adamevegod1's Journal, 23 January 2020

Yesterday was quite interesting. I asked the group what were your two most despised exercises that you still do. Today let's take it in the opposite direction. What is your most favorite exercise, followed by your second? My favorite is weighted pull-ups, followed by weighted leg-raises wearing ankle weights. Some of yesterday's answers had me laughing. Cheers all. Remember, the most effective exercise for weight loss is the push-away. You know where you push away from the table when you've had enough.

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Haha. I'll remember that exercise: the push-away!!! For me the two things I love to do are hiking for hours in the forests (because it lifts my spirits) and swimming (doing my laps focussing on my body, breathing and nothing else)! When I am on par with running I will add this to my "love-to-do" list again as well. I know it is good for weight control but I need to do some exercise 1. to have time alone to be able to recharge my mind and body, and 2. to conquer the day with its opportunities and challenges!! 
23 Jan 20 by member: silkian
Walking, running, yoga... In that order.  
23 Jan 20 by member: liv001
silikian, I'm glad that you've made mental health a priority in your life. This is an area often overlooked or neglected, sounds like you have control over both. Congrats. 
23 Jan 20 by member: adamevegod1
First, by far, behind neck olympic bar, atg, 5sec rest at low point, squats. Parallel bar triceps dips, far below parallel. 
23 Jan 20 by member: Tassos67
Besides swimming/walking, I love stair climber, I like squats and pushups and any kind of balancing exercise is fun. I used to like dips, but I can't anymore because of bursitis in my elbow (lame, I know) and that particular movement seems to exacerbate it. That said, I always prefer to be outside. 
23 Jan 20 by member: Katsolo
Walking & planks 
23 Jan 20 by member: donnasgame69
Squats. Full depth, heavy, squats. No bar pad, bands, chains, Smith rack, cheater plates, or candy ass shoes. Ideally performed barefoot. Reveals all posers. Nothing quite so warms my fasted icy heart as much as when a bench and curl bro or man bun fop quarter squatting 3 plates gets powned by the lifter girl putting on an unexpected clinic in the rack next door. Good times! 
23 Jan 20 by member: jimmiepop
Tassos67 you sound extremely strong!  
23 Jan 20 by member: adamevegod1
Katsolo, I can't swim well, but I too like balance exercises. I have a plank and core routine that I like to follow. Keep it up.  
23 Jan 20 by member: adamevegod1
Jimmoepop, I'm not sure I understand the entire post, but what I did get it that you like schooling the wanna-bees. 
23 Jan 20 by member: adamevegod1
Swimming lengths is first and tai chi is second. 
23 Jan 20 by member: 59Carol
I like to do a push-up alternating with a pull-up, 10 reps, 4 sets. I also like the inclined bench press. My next favorite is walking my 14 year old dog. Sometimes it can even get aerobic when she's heading back to the house. 
23 Jan 20 by member: metamora
My faves are flipping tires, deadlifts, and pushing the weighted sled. That saps my energy quick but I feel strong when Iā€™m doing it! 
23 Jan 20 by member: mbd121
I love deadlifts and back rows. I've been really into Trx and landmine.  
23 Jan 20 by member: Diana 1234
I love me my stationary bike...after that, floor exercises with my resistance band (like supine clamshell). :0) 
23 Jan 20 by member: binkytexas
False impression given. Less than novice. Squats 5x5 57.5 kgr (127 lbs). Body weight (76 kgr-167 lbs) dips 4x12. Both exercises' styles makes their performing hard but weights are very low compared to others. 
24 Jan 20 by member: Tassos67
mbd I've never flipped tires or pushed a sled, but always wanted to. I do all my wo at home  
24 Jan 20 by member: adamevegod1
Diana 1234 what are Trx and landmines? 
24 Jan 20 by member: adamevegod1
Tassos67 still seems strong to me. I bet stronger than 90% of the female populations.  
24 Jan 20 by member: adamevegod1
Dancing and hiking! šŸ’• 
24 Jan 20 by member: SparkleBoss


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