kingkeld's Journal, 22 June 2013

Good morning!

It is Saturday, and it's the day where I usually reach a new low. Today is no exception, though it's not as low as I'd have liked it to be.

100 grams. Still better than nothing. This means that I essentially still have 800 grams to go. Meh.

I didn't reach a new low last week - too much fun the week before - so I'm glad I'm down there after all.

Today, I reached 76.8 kilos. It's already 200 grams under my old goal, and I'm more than satisfied with that, but I would really like to squeeze the lemon one more little bit and have my goal set at 76.

I'm not sure if I am simply pushing it too hard to be an obtainable goal - I do have a good chunk of muscle on my body now, though I'm not beef cake - but I am sure I can make it just that little drop lower over a little time.

Still, it's nothing to be disappointed with at all.

Essentially, I've been chasing "77" all the time I've been losing weight. 77 is great. 77 is golden.

I think my only gripe is that 77 still can kick me up to a weigh-in over 80 now and then, and I'd really like for that to not happen.

Then again, what if I go over 80 for a day or two? Does it matter, as long as it's just post-indulgence weight? Of course it doesn't matter. Not whatsoever. It's all a matter of me not being so damn vain about it. :)

And yet - I'd STILL like to reach 76.0 kilos.


I did great on my exercise yesterday. I walked, and I did the gym. I even spent a little extra time on the elliptical while I was working at the gym in the afternoon.

Here are yesterdays stats.

It does confuse me a bit that I don't drop the last weight faster. Experience from my last weight loss journey tells me that it does in fact NOT really go much slower losing weight in the end than it does generally through the journey, unless I'm doing something wrong.

I am starting to think that I probably do NOT eat enough. I have been low in my calories for quite a while, and this might simply be the culprit. I am very active, and it is something that I need to compensate for - which I don't really do.

My mindset is still in weight loss as in "I have a LOT to lose"-mode, and that is probaby a bad thing.

Seeing my stats yesterday is a good example. I consumed 1200 calories, and - according to Fitbit - burned 3800. Still, I ate when I was hungry, and I was never dissatisfied with my foods.

I'm perfectly happy with what I'm eating, and never feel that I miss anything. Maybe I'm simply impatient.

I am in no hurry losing anything, I just want it done. I think that it the nature of it all. I want to go see that "76.0 or less" number, so I can call it quits, and just move on from there. I think what I want to see is that higher allowance number on my calorie counter. Not that I'm gonna eat more, I just wanna see the number as it tells me that I'm done.

A simple fix could obviously be to accept 77 as my goal and just keep eating as I am already eating, and just see what happens.


I've been reading more on the whole "8 hour window" for eating. It makes a LOT of sense to me, both the way of doing it, and the science behind it. I can see the point, and it's something I'm gonna do more to incorporate.

I don't think I'm comfortable with NOT registering my food, though it supposedly isn't necessary, but the calorie counter has become such a great tool and such a good friend, and I'm a statistics kinda guy, so I think it's there to stay. :)

However, I see the point. Eat fewer meals, have less opportunity to eat, and you WILL eat less. Also, you get health benefits from it - the very same ones that I am trying to get from my Low Cal Days, which will naturally be incorporated, whether I try or not. :)

I did read about an energy booster for the mornings. My buddy Sarashmum pointed this out to me, and I'm trying it for the first time today. Basically, a table spoon or two of coconut oil in a cup of morning coffee.

I tried it today, and other than the nice coconut flavor and an added 140 calories to my RDI, I am not sure I really feel different. Then again, I haven't moved much either.

I can't help thinking that it'll break my fast prematurely, but Mike O'Donnell, who wrote the 2 Meal Solution book highly recommends it. He argues for it even if it might break the fast. Supposedly, it helps getting through the morning.

Of course, I don't really have trouble getting through the mornings in the first place, but I wanted to see/feel the difference when taking the oil. If anything, maybe it can help me not getting constipated, which has happened quite a bit lately. :)


So, today is a little different from other Saturdays. It's Indulgence Day, but it's also "8 hour window" day. It's always "practice with Burnin' Live!"-day.

It's the day where I get to take my new bass to the test, and get to crank it up and really hear it! I can't wait! :)

After rehearsal, Daughter is taking Wife and I to the Chinese restaurant. Usually this would be a concern of mine, but as I am not home all day and won't have a chance to actually have any food though the day - and won't be hungry because I'll be preoccupied with playing music, then today is a great choice of day for it.

Basically, I'll have my coffee and oil now, go play music at 9 am, come back around 3 or 4 pm, and go eat at 5. Easy.

After I am done writing my journal in a few moments, I'm gonna go for my morning walk, and then it's off to ROCK!


Today, I'm thankful for:
- Morning coffee!
- New Low! Next week I WILL reach 76.0 and call it quits!
- A stress-free day with a LOT OF FUN and Chinese food!
- Wife and Daughter. Oh, and the cat. The ladies in my life.

Happy weekend to all! Life is good!
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LOL - you are not a beefcake - love it :) I too use the coconut oil, as you know, and I can honestly say I do not feel any benefit from it whatsoever. I do hope however that it is the fat in it that keeps me from feeling hungry until I break my fast sometime in the afternoon. Yesterday I didn't have any coconut oil but I broke my fast at lunch time for various reasons so that experiment didn't work, and today again I am breaking my fast at noon rather than later as is my usual experience. So tomorrow, I hope to have no coconut oil and not break my fast until the evening meal. I will let you know how that experience goes. I want Sunday to be real low cal to compensate for Friday's indulgence day and alcohol in my day today. So, coconut oil, not sure what it does. But so many people say it is fabulous, who are we to argue. You are your own experiment, right? So I will look forward to your experience with it too.  
22 Jun 13 by member: sarahsmum
We are indeed our own experiments! This is how we learn. I did have it this morning, and I am not sure how it affected me. I didn't eat anything until about 3 PM, and I was in no way hungry until then. Of course, I've been busy playing music all day. I will say that I felt encouraged to RUN today, where I normally just walk. I ran a LOT of the disctance. Not sure if that was just to finish quickly, as I was a little short on time, or if that was the coconut oil talking. I have to say I feel bad spending 130 calories on a scoop of oil. It's a waste of calories. Then again, I have plenty of them. Maybe this is a decent place to spend them. :) 
22 Jun 13 by member: kingkeld
I agree that the calories are high and it does seem a waste to not 'eat' them, but you have calories to spare, so it's likely fine. And it is a 'good' fat. I did feel my tummy rumble today, which seldom happens, so perhaps it was the lack of oil, but I think it was because I had a lot of sugar last night, which again I seldome have, and therefore I was hungry this morning. When I eat sugary carbs I am usually hungry the next day. Happy today was relatively low cal and low carb, looking forward to a really good low cal low carb day tomorrow, a weight drop on Monday morning, and then a higher calorie day on Monday. Not an indulgence day, just a bit more calories, keep my body confused. Thanks for letting me share this stuff with you :) I even feel like going for a walk tonight - I must be sick :) 
22 Jun 13 by member: sarahsmum


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