoided all doors! Good Luck 
19 Apr 20 by member: perks54
hi DP ups and downs you're still you give yourself a good talking to advise yourself like you would advise anyone here in same place. so be kind get even with whatever distracts you, it's a journey 😎🤩💖🌞🙏.  
19 Apr 20 by member: #1loser
Aw I feel you! Even when I’m eating well I know I’m not burning as many calories as normal without my gym. And getting up to work out in my bedroom is the opposite of motivating. We will all hit it so hard when this is over! 💪 
19 Apr 20 by member: Groatmeal
Aww. Hang in there. Just a little while longer. Ya know...God promises to give strength when you pray for it, so you can push through troubling times. Just a reminder. :) 
19 Apr 20 by member: LZenn
Oh, and your FREAKING GORGEOUS! So no more of that talk, young lady... :) 
19 Apr 20 by member: LZenn
Thanks for the encouragement, everyone! It's nice to be with people who get what I'm saying. I lifted for 50 minutes. Going to get back on it today. I only do CICO so it isn't as if my WOE is difficult to follow. Shouldn't be an issue. I just have a real sweet tooth and need to keep it in check. I'll remeasure June 1st. Groatmeal- Home workouts are the most unmotivating thing ever- and to know that even my best home workout isn't comparing to what I usually do at the gym makes it even less so. Can't wait for it to all be over with but I know it is necessary right now. Thanks, Lzenn... I haven't felt freaking gorgeous in a LONG time. :(  
19 Apr 20 by member: davidsprincess
Sweet tooth... tell me about it. Why do I make a bowl of cookie dough when I know I won’t be satisfied with just one serving?!?! 
19 Apr 20 by member: Groatmeal
Oh my goodness DP, you can't look horrible if you tried. This is funny, because you are saying all those terrible things about yourself and I'm sure you still are looking gorgeous. 😍  
19 Apr 20 by member: Becc@
Oh and since you asked . . . no, I haven't mutilated my head, but I did close and lock the car door on my toes. I was pregnant at the time and I am pretty sure that's why that child can be overly emotional! 😭🤬😳 Completely my fault.  
19 Apr 20 by member: Becc@
DP, even though I don't know you in person I'm 100% positive you're one of the strongest women I've heard of. We all have our shitty moments and it's absolutely natural to feel frustrated under these circumstances we are going through right now. But one thing is certain, one small battle does not decide the end of the war. And the way you're feeling today does not define who you are or everything you've achieved. You're a winner and don't worry about today. your tenacity will always put you back on the path you want to pursue! Hugs with lots of love! (virtual and respecting the social distancing, clearly 😃) 
19 Apr 20 by member: Sabrina Helmold
Thanks, Becc@ (sorry about your toes. Ouch!) Thanks, Sabrina! I can't regain what I've lost. If I can make it through this without regressing, I'm pretty sure I can make it through anything. And if I were able to make it through and actually make progress- I would be ecstatic. 💕 
19 Apr 20 by member: davidsprincess
It seems that once one comes close to going into maintenance things become volatile. By staying on top of logging and activity you are aware of what you need to do. That's a big difference in just giving up. Keep at it...  
19 Apr 20 by member: John10251


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